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Do Owls Attack And Eat Cats?

Cats, owls and tons of other nocturnal creatures go hand in hand when it comes to lurking and stalking. Hey, you’ve probably even seen some hilarious clips on the Internet which show cats and owls interacting with each other. But do owls and cats actually get along in the real world? Or in other words […]

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How Many Toes Does A Cat Have?

Even if you own the feline furball with the cutest expression on the planet, your cat’s toes are still among its most adorable features. The cute little colorful paw pads, the way they extend into claws, the ah-mazing list of functions these toes serve… all of these things make your cat’s toes fundamental features for […]

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How To Care For A Senior Cat

To care for a senior cat is a special responsibility. As your cat ages you begin to see changes. Some of these are normal while others may be signs of something wrong. Good care can increase your cat’s life and allow you two more time to enjoy each other’s company. Let’s look at some important […]

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