Invisible Fences For Cats. (Do They Even Work? )

Losing your beloved furball is one of the worst things for any pet parent out there. Even if you’re keeping your feline friend strictly indoors, there’s no guarantee it won’t accidentally end up outside. But things are even more complicated for pet parents who allow their kitties to roam the outdoors. Why would a cat … Read more

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Door

stop cat scratching door

Scratching the furniture is one thing, but why is your cat clawing the door? Is he using it as a scratching post? Is he trying to get inside or outside? What’s his problem with the entrance, the bedroom, or the living room’s door? How do you prevent your cat from scratching it? It’s quite simple. … Read more

How To Train Your Cat Or Kitten To Sit

how to train your cat to sit

Cats can be trained. Contrary to popular belief, feline creatures can be taught how to respond to commands, how to walk on a leash, and how to behave properly. Many kitties are trained by their pet parents to respond to their names or to stop scratching the sofa without the owners even realizing it. In … Read more

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Biting You: Can You Teach Them?

how to get cat stop biting

Cats can be a pain in your neck, especially if you happen to be the owner of an independent, headstrong kitty that doesn’t enjoy petting or snuggling. Regardless of the setbacks, though, feline furballs definitely bring tremendous joy in our lives. But what happens when your cat becomes aggressive and starts biting? What happens when he/ … Read more