Chimera Cats | Everything You Want to Know

chimera cat with one brown and one blue eye

Have you ever heard of a “split-faced” cat, or a “two-faced cat”? These are names often used to describe a chimera, and there are some pretty famous ones out there. If you haven’t heard of these chimera cats yet, read on to meet them! What is a Chimera Cat? The simplest explanation is that a … Read more

How To Pick A Name For Your Cat:

how to choose a cat name

So, you’ve finally given into the kids’ constant pleas or you’ve just decided to adopt a cute little kitty on your own. Problem is, you have no idea how to pick a name for your kitty cat. How do you do that? For starters, there are a few things you should consider before going straight … Read more

Top 6 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

Let’s be honest. Finding cat hair all over your house or apartment is something nobody wants to deal with. It gets on your clothes, furniture, and even soup. Messy, disgusting, and unsightly doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unfortunately, living with a feline furball as a pet means dealing with hairballs. Controlling cat hair sometimes … Read more

Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Maybe you’re already the proud pet parent of a precious little furball, but you’re longing for more furry love. Or maybe you want to get a guard dog for your house or apartment, but you’re unsure if the canine will fit in with your finicky feline. Both those situations beg the question: is there some … Read more

200+ Amazing Korean Cat Names with Meanings

korean cat names

In ancient Confucian times, Korea revered cats as a symbol of luck. Cats were believed to be so fortuitous that scholars studying for the notoriously difficult ‘Gwageo test’ would actively seek them out before taking their exams. The Gwageo test was an intensive civil service exam seen as a prestigious lifetime achievement if passed. Entire … Read more

Top 150+ Names For White Cats: Unique, Funny, Pop-Inspired

White cats are majestic and gorgeous, regardless of the breeds they come from. They have the ability to turn heads wherever they go and their owners are truly lucky to have them. If you’ve recently purchased or adopted a new white kitten, then it definitely needs an awesome name that fits its glorious looks and … Read more

The Complete AWESOME List Of The Best Funny Cat Jokes

awesome list funny cat jokes

Cats are funny. If you didn’t already know that, just spend 5 minutes on Youtube. Or 30 minutes. Or…all day. Not that I’ve ever done that… But what about cat jokes? You’ve undoubtedly seen thousands of cat puns all over the Internet. We won’t cover the basic ones here. Instead, we’ve compiled a complete list … Read more

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