The Best Interior And Exterior Cat Doors And Flaps Reviewed

best cat doors flaps reviews

Cats’ moods change like the wind, and they’ll often do whatever they want, whenever they want. One of the best ways to set some ground rules and, at the same time, allow your furball some freedom is to get a cat door or flap for your house or apartment. There are both interior door and … Read more

The Best Pet Camera Brands for Cats | Reviews and Ratings

best cat camera

Pet owners worry about their fur-babies; it’s a fact of life. Almost every time I set foot outside of my house I have the same paranoid thoughts. What do my cats do while I’m gone? Do they get lonely? Bored? What if there’s an emergency? It’s not like your cat can pick up the phone … Read more

Melatonin For Cats: Can You Give It, And How Much?

melatonin for cats

Melatonin is an over-the-counter all-natural supplement that you can buy at your local drug store without any special prescriptions. Pet parents sometimes use it for their dogs and felines. So it must be safe, right? Well, the answer actually depends on many factors, including the purpose behind the usage and the dosage. After all, a … Read more