Lykoi Cat Facts | What You Need To Know About These “Werewolf” Kitties

You’ve probably seen them before, and you probably thought the only accurate description for these creatures is the term “werewolf cat.” And you were right! Lykoi cats, a.k.a. werewolf cats, are the product of natural mutation, which occurred in domestic cats with short fur. These kitties tend to turn heads and catch the attention of … Read more

The Best Cat Breeds For Dogs And Dog Lovers

People often say that cats and dogs are the ultimate arch enemies and that they come from different planets. However, these two species can easily co-exist under the same roof. What’s more, they can be quite similar, especially if you take particular breeds for example. Yes, there are cat breeds that act like dogs and … Read more

Persian Cat Facts: Origins, Colors, Price, Health Issues, Nutrition

If you happen to own a Persian cat, consider yourself a lucky pet parent. Persians are not only adorable and extremely fluffy, but they are also ideal for apartment or smaller-home living. Moreover, their amiable nature is one of the reasons for the Persian cat’s popularity. Many people dread the fact that these feline furballs require grooming … Read more