Best Dust Free Cat Litter with Reviews and Ratings

Cat in Litter Box

You love your cat, and you don’t care who knows it, right? But the last thing you want is “cat-smell” permeating your house or tiny dust-prints trailing across your newly polished wood floor. And I know this may sound a litter ridiculous, but choosing the right litter can be overwhelming. You stand at the wall … Read more

The Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control

best cat litter box for odor control

The one negative thing about having a cat at home is, well, it can get kind of stinky. Not because cats are gross, but because their litter boxes are. That urine ammonia smell… And having lived in a small apartment at one point with a kitty and her litter box, I know there are some … Read more

Smart Scoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

smart scoop automatic litter box review

It’s only natural for you as a pet parent to want only the best for your cat. This includes food items, cat toys, and, of course, litter to fulfill your kitty’s basic needs. Unfortunately, with so many products on the market, it’s easy to get cheated into paying for low-quality stuff. Let’s talk some more about … Read more

Our Luuup Cat Litter Box Review

luuup cat litter box review

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes discussing the rather repulsive subject of feline litter boxes. Not to mention that cleaning up and refilling the kitty’s litter is the last thing you want to do after coming home from a long day at the office. But dealing with litter is inevitable. When your fluffy pal needs to … Read more