Do Cats Like Music? What Type Do They Enjoy? Is There Music Made For Cats?

Feline senses are significantly different from human senses.

Cats see, smell, feel, taste, and hear things differently than humans do. They have enviably enhanced senses. And this is where the crucial differences come from.

As you can probably guess, your kitty appears to be quite fond of some noises, such as your voice, but it might act rather aggressively or fearfully towards other sounds. Take the vacuum cleaner, for example.

Of course, being familiar with the tone of your voice doesn’t mean that your furball likes it. So how can you tell if they like the song you’re currently listening to? Or if they hate it?

Here’s your short answer: cats do enjoy music.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that your pet will start grooving to a song they like, just as the cats you’ve seen on hilarious YouTube videos. They also won’t run off when you tune in to a song they don’t like.

Why? Unfortunately, there’s no short answer.

How Can Cats Like Music?

Your fluffy pal won’t show any signs of enjoyment or disdain towards a particular song you’re listening to. So how can you tell if your pet likes what they’re hearing?

Cats don’t perceive music the way we do.  Kitties have different acoustic, vocal, and heartbeat ranges than us. Thus, they perceive human music as nothing more than a series of sounds. Whether you’re listening to classical music, rock, or pop, your cat simply won’t care.

So how can cats like music if they can’t tell the difference?

It’s a little known fact that cats enjoy music only when the notes are specifically designed to meet their acoustic, vocal, and heartbeat range.

Does this mean there is special cat music out there on the market?

Yep. There is music made for cats!

Cats have a hearing range of 55 Hz on the low-pitched scale and approximately 79 kHz on the high-pitched scale. This means they can hear 1.6 octaves of high frequencies more than humans can. For your furry pal to enjoy a certain song, it needs to be in a specific frequency.

What Type Of Music Do Cats Enjoy Listening To?

A feline’s brain can interpret specific notes as music when it’s tailored for a feline. For example, some composers out there have made truly groundbreaking cat music. One of the most famous tracks is called Cozmo’s Air by a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Listen to Cozmo’s Air on Spotify or Youtube.

Several studies have proven that felines do like cat-appropriate music to the extent that they even rub against the speakers. The secret of cat music is that the notes are similar in frequency to the notes felines create when purring, or the low-pitched and high-pitched sounds they communicate with, such as meowing.

Does this mean you should play cat-appropriate music to your kitten if you wish to ease their mood? Not necessarily. Unlike us, cats don’t need music to enjoy life. All they need is affection and healthcare.

Feed your feline furball with high-quality cat food, don’t skip vet appointments, and cater to your cat’s entertainment needs. As long as you’re showing love and devotion to your pet, they won’t need any music to feel happy.

Emily Parker

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