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What To Do If Your Cat Is Sneezing, Coughing Up, Or Vomiting Blood

Although cats are excellent predators and have outstanding survival skills and instincts, they aren’t invincible. And when it comes to indoor felines, they can be even more fragile than their stray feral counterparts. Seeing your pet do things like coughing or even vomiting isn’t unusual, yet it’s quite stressful for many cat owners. Alarming sounds […]

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  • Updated April 17, 2018
  • Health

How To Care For And Take Care Of A New Baby Kitten

Needless to say, all kittens are adorable. There’s nothing that compares to staring into those big, innocent eyes or listening to the baby kitten’s soft purr when it’s snuggling with you. However, taking in a new baby cat isn’t all fun, games, and cuteness. Looking after a young pet involves nearly as much attention and […]

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