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Why Is My Cat Digging?

As pet parents we often tend to anthropomorphize our beloved feline furballs. Or in other words – we ascribe human-like qualities to them. Some cats tend to resemble their owners a lot. Others simply follow them around from room to room, interested in whatever their pet parents are doing. And then there’s that type of […]

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Why Do Cats Knead Or Massage Their Human Owners, Pillows, Blankets…Everything!?

Cats are curious creatures, which are sometimes severely misunderstood by their pet parents. For example, one specific activity brings immeasurable joy to all felines, but not so much to their owners. We’re talking about kneading, or “massaging” as some diplomatically call it. Cats can knead on anything – furniture, pillows, blankets, humans…you’ve probably seen it all. Unfortunately, […]

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