How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash And Harness

how to train cat walk leash

Teaching your cat to walk on a leash? Isn’t that crazy? Is it even possible? For starters, it’s not crazy at all. Many pet parents have adopted the practice of taking their cats for a walk out with the help of a leash – just like a dog owner would do. In fact, it’s a … Read more

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Door

stop cat scratching door

Scratching the furniture is one thing, but why is your cat clawing the door? Is he using it as a scratching post? Is he trying to get inside or outside? What’s his problem with the entrance, the bedroom, or the living room’s door? How do you prevent your cat from scratching it? It’s quite simple. … Read more

How To Potty Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet

how to potty train cat toilet

So, you’ve decided to potty train your cat. Or you’re just curious to know how a feline furball can be trained to use the actual toilet instead of a litter box. As intelligent as they are, cats can indeed be potty trained to use human toilets. However, before we plunge into the actual ways to potty … Read more

How To Care For And Take Care Of A New Baby Kitten

how to care for baby kitten

Needless to say, all kittens are adorable. There’s nothing that compares to staring into those big, innocent eyes or listening to the baby kitten’s soft purr when it’s snuggling with you. However, taking in a new baby cat isn’t all fun, games, and cuteness. Looking after a young pet involves nearly as much attention and … Read more

Tips On How To Train Your Cat To Behave Better

how to train your cat

Is your cat disobedient? Do you wish there was some ultimate way to train and tame it? Newsflash! Cats can be trained! Contrary to popular belief, even the most stubborn and insubordinate feline furballs can be tamed through a variety of obvious (and not so obvious) training methods. You don’t have to spend tons of … Read more