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25 Inspiring Kitty Tattoo Designs For Cat Lovers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some cool ideas for your next cat-themed tattoo. Coming up with a 100% original design and be tricky and there’s nothing wrong in drawing some inspiration from other people’s body ink. So whether you’re just curious about kitty tattoo designs or you’re on the lookout for your […]

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Important Cat Holiday Dates And Information

Just because cats can’t officially celebrate with their owners doesn’t mean they should be left out of the many reasons for year-round holiday cheer! It might be surprising, but there are plenty of cat-themed holidays that pet parents and cat lovers from all over the globe celebrate on an annual basis. In fact, even some […]

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The Best List Of Awesome Books For Cat Lovers

At the risk of diving into the popular stereotype of the old cat lady who spends her time at home with her pet felines while reading, knitting, and talking only about cats, today we’ll be focusing solely on reading materials for … well, cats. Kitties aren’t new to literature. In fact, some of the world’s […]

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