How Much Does Cat Health Care Cost? Check Ups, X Rays, Medication, Dental Work And More

So, you’ve finally decided to welcome a new fluffy kitty into your home and you’re asking yourself tons of questions.

What are the first necessities that you need to stock up on?

What types of check-ups does the cat need to have to start life out at its healthy best?

How can you ensure your new furry pal’s health and safety?

It’s only natural to ask yourself all of the above and many more questions, and it’s only natural to want the best for your pet.

Getting a new kitten and taking care of it isn’t an easy task and it can be expensive, especially during the first year when the kitty is growing into adulthood.

Providing for your cat can be quite costly as cats have special nutritional needs and they require a well-balanced meal of high quality cat food each day. A proper diet is essential if you want your kitty to lead a happy and thriving life.

Apart from paying for food, toys, cleaning supplies, cat furniture, scratching posts, treats, collars, and other similar items, there also comes a time when you need to ask yourself how much cat health care costs. Furthermore, can you afford it?

How Much Does A Vet Check Up Cost For A Cat Or Kitten?

Now, the problem with giving estimates like this is that every town, every state, every country, every vet’s office is going to be different. There’s not really a “set price” for much of this stuff.

The best we can do is compile anecdotal and published evidence from people who have had work done, and from vet’s offices themselves. What we’re going to provide is a very rough estimate, so please make sure to give yourself leeway with your budget!

Vet Check Ups

Routine vet examinations are an absolute must.

Apart from the mandatory annual check-up you’ll need to schedule additional appointments with your vet in case of an emergency, pregnancy, injury, etc., and sometimes an unanticipated check-up is needed just to give you the comfort of knowing that your pet is absolutely healthy.

Not to mention an unexpected illness or accident that could set you back quite a lot if you don’t have pet insurance.

Rough Estimate For Routine Check Ups: $50 – $400

Rough Estimate For Emergency Medical Help: $100 – $1000+


Vaccinations aren’t just mandatory for newborn kittens. In fact, there are other cat vaccinations which your kitty might need, such as the ones for rabies or cat allergies.

Rough Estimate For Vaccinations: $50 – $100

Spaying/ neutering

Being a responsible pet owner often means that you need to get your pet spayed or neutered. There are too many homeless pups and kitties running around already, and many of them are euthanized since there aren’t enough homes for them.

Rough Estimate For Spaying or Neutering: $200


Some cat breeds are prone to developing various health-related issues with their heart, liver, eyesight, and bone structure.

Vet fees won’t cover the costs of medication, and sometimes that can really break your wallet.

Medicines vary wildly, however, so this is hard to accurately predict without knowing exactly what type of medicine is needed.

Rough Estimate For Cat Medication: $20 – $500+


Getting your cat X-rayed isn’t uncommon. You can either request a thorough scanning of the entire body or a partial one for the chest area, limbs, abdomen, and skull.

These X-ray scans can help diagnose things like kidney disease, asthma, pneumonia, gum disease, tooth decay, organ damage, broken bones, dental issues, heart disease, tumors, bladder issues, and so on.

Rough Estimate For Cat X-rays: $70 – $250

Flea Treatment

Dealing with fleas is a nasty business. Even indoor felines can get fleas and many high quality flea preventatives don’t come cheap. Nevermind the cost of getting your home cleaned of them, flea medication can be pricey if you have to use it a lot.

Rough Estimate For Flea Treatments: $35 – $200

Dental work

As your cat is getting older it will start suffering from a number of health-related issues, including dental problems, even if you regularly care for or brush it’s teeth. Gum disease, tartar, and tooth decay, are just some reasons why your cat could need dental work.

Rough Estimate For Cat Dental Work: up to $500+

We mentioned it above, but it can’t be stressed enough that certain illnesses and accidents can set you back thousands unexpectedly. I personally know someone who spent over $10,000 on her cat near the end of it’s life due to complications with cancer and other illnesses.

It’s very important that you know how you will react to such a diagnosis, and whether you’ll be able to afford treatment. It could mean life or death for your kitty.

But how can you deal with all of these and other unexpected costs if you’re on a tight budget or if you just want to make sure that you can secure a healthy and happy life for your kitty? The answer is simple – get pet insurance.

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Pet Insurance For Cats

That’s right, you can get pet insurance for your cat. Think of it as a pet version of the typical life insurance you can get for you and for your family.

Getting proper pet insurance for your feline pal offers freedom and safety both for you and your beloved kitty.

The most efficient, flexible, and rewarding pet insurance is provided by PetsBest. They have various insurance options including for accidents, condition-only plans, limited time plans, and even lifetime insurance.

Pet insurance covers all of the above and many other health care expenses. One of PetsBest’s most popular plans, the routine care coverage plan, can help you save over $500 a year in health benefits!

Getting pet insurance will give you peace of mind that when the need arises, you’ll be able to take the very best care of your kitty, without spending a fortune.

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