Cat Cartoons and Memes

Cats make us laugh. Sometimes, we see parts of ourselves or others in their personalities, and sometimes, they do funny things. Like children, they can make us smile simply because we love them so much. If you would like some funny jokes, check out these cat jokes. Otherwise, here are a few funnies that hit … Read more

The Complete AWESOME List Of The Best Funny Cat Jokes

awesome list funny cat jokes

Cats are funny. If you didn’t already know that, just spend 5 minutes on Youtube. Or 30 minutes. Or…all day. Not that I’ve ever done that… But what about cat jokes? You’ve undoubtedly seen thousands of cat puns all over the Internet. We won’t cover the basic ones here. Instead, we’ve compiled a complete list … Read more

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The Best List Of Awesome Books For Cat Lovers

awesome list books cat lovers

At the risk of diving into the popular stereotype of the old cat lady who spends her time at home with her pet felines while reading, knitting, and talking only about cats, today we’ll be focusing solely on reading materials for … well, cats. Kitties aren’t new to literature. In fact, some of the world’s … Read more

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25 Inspiring Kitty Tattoo Designs For Cat Lovers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some cool ideas for your next cat-themed tattoo. Coming up with a 100% original design and be tricky and there’s nothing wrong in drawing some inspiration from other people’s body ink. So whether you’re just curious about kitty tattoo designs or you’re on the lookout for your … Read more

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27 Quotes About Cats That Cat Owners Totally Understand

Cats really are amazing creatures. They’re one-of-a-kind, for sure! When it comes to owning cats, there are some things about cats that only cat owners understand. These 27 quotes about cats below are strikingly accurate. Enjoy! A cat allows you to sleep on the bed. On the edge. – Jenny de Vries A cat is … Read more

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Who Is The Patron Saint Of Cats? Notes On St. Gertrude

patron saint of cats

Cats are majestic creatures which we have been domesticating from time immemorial. The Ancient Egyptians used to consider them as sacred for a number of reasons such as their outstanding hunting skills. Nowadays kitties of all breeds and ages are among the most popular choices for domestic pets in every country across the globe. Whether … Read more

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A List Of The Most Famous Fictional And Real Cats In The World

most famous cats in the world

Even if you’re not a big cat lover, you’re probably here because you’re eager to find out something about the most famous cats in the world. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! We won’t talk about famous Instagram cats. And we won’t talk about cute YouTube cats with millions of subscribers. Instead, we’ll focus on some … Read more

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Important Cat Holiday Dates And Information

important cat holiday dates information

Just because cats can’t officially celebrate with their owners doesn’t mean they should be left out of the many reasons for year-round holiday cheer! It might be surprising, but there are plenty of cat-themed holidays that pet parents and cat lovers from all over the globe celebrate on an annual basis. In fact, even some … Read more

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National Black Cat Day: What Is It And When Is It Held?

black cat day

The rich folklore surrounding the black cat is varied, depending on different cultures. In Scotland, black cats are linked to prosperity, especially when strange black felines visit one’s house. In most parts of the UK and Japan, these kitties are also considered to bring good luck. However, in many countries, black cats are often perceived … Read more

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