The 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

Maine coon

Did you know the average house cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds? But quite a few cat breeds grow much larger than that. If you’ve ever picked up your cat and thought, “Wow, you’re getting heavy!” wait until you read about these giant cat breeds! 1. Maine Coon Cat – The Largest Cat Breed … Read more

Top 200+ Names For Orange Cats

Orange/ red/ ginger cats are widespread all over the planet. These fiery kitties of various shapes and sizes can come from a number of feline breeds, which is yet another reason why so many pet parents prefer them next to furballs of other colors. Some of the most famous felines in real life and fiction … Read more

Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health –

best urinary tract cat food

If your cat is suffering from urinary tract issues, including pain and trouble urinating, one of the most likely reasons is that he’s not eating the right food. One of the biggest reasons for urinary tract issues in cats is an over-reliance on dry cat food. Most urinary issues in cats will be cleared up … Read more

9 Ways Pets Help Raise Good, Healthy Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Ways Pets Help Raise Good, Healthy Kids

No question about it – pets are great for children! Even so, plenty of folks wonder whether the natural risks inherent in owning a pet – they’re animals, after all, who may bite or scratch, as well as carrying the possibility of allergies – outweigh any benefits. Well, here’s some scientific evidence that proves once … Read more

Treating Cat Constipation | Symptoms, Plus Laxatives vs. Stool Softeners

Cats are different from humans in more ways than one, obviously. That said, your cat can experience digestive system disorders just like any person. One of the most common problems kittens and their adult counterparts suffer is constipation. Treating cat constipation is actually easier than most cat owners think. Whether your kitty’s stools are too … Read more

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food (Wet) Review And Nutritional Analysis

hills prescription diet wet

Rating BUYING TIP Click for Details 2 things specific to this brand of foods before we get started, which we also covered in our review of the dry food. Here’s a few important points: Hill’s Prescription Diet product line includes 28 wet recipes/flavors. Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on … Read more