Top 200+ Names For Orange Cats

Orange/ red/ ginger cats are widespread all over the planet. These fiery kitties of various shapes and sizes can come from a number of feline breeds, which is yet another reason why so many pet parents prefer them next to furballs of other colors. Some of the most famous felines in real life and fiction … Read more

Best 500+ Badass and Tough Cat Names For Male And Female Kitties

badass cat names

Cats are famous for having attitude. Our furry friends live life strictly on their own terms, without worrying about any so-called “rules” we humans may like them to follow. If your cat doesn’t want to do something, they won’t do it – it’s as simple as that. In other words, cats are badass! So, if … Read more

Top 200+ Cool Cat Names

So, you’ve grown tired of your cat’s boring old name and are looking for ideas on how to break things up with a fresh and cool new one. Or maybe you’ve adopted a new kitten, and you’re having trouble while brainstorming for the best possible choices for its name? Either way, choosing the right name … Read more

200+ Amazing Korean Cat Names with Meanings

korean cat names

In ancient Confucian times, Korea revered cats as a symbol of luck. Cats were believed to be so fortuitous that scholars studying for the notoriously difficult ‘Gwageo test’ would actively seek them out before taking their exams. The Gwageo test was an intensive civil service exam seen as a prestigious lifetime achievement if passed. Entire … Read more

Top 150+ Names For White Cats: Unique, Funny, Pop-Inspired

White cats are majestic and gorgeous, regardless of the breeds they come from. They have the ability to turn heads wherever they go and their owners are truly lucky to have them. If you’ve recently purchased or adopted a new white kitten, then it definitely needs an awesome name that fits its glorious looks and … Read more

250+ of the Best Blue Eyed Cat Names

blue eyed cat names

Blue eyes have been revered throughout history as a mesmerizing and soul-searching shade. And blue eyed cats are no different! With their sky-blue stares, you could be forgiven for believing they can see right into the workings of your mind. However, choosing the perfect name for your blue eyed feline is no easy task. Naturally, … Read more

350+ of the Best Italian Cat Names with Meanings

italian cat names

Italy is an incredible country that boasts stunning landscapes, wonderful architecture, and truly amazing cuisine. But not only that, the Italian language is a thing of beauty in and of itself. Everything seems to sound better in Italian. Originating from Latin in the 5th century, this seductive and expressive dialect is often referred to as … Read more