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Do Cats Have Feelings? What Emotions Do They Feel?

Felines are quite famous for their curiosity and their mischievous ways. It’s only natural to ask ourselves, can cats have feelings and emotions like humans? Cats can indeed feel a variety of emotions. Take the diverse types of affection they show towards their pet parents. We know cats can feel many obvious things, such as being tired, […]

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What Does It Mean When A Cat Wags Its Tail?

Cats have various ways of communicating. They usually do it through meowing, hissing, chirping, yowling, and so forth. And while they may not be capable of speaking our language, they can still tell us many things even without using any actual sounds. How? It’s called body language. Kitties have a unique way of showing emotions […]

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How Much Time Do Cats Sleep During The Day?

An interesting feline fact is that cats actually sleep through approximately two-thirds of their lives. But if you happen to be the proud owner of a feline furball, then you already know this. You’ve seen your kitty in various sleeping positions in different places such are your bedroom, the wardrobe, a kitchen drawer, underneath the couch, on […]

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Cat Tail Position Meanings: What Does It Mean When It’s Tucked, Twitching, Up, Down, Or Between The Legs

Cats are often misunderstood by their pet parents. As fascinating as feline creatures are, they still can’t talk and tell us what they want or need. And while they have evolved enviably heightened senses like sight and hearing, they still can’t speak our language. We often misinterpret our kitty’s needs due to the lack of a mutual […]

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