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Feral Cats

You spot them near a restaurant dumpster. They are crouched down, silent, and unmoving. They watch you, wide-eyed, preparing to dart away into the night. What are they? Feral cats. What are the characteristics of feral cats? How do these cats survive outside? What problems do they cause? Can they be tamed? Can you adopt […]

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Why Is My Cat Acting Like A Dog?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen some YouTube videos in which cats act like dogs. Or your feline pal is acting like a canine. Either way, you’re wondering why a cat would act like a dog when it’s obvious they’re from different species. Each kitty is unique, regardless of its breed. However, some […]

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How Much Time Do Cats Sleep During The Day?

An interesting feline fact is that cats actually sleep through approximately two-thirds of their lives. But if you happen to be the proud owner of a feline furball, then you already know this. You’ve seen your kitty in various sleeping positions in different places such are your bedroom, the wardrobe, a kitchen drawer, underneath the couch, on […]

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