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Feline Hiccups: Can And Do Cats Get Hiccups?

Felines are mysterious creatures, which we sometimes don’t understand. But sometimes, cats act just like human beings. They can get territorial, lethargic, curious, and can also possess human-like qualities such as loyalty, playfulness, jealousy, affection, and so forth. Cats can also suffer from a variety of health disorders and they often show their pet parents […]

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Can Cats Have Cinnamon Or Is It Bad For Them?

‘Tis the season of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and tons of other delicious and aromatic ingredients. And while pumpkin can be beneficial for your cat, the rest of the aforementioned goodies aren’t. Cinnamon in particular may seem harmless or even healthy since it does have some health benefits for human beings. Sadly, that’s not the […]

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