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Do Cats Pant Like Dogs? What Does It Mean?

Feline and canine creatures are quite different from each other. Sometimes it may even seem as though the two species come from different planets. But then again, they have so much in common that it may sound scary. For example, some feline breeds are known for their dog-like loyalty. Others are known for their susceptibility […]

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Are Cats Scared Of Cucumbers?

Out of all questions cat owners across the world are asking on daily basis, among the most popular ones has to be: Are cats scared of cucumbers? (which is weird, isn’t it?) The idea that somebody could get scared by something as plain as a cucumber is utterly ridiculous. And yet, many people out there […]

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Why Is My Cat Acting Like A Dog?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen some YouTube videos in which cats act like dogs. Or your own feline pal is acting like a canine. Either way, you’re wondering why a cat would act like a dog when it’s obvious they’re from different species. Each kitty is unique on its own, regardless of […]

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