Feral Cats

Feral Cats

You spot them near a restaurant dumpster. They are crouched down, silent, and unmoving. They watch you, wide-eyed, preparing to dart away into the night. What are they? Feral cats. What are the characteristics of feral cats? How do these cats survive outside? What problems do they cause? Can they be tamed? Can you adopt … Read more

Our Favorite Cat Memorial Options

Paw Cloud

Losing a cat is such an emotional experience. Cats become an integral part of our lives. They are our companions, our friends, part of our family. There is no right or wrong way to feel when your cat passes on. The loss of a pet hits each of us differently. If your beloved cat has … Read more

Best Dust Free, Clumping Cat Litter with Reviews and Ratings

Cat in Litter Box

You love your cat, and you don’t care who knows it, right? But the last thing you want is “cat-smell” permeating your house or tiny dust-prints trailing across your newly polished wood floor. And I know this may sound a litter ridiculous, but choosing the right litter can be overwhelming. You stand at the wall … Read more

Can Fleas Kill a Cat? The Dangers of Fleas to Felines

cat peaking head out from pile of blankets

Fleas are a nuisance, and an inevitability of cat parenting. But left untreated, fleas can be more than a minor irritation. A severe flea infestation can kill a cat or kitten. But don’t worry, if you just see a few little beasts on your cat’s back, you’re going to be okay. Just treat them with … Read more