How To Calm Down A Cat When Angry, Scared, Or Agitated

how to calm down your cat

Cats of all breeds and ages can get extremely upset. Aggressive or stressed-out behavior is bound to occur, and as a pet parent you’re the one who must help the kitty calm down. Scared and angry cats or felines in heat usually find it difficult to calm themselves down. Frantic running, hiding, meowing, yowling, hissing, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Or Kitten Always Sit And Stare At Me?

why is my cat staring at me

Cats are curious and capricious creatures. Try as we may, we often don’t quite understand the things they do. One of the silliest things domestic cats of all breeds do is “stalk” their pet parents. You know the type of stalking we’re talking about – no meowing, no pawing or poking, just sitting there and … Read more

Why Is My Cat Hissing At Me? What Does It Mean?

why is cat hissing

Cats are territorial creatures. These domesticated, carnivorous hunters have been raised as pets from time immemorial. But even the most amiable and tolerant cats out there have hissed at least once at their owners, regardless of their affection towards their pet parents. Let’s talk more about the hissing. What does it mean – for the … Read more

Why Is My Cat Digging?

why do cats dig

As pet parents we often tend to anthropomorphize our beloved feline furballs. Or in other words – we ascribe human-like qualities to them. Some cats tend to resemble their owners a lot. Others simply follow them around from room to room, interested in whatever their pet parents are doing. And then there’s that type of … Read more

Why Do Cats Shake Or Vibrate Their Tails, And What Does it Mean?

why do cats shake vibrate tail

Understanding a cat’s mood and needs can prove difficult even for experienced pet parents. Cats communicate mainly through body language or vocalization. But even if your pet kitty doesn’t have a problem with speaking its mind through meows, yowls, and chirps, the fact that you don’t speak meow makes communication hard. So all that’s really … Read more