Best Dust Free Cat Litter with Reviews and Ratings

Cat in Litter Box

You love your cat, and you don’t care who knows it, right? But the last thing you want is “cat-smell” permeating your house or tiny dust-prints trailing across your newly polished wood floor. And I know this may sound a litter ridiculous, but choosing the right litter can be overwhelming. You stand at the wall … Read more

Can Fleas Kill a Cat? The Dangers of Fleas to Felines

cat peaking head out from pile of blankets

Fleas are a nuisance, and an inevitability of cat parenting. But left untreated, fleas can be more than a minor irritation. A severe flea infestation can kill a cat or kitten. But don’t worry, if you just see a few little beasts on your cat’s back, you’re going to be okay. Just treat them with … Read more

250+ of the Best Blue Eyed Cat Names For Male And Female Kitties

blue eyed cat names

Blue eyes have been revered throughout history as a mesmerizing and soul-searching shade. And blue eyed cats are no different! With their sky-blue stares, you could be forgiven for believing they can see right into the workings of your mind. However, choosing the perfect name for your blue eyed feline is no easy task. Naturally, … Read more