How To Help Calm Down A Cat In Heat: Helping To Remedy Both Male And Female Cats’ Difficult Time

Unless you’ve neutered or spayed your cat, it will go into heat. In other words, it will enter the mating season and will want to find a mate to reproduce with.

Regardless of the cat’s gender, the heat period isn’t easy for the kitty or the pet parent. Loud vocalizations and various types of problematic behavior may occur. While female cats tend to vocalize when in heat, male tomcats get more physical. They pee on carpets and furniture pieces, scratch everything, and basically mark their territory in any way they can.

And whether you own a female or a male cat, it will become unbearably restless. Calming down a cat is usually easy. However, when it comes to cats in heat, the task is a bit trickier.

How To Help Calm Down Your Cat When It’s In Heat

It’s safe to say that when felines are in heat, they can go out of their minds. Stress, anxiety, excitement, and other similar emotions affect the cat.

Here are the most efficient ways to calm your fluffy pal.


You’ll need to isolate your pet from other cats. When cats are in heat, other felines can easily sense them. Your furball will notice any strange kitty roaming your yard. Chances are your pet will even try its best to attract the other animal.

Cut off all contact with the outdoor world. If you’re one of those pet parents who take their cats on walks, skip them. Put blinders/ curtains on your windows so your cat won’t see the possible mates waiting for it outside.

If you can’t isolate your kitty in its current surroundings, opt for taking it to a friend’s house for a few days. You can get a pet camera for the separation period and play recordings of your voice to your pet.

Keep The Kitty Warm

Get a warm towel, blanket, or pillow for the cat to sit on. You can either put it inside the cat bed or place the kitty on top of it.

This method works on most cats out there, but that doesn’t mean it will do magic for yours. Each feline creature is unique. Nevertheless, you should give this calming technique a try at least a few times before completely ruling it out.

Distract The Cat

You don’t need to ship your cat to the other end of the world in order to distract it. Sometimes something as simple as a play session with interactive cat toys can do wonders. Another option is to start petting it by hand with gentle strokes or with a soft cat brush. The idea is to find something else that will occupy your pet’s mind.

Clean Up The House

Peeing, spraying, and scent marking the house are common for both female and male cats. Thoroughly clean your house or apartment in order to get rid of any scents. Clean the litter box too. If you leave any scent marks in your home, the cat won’t calm down. Moreover, leftover scents will encourage it to keep marking the territory.

Even if you have an automatic self-cleaning litter box, you should get rid of any waste in it.

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Helping your cat when it’s in heat is essential. The heat cycle can last for anywhere between a couple of days and a week. If the kitty doesn’t find a mating partner, the heat cycle can repeat itself in a couple of weeks. Cats act out in various ways during this period of time, so it’s important to help them relax, as they can’t do it on their own. .

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