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The Best Cat Breeds For Dogs And Dog Lovers

People often say that cats and dogs are the ultimate arch enemies and that they come from different planets. However, these two species can easily co-exist under the same roof. What’s more, they can be quite similar, especially if you take particular breeds for example. Yes, there are cat breeds that act like dogs and […]

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Facts About Tabby Cats | What You Need To Know About These Kitties – Traits, Health Issues, Price And More

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, snuggly tabby?! Have you ever wondered what the most popular type of cat all over the world is? Is it longhaired or shorthaired? And does it come from a specific breed? Maybe it’s the fluffy Persian or the widespread American Shorthair? Or how about the latter one’s British equivalent? Nope, […]

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Facts About Calico Cats | What You Need To Know About These Kitties (+ A Guide On How To Care For A Calico Kitten)

Calico cats are fascinating creatures for many reasons. For starters, owning one of these tri-color kitties is just like owning three different cats merged into one. Their cuteness factor is absolutely undeniable. What’s more, they’re quite famous and highly valued in different parts of the world, especially in Japan and the UK. Why in the […]

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Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats | What You Need To Know About Torties (+ A Guide On How To Care For A Tortie Kitten)

Cats are fascinating and often misunderstood creatures. Nevertheless, they are among the top popular choices for pets all over the world. Owners value them for their personality traits, whether they’re devoted and amiable or aloof and independent, as well as for their gorgeous looks. And while nobody can deny that a solid white or mitten-patterned […]

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Top 6 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

Let’s be honest. Finding cat hair all over your house or apartment is something nobody wants to deal with. It gets on your clothes, furniture pieces, and even in your soup. Messy, disgusting, and unsightly doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unfortunately, living with a feline furball as a pet means dealing with hairballs. Controlling […]

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Albino Cats: What Are They And How To Tell The Differences Between Normal White Cats

The famous Oriental Shorthair cat is the most colorful kitty in the world. Its diverse pigmentation comes in at over 300 different patterns and colors! However, there are cats that, just like humans and some dogs, have no pigmentation. These are albino cats…they have “albinism”. What Is An Albino Cat? A true albino feline either completely […]

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