Can Cats Cry Tears? Do They Cry When They’re Sad Or In Pain?

can cats cry tears

Can cats cry actual tears the way we humans do? When it comes to people, tears are a natural biological response and can symbolize pain, grief, sadness, and even joy. It’s just one of the many ways our organisms respond to a given situation. But can the same be said for feline creatures? The answer … Read more

Feline Hiccups: Can And Do Cats Get Hiccups?

do cats hiccup

Felines are mysterious creatures, which we sometimes don’t understand. But sometimes, cats act just like human beings. They can get territorial, lethargic, curious, and can also possess human-like qualities such as loyalty, playfulness, jealousy, affection, and so forth. Cats can also suffer from a variety of health disorders and they often show their pet parents … Read more

Borax For Fleas: Is It Safe Or Toxic To Use Around Cats?

Just because you’re keeping your cat strictly indoors it doesn’t mean the kitty can’t attract fleas. Or that these nasty pests won’t infest your home. I’ve already done an extensive guide on how to control cat fleas efficiently, but today I want to talk about a popular alternative method many of you have probably already … Read more

Can Cats Have Cinnamon Or Is It Bad For Them?

‘Tis the season of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and tons of other delicious and aromatic ingredients. And while pumpkin can be beneficial for your cat, the rest of the aforementioned goodies aren’t. Cinnamon in particular may seem harmless or even healthy since it does have some health benefits for human beings. Sadly, that’s not the … Read more

Why Your Cat Might Not Be Eating: Causes, Consequences, and What To Do

why is my cat not eating

Cats are complex, whimsical, capricious and sometimes quite unpredictable creatures. Your feline pal will sometimes do things you may not fully understand and refusing to eat its delicious and once adored meals is only one of them. So, why is your cat not eating? Cats are carnivorous creatures by nature and they need lots of … Read more

My Stinky Cat Smells Like Poop! How Can I Stop The Bad Odor?

cat smells like poo

You just realized your cat has a nasty, particularly unflattering odor that happens to smell a lot like poop. Now what? Why does your pet smell like poop? What’s causing it? How do you get rid of the stench? By default, cats are probably the cleanest animals of all domesticated pets. They are constantly using their … Read more

Excessive Urination In Cats: Why Is My Cat Peeing A Lot?

why cat peeing so much

Felines need to drink liquids just like any other living creature out there. Liquids leave the cat’s body in the form of saliva, tear flow, sweat-like enzymes, fluids in poop, and of course – urine. How Much Do Cats Pee? The average amount of urine a cat pees on daily basis is about half a … Read more