Why Is My Cat Digging?

why do cats dig

As pet parents, we often anthropomorphize our beloved feline furballs, ascribing them human–like qualities. Some cats tend to resemble their owners a lot. Others follow them from room to room, interested in whatever their pet parents do. And then there’s that type of cat that likes acting like a dog—being unconditionally loyal, greeting their owners … Read more

Why Do Cats Shake Or Vibrate Their Tails? What Does it Mean?

why do cats shake vibrate tail

Understanding a cat’s mood and needs can prove difficult, even for experienced pet parents. Cats communicate mainly through body language or vocalization. But even if your pet kitty doesn’t have a problem with speaking its mind through meows, yowls, and chirps, the fact that you don’t speak meow makes communication hard. So all that’s left … Read more

Cat Growling 101: What It Means and Why They Do It

Felines are curious, puzzling and often quite misunderstood creatures. Strangely enough, sometimes it seems as though they’re coming from a completely different planet than ours. It’s not only that we don’t speak fluent meow – it’s just the way cats are. If you’re one of those pet parents who have a hard time understanding their … Read more