Cat Growling 101: What It Means and Why They Do It

Felines are curious, puzzling and often quite misunderstood creatures. Strangely enough, sometimes it seems as though they’re coming from a completely different planet than ours. It’s not only that we don’t speak fluent meow – it’s just the way cats are. If you’re one of those pet parents who have a hard time understanding their … Read more

Do Cats Have Feelings? What Emotions Do They Feel?

do cats have feelings

Felines are quite famous for their curiosity and their mischievous ways. It’s only natural to ask ourselves, can cats have feelings and emotions like humans? Cats can indeed feel a variety of emotions. Take the diverse types of affection they show towards their pet parents. We know cats have basic feelings, such as being tired, playful, or … Read more

Cat Memory: Do Cats Have A Good Memory Span? Do They Remember Things?

cat memory remember

Regardless of their whimsical and often misunderstood ways, cats are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for. Just because they’re capricious doesn’t mean they can’t grasp what they’re told. Or that they can’t remember what’s good and what’s bad. They see the world in color (no, cats aren’t colorblind) and can recall memories … Read more

Are Cats Territorial With Humans Or Other Cats?

are cats territorial

As majestic, graceful, and elegant as cats can be, they can also become a menacing pain in your neck. Felines don’t travel in packs, unlike other predators, but they are indeed territorial, mainly within their home environment. Cats are natural hunters with extremely heightened senses, especially when it comes to their eyesight and their olfaction … Read more