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If you’re like me, then you hate leaving your beloved pet home alone.

Unfortunately, vacations, work, errands, and other types of trips can occur at any given moment and sometimes you have to rely on some friend to watch over your precious furball at the last minute.

Lending a key, trying to get everything in order, and constantly worrying whether your friend will find the time to check up on your pet, not to mention wondering if your feline will get along with said person, can be quite stressful.

Fortunately, in this day and age when technology is rapidly evolving, you can equip yourself with the best pet camera and monitor your cat from afar.

There are a lot of cat cameras out there, and sometimes even a basic home security camera with a Wi-Fi connection will allow you to monitor your kitty while you’re away.

However, the best pet camera will make sure that your feline pal stays safe, entertained, and well fed in case you have to be away for more than a day (or, who are we kidding, if you’re out for an hour running an errand and have to check to make sure she’s okay.)

As we all know, cats need to be fed on a daily basis with high quality cat food. They can’t go on without food or water over longer periods of time, unlike humans or dogs.

And if they aren’t entertained, you know cats will find something to play with – even if this means breaking stuff or creating a catastrophic mess for you to clean up later.

Fortunately, some pet cameras offer feeding trays, treat dispensers, and laser games, as well as voice recordings or even two-way “calls.” This way you’ll know that your cat won’t feel lonely, hungry, or be readying you to come home to a ruined house or apartment.

Reviews Of The Best Pet Cameras To Watch Your Cat


petcube play camera

We’re going to start off with the best overall bang for your buck – the Petcube Camera.

While it does not have a treat or food dispenser option like some other pet cameras on the market, the Petcube has some great features and is significantly less expensive than most of its competitors.

We love that this product is continually evolving. Starting out as a Kickstarter product, it raised over $250,000.

It did very well on Product Hunt, and they’re currently in the process of adding a treat dispensing unit and a more play-focused unit.

The newer treat and play Kickstarter ended recently with over $300,000 raised. Obviously, people liked it enough to come back and fund it again!

Basically, this is a modestly priced Wi-Fi pet camera, and offers a number of ways to interact with your precious kitty.

LASER GAME: It has a built-in laser game to keep your feline pal occupied with playing and exercising while it’s home alone, and it has a super sleek design and a tiny, elegant frame in a few different colors which won’t seem too foreign or threatening to your cat. (We know some people describe it as almost Apple-like in design. Can’t get much better than that!).

petcube play cat

1080p VIDEO: This product also features a photo and video option, so you won’t miss out on all those fun and entertaining cat moments, and you can customize the sharing settings for your family members or friends.

RECORDING: One great thing about the video is that it proves the company listened to its early adopters and customers. First impressions suggested that people wanted more ways to interact, and that included video recording options. Well, they included that, and it looks as though they’ll just keep adding features. Not bad!

MOTION DETECTOR: Another thing that we are pretty sure was an added extra is motion detection. Actually sound AND motion detection. So you can tell when kitty is ready to play – get notified, fire up the system, and send out some lasers! Almost like you’re in the room with them.

TWO-WAY CHAT: On top of all that, Petcube’s camera has a two-way communication option so you can get live sound feed on your kitty’s adventures and your pet can listen to your voice.

NIGHT VISION: Need to check up on your cat but don’t leave your lights on while you’re away (at night)? No problem. Check in during the night with the night vision camera!

Though this doesn’t have a treat compartment (it looks like they’ll soon offer a unit that does), it has everything else you need. For the price, and the functionality, you can’t beat it.

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Feed and Go

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is definitely one of the most complete pet cameras for cats.

The ultra-sleek and modern design of this product is not only futuristic and creative, it also saves up space and is easily accessed by your beloved pet, making it not only attractive in design, but also functional.

Its Wi-Fi connection option allows you to monitor your cat wherever you go, as long as the Wi-Fi in your home is stable. Not only that, but it also features a voice recorder and a microphone so that you can record messages for your cat. This way your precious furball won’t feel lonely.

The camera and the rest of the options on this product work perfectly with any iOS, Android, or Windows device, so you can monitor your furry pal from your smartphone or computer.

Last, but not least, is the best part. Feed and Go’s Smart Pet Feeder offers a total of six compartments for food, medication, or treats. You can set up the time interval for feeding and you can store even wet cat food for up to 24 hours! And the six food compartments, which store up to 8 oz. of food each, are totally dishwasher-safe.

This product is definitely worth every dime!

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Pawbo’s Interactive Pet Camera is great value, and offers lots of opportunities for interactions between you and your kitty.

The oval shape doesn’t take up much space, and for a pet camera of this size, Pawbo’s product is definitely among the best pet cams out there.

It has a built-in laser game with several sound effects which will keep your cat occupied when you’re away from home. It also has a special treat dispenser which will keep your feline furball satisfied and prevent it from seeking food elsewhere.

Additionally, with a 720p Wi-Fi camera which can record videos or snapshots of your little one, this product offers two-way communication between you and your cat. The 110-degree camera allows you to monitor your kitty’s movements at all times and the treat dispenser is super easy to detach and clean.

The app works with both Android and iPhone, so everyone can use it to it’s full potential.

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A top rated pet camera will give you some peace each time you have to leave your cat alone at home. Monitoring, playing, feeding, and interacting with your kitten are easy and comfortable with the proper camera, even though no pet camera out there can fully substitute for your pet’s favorite cat toy – or for you. Though these can help your cat from getting too lonely!

If you’re unsure about investing in a pet camera for your cat, remember – it will save you the trouble of worrying whether your cat is doing fine, has food, or is destroying your favorite piece of furniture at this exact moment.

For a surprisingly affordable price tag, a pet camera will make it easier, safer, and more comfortable for you to leave your home and your pet next time you have to run some last-minute errands or have to leave on an unexpected work trip for a day or two.

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