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Important Cat Holidays

Just because cats can’t sing jollies or celebrate with their owners, it doesn’t mean they should be left out of the many reasons for all year round holiday cheers. It might be surprising, but there are plenty cat-themed holidays that pet parents and cat lovers from all over the globe celebrate on annual basis. In […]

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Cat Snoring – Should I Be Worried?

Felines may be among nature’s best hunters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love sleeping all day long. In fact, cats can snooze for up to 20 hours on daily basis, especially during kittenhood. Adults and seniors can nap for anywhere between 12 and 16 hours each day. But even though they can zzz for […]

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Fading Kitten Syndrome

Regardless of their enviably sharp senses and outstanding hunting instincts, cats can be quite fragile, especially when it comes to newborns. Kittens are vulnerable to a plethora of diseases, similarly to human babies. Even though many newborn kittens can survive in extremely harsh conditions, they aren’t invincible. In fact, both feral and indoor kittens actually […]

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Feline Memory: 101

Regardless of their whimsical and often misunderstood ways, cats are actually more intelligent than we’re giving them credit for. Just because they’re capricious, it doesn’t mean they can’t grasp what they’re told. Or that they can’t remember what’s good and what’s bad. Similarly to us, they see the world in color (no, cats aren’t colorblind) […]

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Can Cats Benefit From Eating Vegetables? Which Are The Best Vegetables For Cats?

Unlike us, human beings, cats aren’t omnivores. They get their primary nutrition from a carnivorous diet containing fish, chicken, turkey and other meats. The feline organism has special dietary requirements, which are met through the protein, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients found in real meat. High quality cat food manufacturers praise their products on containing […]

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Is Coffee Bad For Cats?

Smuggled, hated, adored, used for medicinal purposes and even valued as a currency – that’s coffee in all of its forms. Nowadays coffee can be found in households all across the globe and serves as beverage, ingredient for culinary recipes, beauty products or even gardening hacks. As we all know, cats can be quite mischievous, […]

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Antibiotics For Cats: 101

In our everyday lives we’re exposed to countless types of bacteria, diseases, bugs and harmful atmospheric conditions. The same goes for our beloved feline furballs. Kitties of all breeds can contract severe diseases like heartworms from something as common as a mosquito bite. And even the healthiest furball out there can develop an allergy towards […]

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Cat Wheezing: 101

Cats make tons of different types of crazy sounds. From the typical meowing all the way to a bird-like chirping – felines can produce some truly unbelievable sounds. It all depends on how vocal your pet is and what’s going on in its mind at a given moment. Of course, some breeds like the Oriental […]

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