Best Cat Litter Boxes: Reviews & Ratings Of The Top Small And Large Brands For Your Kitty

It may not be the most pleasant experience of owning a cat, but it sure is one of the most important.

Providing a clean, safe space for your kitty to do her business is absolutely essential not only to her comfort, but for the sake of your home.

You know where she’ll go if her litter box isn’t up to her standard, right?

On your couch, on your curtains, on your clothes…

Basically, if you want to make her happy and you want to keep your stuff from smelling like urine, you’re going to need to provide a place where she can do her duty and cover it up in peace.

There are about a million and one options here, which can make this search pretty daunting when you’re looking for the best one.

Where do you start?

Basic? Full of features? Covered? Automatic

We get it. That’s why we’ve taken the time to review and try out a LOT of different options.

We’ve distilled it down to JUST the best of the best, so you have less work to do filtering out the absolute junk (and there is a lot of absolute junk, trust me).

And you don’t want to cheap out here.

Remember what I said about the pee on your couch and your clothes?

Yeah, if kitty develops an aversion to the box, because it’s not private enough, because the litter’s not deep enough, because it’s not covered, because it’s too covered (they’re finicky creatures, in case you hadn’t noticed)…

Well, let’s just say if you cheap out here, be prepared to spend more money on replacing things that your precious furball has soiled.

So, let’s get to it! Here are our ratings and reviews of the best litter boxes on the market.

Ratings & Reviews of The Best Litter Boxes

Covered Litter Boxes

A covered box offers some more privacy than an uncovered one.

That is unless your cat is claustrophobic or dominated by other cats in the house.

A trapped feeling may then cause it to steer clear of the box.

The covered variety can be perfect depending on the cat, but keep in mind space might be limited, dust and odors are trapped rather than dissipated, and it’s just as important to scoop the litter box as with any other type.

Here are our top choices.

#1. Catit Jumbo Hooded (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

catit jumbo hooded litter box

This 22 inch long, 17 inch wide, and 18-inch tall litter box works for multiple cats in the house, but isn’t overkill for just one.

The opening measures 10.4 by 9.6 inches, big enough for most cats and to even get a scooper in there without too much hassle.

Here, there is space and privacy, thanks to the large hood.

You can access what needs to be cleaned, and a carbon filter for removing odors.

The size, sturdiness, price, and value you get from this simple, yet functional, Catit box is why we are rating it our #1 top litter box for most cats.

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#2. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Hooded

natures miracle corner litter box

Featuring a charcoal odor blocker and antimicrobial protection (which can last up to three months before needing to be replaced), this covered litter box is shaped to fit in a corner, which can save some space if you live in an apartment or otherwise little home.

The non-stick surface helps to eliminate odor build up as well and makes the product easier to clean. 

Because of it’s unique shape, it’s really low price, and the fact that it actually has some features like the filter, we think it’s among your best options. Highly recommended as a budget option!

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Large Litter Boxes

For larger breeds and homes with multiple cats, a bigger box is usually the solution.

The extra space gives your cat room to do its thing, turn around, and be cozier overall.

It’s also less likely the feline will step in its poo and track it across the floor.

#1. Favorite® 25-Inch x 19-Inch x 16.5-Inch (EDITOR’S CHOICE)


The unit has a 30-inch perimeter and helps control odors. The top cover is transparent but does not take away from the privacy and roomy space. Plastic surfaces also clean very easily with water. The interior is cleaned by first unhinging the four clasps holding the cover on.

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#2. Van Ness Enclosed, Sifting Box

van ness litter box

This jumbo-sized litter box has an odor door and replaceable Zeolite air filter. The design helps to prevent litter scatter, and of course limit the odors that can waft out of it.

Also, its high polished finish offers resistance to odors and stains on the inside, as well.

If you don’t like to scoop, this is also a good option, as it’s got an enclosed sifting tray, which you just lift up when it’s time to clean. It catches the clumps and waste, and the rest of the litter falls through.

Overall it’s a really well thought out piece of equipment with a few nice extras, all at a fairly low price.

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Small Litter Boxes

If your kitty (and/or your home) are of the smaller persuasion, you may not need a honking big box taking up space. It may actually make your kitty uncomfortable to have too much open space like that.

There are a bunch of smaller, cheaper options out there, and most of them are…meh. They’re OK I guess. Mostly plastic, pretty plain. Lots more options when it comes to larger and average size units.

We have one favorite pick in this category that we’re sharing, and it’s our favorite, but if you just need something basic, feel free to browse on your own, too!

#1. Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

petmate booda step litter box

This has got a useful cover on it, to give kitty a sense of safety and privacy when doing her business.

It’s quite small, at 17″ x 17″ x 17″, and quite round.

It tends to keep most of the litter in the box, especially this version with the added steps, which, I’m sure you know, means less clean up and annoyance for you! You might still look at getting a litter mat like with all these options, but this actually cuts litter spill down quite a bit.

Perfectly suited for a smaller space and a smaller cat, this was our favorite smaller option!

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>> Click here to see our more in-depth reviews of the top automatic and self cleaning litter box options <<

Automatic cat litter boxes use technologies such as motion sensors and an electronic rake. They know when your cat has stepped away. After a certain amount of time, the rake will work as a sweep (or some other mechanism will turn on), and send the waste over to a covered receptacle in the front.

There’s little contact with waste. For some cats, the noise might be bothersome, but the additional up-front expense may be worthwhile if you want a more consistently clean home, or if you absolutely hate scooping litter boxes.

#1. Litter Robot III Automatic Self-Cleaning (Our Top Pick)


The best of the best. The Litter Robot is a bit more expensive than it’s competitor’s but it absolutely crushes most of them in every important sense.

The “globe” rotates during the clean cycle and acts to sift and separate clumps from clean material. Waste is put into a drawer that you can line with a regular kitchen garbage bag. There are no rakes that are prone to jamming or breaking.

It’s comfortable inside for your kitty, it’s fairly low maintenance, and it just does the job without leaving any waste for you to deal with inside the actual litter box area.

Basically the Ferrari of auto litter boxes. Our top pick by far.

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#2. CatGenie Self Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

catgenie litter box

It’s not only suspiciously shaped like a toilet. It connects to your electrical and cold water lines, so it flushes waste away to clean itself!

Washable granules are used, with one box included.

In fact, this cat box is the only one of its kind.

See our full review here.

Different category settings adjust the sleep time and delay after use. A cartridge is also included and holds 120 washes minimum and up to 240 in Cat Activation mode. The unit can be installed in bathrooms with flexible water lines.

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Reviews of the Best Cat Litter Mats

A super important part of any litter box set up, we actually cover the top litter mats in our article on the topic, right here:

Catological’s Top Rated Litter Mats

If you choose one of our top picks, you’ll significantly eliminate the tracking of litter throughout your house, and make it much easier to clean up around the actual box itself. 

It’s a pretty small investment, and is pretty much a necessity for anyone who likes to do as little tidying up as possible!

Litter Box Furniture

The products mentioned above are not the only options out there.

In some cases, you might be able to hide the litter box or find a smaller solution if your apartment is small.

People also make projects out of creating these products, but here are some examples of items you won’t even think are litter boxes at first. 

Merry Products Pet House and Litter Box

merry products litter furniture

At first glance, this looks pretty much like a standard nightstand. There is 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches of internal space and a 7 x 8-inch door, perfect for small cats.

The fir wood nightstand needs to be assembled, so is a small project of its own if you don’t mind putting in the extra work.

But, is there a better, more attractive way to hide your kitty’s litter box? We think the quality and look of this one makes it the best.

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Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

merry products bench litter furniture

This laundry room or bathroom furnishing can fit any sized litter box and has a pre-cut hole in back for automatic unit connections.

A partition wall can be removed, but adds space for storing litter and other supplies. You can also place the entrance on either end, depending on the room it’s used in.

Plus, it’s really attractive and can be used as an actual bench, so it’s a huge space saver and will keep your house from looking like it’s dominated by your kitty.

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Want To Make Your Own Litter Box?

If you’re still looking for the right litter box or trying to save more, then it is possible to make a project out of it. This can be quite simple. Using a lidded, plastic container or storage box, the Pet Project blog tells you how to make a litter box using the container, permanent marker, and a utility knife. Keep it covered or leave the box open without spending an additional penny. Other project examples include.

How to Make a Mess-less Cat Litter Box: With this project, you can build a cat box with a sisal ramp that helps contain the litter. It also helps clean the cat’s paws as climbs back up. All the tools and materials you need are listed. Detailed step-by-step instructions include photographs that show you exactly what to do

Top Entry Litterbox: This one keeps it simple with a big plastic container. A big hole is cut in the top cover with the edges sanded down while vent holes can be cut into the side as well. Plastic containers are available for just a few dollars at a local store.

In addition, people have also made their own kitty litter. Organic Authority, aside from recommending you take cats for a walk or bathroom train them, suggests using shredded newspapers, wood fiber, or chicken scratch. Also, there’s a tutorial at using shredded newspaper and baking soda to produce dried crumples of paper.

Found the Best Cat Litter Yet?

Choosing the best cat litter, boxes, and accessories can be a tedious process. Both you and your cat have to accept the card being dealt. Ratings and reviews on various products should help narrow down the choices. There are some more technological, more sanitary alternatives if you’re willing to spend more. If the selections here haven’t yielded a desirable choice, then there’s always the option of making your own cat box or litter. If your cat tends to be fickle just be patient; there is a best cat litter for everyone.

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