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  • Best Kitten Food For Healthy Baby Cats
    There’s nothing better than inviting a sweet kitten into your home and heart. Their infinite energy, crazy zoomies, and adorable snuggles are unbeatable.  You might be wondering what type of food is best for the unique nutritional needs of kittens. Your sweet baby is completely dependent on their mother for the first few weeks of … Read more
  • The Best Cat Food for 2021 | Reviews and Ratings of the Top Wet and Dry Food Brands
    Have a cat? Chances are, your cat needs food. Amazing, right? Alright, alright, not such a revelation. But here’s something you may not have realized.
  • How To Calculate The Carbohydrate Levels In Cat Food
    Cat food brands are required to give some nutritional details on cat food labels. They must give a “Guaranteed Analysis” showing the amount of: Protein Fat Fiber Unfortunately, they’re not required to provide you with the carbohydrate levels. This can make it hard to truly compare two foods to find out which one is lower carb … Read more

Biologically Appropriate Cat Nutrition, Training, And Advice

Big pet companies have been taking advantage of cat parents for too long.

They make billions of dollars, but serve up foods with confusing labels that are biologically inappropriate and full of harmful (and frankly, disgusting) ingredients.

Your cat isn’t so different from his wild carnivore relatives.

Cats need meat and they have a strong drive to hunt. They can be harmed by the wrong foods, supplements, training, products around the home, and lifestyle.

After thousands of hours of research, we got completely fed up with the status quo.

Here at Catological, it is our mission to empower cat parents to give their kitties the best, happiest, healthiest, and longest lives possible.

Because our cats are more than just pets.

They’re our babies, and they give us back our love 10-fold.

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