My Stinky Cat Smells Like Poop! How Can I Stop The Odor?

cat smells like poo

You just realized your cat has a nasty, particularly unflattering odor that happens to smell a lot like poop. Now what? Why does your pet smell like poop? What’s causing it? How do you get rid of the stench? By default, cats are probably the cleanest animals of all domesticated pets. They constantly use their tongues, … Read more

Do Owls Attack And Eat Cats?

Cats, owls, and tons of other nocturnal creatures go hand in hand when it comes to lurking and stalking. Hey, you’ve probably even seen some hilarious clips on the Internet which show cats and owls interacting with each other. But do owls and cats get along in the real world? In other words – should … Read more

Lyme Disease In Cats: Symptoms And Treatment

Cats can have lyme disease, although it is quite rate. As one of the most common of all flea, mosquito and tick-transmitted diseases on the globe, lyme disease is known to strike mainly human beings and canines. If left untreated for too long, the disease can lead to a fatal outcome. Fortunately, there are some … Read more

What To Do If Your Cat Ate String: Is It Dangerous? Will She Be OK?

Cats find strings and threads to be irresistible. They can be comprised of anything – wool, cord, fishing line, dental floss, sewing threads, yarn – the list goes on and on. Cats like string for several reasons, and even the laziest kitties out there can become super playful when they get their paws on it. Unfortunately, … Read more

How To Save Money On A Trip To The Vet For Your Cat

how to save money vet bills healthy cat

Being a pet parent sometimes seems like mission impossible. You just never know what to expect. Cats of all breeds and ages can suffer from a variety of health issues. Regardless of how loving and careful you are with your fluffy pal, you can’t protect it from everything. The time for an emergency vet visit will … Read more

Help! My Cat Has Bad Gas! What To Do?

cat has bad gas

Do cats suffer from bad gases? What can cause flatulence inside a cat’s organism? Is it dangerous? What can it mean? And what can you do if your kitty already has bad gas? Let’s start with the obvious. Yes, cats can fart, and it’s not pretty or pleasant, but don’t rush into panicking just because your … Read more