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Can Cats Eat Honey Or Is It Bad For Them?

All-natural honey is an excellent addition to hot and cold beverages, as well as to numerous culinary recipes. It’s tasty, organic and most of all – surprisingly healthy. With its numerous wondrous applications for allergies, sore throat problems and the overall cardiovascular system health it’s one of mother nature’s most delicious and beneficial sweets. But […]

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Do Raccoons Attack And Eat Cats?

We all know that one of the best ways to ensure our cats’ safety is to keep them strictly indoors. The outdoor world poses dangers like predators, infected animals, airborne diseases, traffic and so forth. But did you know that your home is also a potentially dangerous zone for your pet? Suburban areas and secluded […]

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  • Updated August 13, 2018
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Eye Infections in Cats & Kittens | Symptoms and Treatments

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re worried about the possibility of an eye infection in your feline pal. But before you start panicking, take a deep breath. Not everything that looks as severe as an infection is actually an infection. Similarly to skin problems, eye infections in cats and kittens are irritations and inflammations […]

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Facts About Tabby Cats | What You Need To Know About These Kitties – Traits, Health Issues, Price And More

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, snuggly tabby?! Have you ever wondered about what’s the most popular type of cat all over the world? Is it longhaired or shorthaired? And does it come from a specified breed? Maybe it’s the fluffy Persian or the widespread American Shorthair? Or how about the latter one’s British equivalent? Nope, […]

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