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Are Cats Territorial With Humans Or Other Cats?

As majestic, graceful, and elegant as cats can be, they can also become a menacing pain in your neck. Felines don’t travel in packs, unlike other predators, but they are indeed territorial, mainly within their home environment. Cats are natural hunters with extremely heightened senses, especially when it comes to their eyesight and their olfaction […]

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Why Is My Cat Hissing At Me? What Does It Mean?

Cats are territorial creatures. These domesticated, carnivorous hunters have been raised as pets from time immemorial. But even the most amiable and tolerant cats out there have hissed at least once at their owners, regardless of their affection towards their pet parents. Let’s talk more about the hissing. What does it mean – for the […]

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What Does It Mean When Your Adult Cat or Kitten Purrs? Is It Different When It’s Loud?

Most of us associate purring with a happy feline. However, cats don’t only purr when they are content. But then what does it mean when your kitten or big kitty purrs? Let’s get to work exploring some of the reasons cats purr, including physiological reasons, mental/emotional reasons, and evolutionary reasons. Purrers vs. Roarers Before we […]

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