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Why Do Cats Like To Lick And Eat Plastic?

Have you ever spotted your cat licking plastic items around your home? Is your cat trying to eat plastic bags from grocery stores? Don’t fret – your cat isn’t the only cat on the planet doing it! Although it’s not a significantly common feline behavior, many cats do tend to lick and eat plastic. Whether […]

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Do Cats Pant Like Dogs? What Does It Mean?

Feline and canine creatures are quite different from each other. Sometimes it may even seem as though the two species come from different planets. But then again, they have so much in common that it may sound scary. For example, some feline breeds are known for their dog-like loyalty. Others are known for their susceptibility […]

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Cat Growling 101: What It Means and Why They Do It

Felines are curious, puzzling and often times quite misunderstood creatures. Strangely enough, sometimes it seems as though they’re coming from a completely different planet than ours. It’s not only that we don’t speak fluent meow – it’s just the way cats are. If you’re one of those pet parents who are having a hard time […]

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Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers?

Out of all questions cat owners across the world are asking on daily basis, among the most popular ones has to be: Are cats scared of cucumbers? (which is weird, isn’t it?) The idea that somebody could get scared by something as plain as a cucumber is utterly ridiculous. And yet, many people out there […]

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Cat Memory: Do Cats Have A Good Memory Span? Do They Remember Things?

Regardless of their whimsical and often misunderstood ways, cats are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for. Just because they’re capricious doesn’t mean they can’t grasp what they’re told. Or that they can’t remember what’s good and what’s bad. They see the world in color (no, cats aren’t colorblind) and can recall memories […]

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Why Is My Cat So Needy, Demanding, And Clingy?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a clingy, needy and demanding feline furball in your home. It won’t leave you alone when you’re working, watching TV or even going to the bathroom. And if you try to distance yourself, then you have to face constant meowing or even door scratching. Having a loving […]

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