Why Is My Cat Grinding Its Teeth While Eating, Sleeping, And More

why is cat grinding teeth

Just like people, cats can have dental problems. It’s a common misconception that only elderly cats suffer from bad teeth, or that as long as the cat’s on a healthy diet, it won’t need any special dental care. Feline furballs of all breeds and age groups can have dental issues such as bad breath, cavities, … Read more

Can Cats Cry Tears? Do They Cry When They’re Sad Or In Pain?

can cats cry tears

Can cats cry actual tears the way we humans do? When it comes to people, tears are a natural biological response and can symbolize pain, grief, sadness, and even joy. It’s just one of the many ways our organisms respond to a given situation. But can the same be said for feline creatures? The answer … Read more

Feline Hiccups: Can And Do Cats Get Hiccups?

do cats hiccup

Felines are mysterious creatures, which we sometimes don’t understand. But sometimes, cats act just like human beings. They can get territorial, lethargic, curious, and can also possess human-like qualities such as loyalty, playfulness, jealousy, affection, and so forth. Cats can also suffer from a variety of health disorders and they often show their pet parents … Read more

Borax For Fleas: Is It Safe Or Toxic To Use Around Cats?

Just because you’re keeping your cat strictly indoors it doesn’t mean the kitty can’t attract fleas. Or that these nasty pests won’t infest your home. I’ve already done an extensive guide on how to control cat fleas efficiently, but today I want to talk about a popular alternative method many of you have probably already … Read more