How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash And Harness

how to train cat walk leash

Teaching your cat to walk on a leash? Isn’t that crazy? Is it even possible? For starters, it’s not crazy at all. Many pet parents have adopted the practice of taking their cats for a walk out with the help of a leash – just like a dog owner would do. In fact, it’s a … Read more

9Lives Cat Food (Wet) Review And Nutritional Analysis

Rating Meat is the first ingredient – 0 Star Uses some unnamed meats – 0.5 Star Above average protein content – 1 Star Less than 4 controversial ingredients – 0 Star Catological Discretionary Rating – 0.5 Star The 9Lives product line includes 3 wet product lines, each with a variety of flavors. However, since they’re … Read more

Can Cats Eat Tomatoes Or Are They Bad For Them?

You may have wondered why some cat food manufacturers include tomatoes in their food recipes. And you may have heard that some people claim tomatoes are bad for cats, if not even poisonous. So why do some kitty foods include tomatoes? Can cats eat tomatoes safely? Unfortunately, this is one of those questions that have … Read more

The Complete AWESOME List Of The Best Funny Cat Jokes

awesome list funny cat jokes

Cats are funny. If you didn’t already know that, just spend 5 minutes on Youtube. Or 30 minutes. Or…all day. Not that I’ve ever done that… But what about cat jokes? You’ve undoubtedly seen thousands of cat puns all over the Internet. We won’t cover the basic ones here. Instead, we’ve compiled a complete list … Read more

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Melatonin For Cats: Can You Give It, And How Much?

melatonin for cats

Melatonin is an over-the-counter all-natural supplement that you can buy at your local drug store without any special prescriptions. Pet parents sometimes use it for their dogs and felines. So it must be safe, right? Well, the answer actually depends on many factors, including the purpose behind the usage and the dosage. After all, a … Read more