Help! My Cat Has Bad Gas! What To Do?

cat has bad gas

Do cats suffer from bad gases? What can cause flatulence inside a cat’s organism? Is it dangerous? What can it mean? And what can you do if your kitty already has bad gas? Let’s start with the obvious. Yes, cats can fart, and it’s not pretty or pleasant, but don’t rush into panicking just because your … Read more

Do Female Cats Have Menstrual Periods?

do cats have menstrual periods

Female cats have period cycles just like dogs and humans. However, these cycles are slightly different for felines. For starters, the female cat’s periods are called estrus cycles instead of menstrual cycles and they occur when your precious furball is in heat. During her estrus cycle, your furry pal will attract a lot of males. You … Read more

Dangers Of Cat Urine: Fumes, Toxicity, Allergies, And Health Risks

cat urine dangerous

There are many advantages when it comes to keeping your cat strictly indoors. The great outdoors pose dangers of parasites, homeless feral cats, diseases, dirt, risks of running away … the list goes on and on. Not only are indoor cats less likely to contract fleas or other types of diseases, but they are generally … Read more

Treating Cat Constipation | Symptoms, Plus Laxatives vs. Stool Softeners

Cats are different from humans in more ways than one, obviously. That said, your cat can experience digestive system disorders just like any person. One of the most common problems kittens and their adult counterparts suffer is constipation. Treating cat constipation is actually easier than most cat owners think. Whether your kitty’s stools are too … Read more

The Best Dental Care Products And Treats For Your Cat’s Health

best dental products cats

Similar to human beings, cats can suffer from numerous dental problems. Cats clean themselves daily using their barbed tongues, incisor teeth, saliva, and front paws. However, that’s not enough. One of the many things they can’t do when it comes to maintaining their overall cleanliness is care for their pearly whites. Many pet parents don’t know … Read more