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1. Of or relating to cats

​2. The scientific study of all things cat

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What On Earth Is Catological?

It started a long time ago.

The moment we got our first cat.

We came home, opened the cage, and…she darted.

Around the house, up the stairs, nowhere to be found. For hours. 

We logged onto the old internet (yes, logged on, this was awhile ago). Dial up line started up, whirring and chirping and buzzing, and finally, we were ready to search how to get your new cat out of hiding.

Pretty ridiculous, right?

Anyway, it was at that point that we realized that the sites out there for cats weren’t always the best. 

It’s something that has bugged us to this day. 

Now, before we get too out of hand, let’s say one thing: there are a LOT more cat sites these days, and there are a LOT of good ones. We use them as resources and sources and you’ll find mention of them throughout the site.

BUT – we still think that a lot of consumer-focused cat sites are old and outdated, hard to read, hard to navigate, and not too helpful. On the other hand, you’ve got the scientific sites that are majorly helpful, but man, who wants to read through pages and pages of scientific writing to find out why your cat does that thing?

Well, we do, but that’s because we had had enough.

Welcome to Catological – backed by research, written for cat owners (that’d be you!).

We focus on top issues for cat owners, and give our personal recommendations for products we have used, tested, and approved. We’ve done the research (yes, including reading the boring science-y essays), and are here to give you the best of the best when it comes to caring for your feline friend.

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