200+ Amazing Korean Cat Names with Meanings

In ancient Confucian times, Korea revered cats as a symbol of luck. Cats were believed to be so fortuitous that scholars studying for the notoriously difficult ‘Gwageo test’ would actively seek them out before taking their exams.

The Gwageo test was an intensive civil service exam seen as a prestigious lifetime achievement if passed. Entire villages would celebrate should a resident make the grade. But many people believed you couldn’t pass this test unless you had contact with a cat first!

Cats have a special place in Korean cultural history. A great way to honor this heritage is by giving your kitty a special Korean name.
So, let’s dive into our list of cool Korean cat names you can pick for your furball!

Note – Koreans add ‘Yah’ after the name when calling for their cats. For example, if your cat’s name is ‘Bbo Bbi’, you’d need to add ‘Yah’ at the end and say, “Bbo Bbi Yah! – Come here!

Korean Male Cat Names

First up is some popular Korean cat names for male kitties:

  • Bam Ee (밤이) – Night
  • Bam Ha Neul (밤하늘) – Night Sky
  • Bark Eum Ee (밝음이) – Brightness, Lightness
  • Bo Ram Ee (보람이) – Worthwhile
  • Da Woon Ee (다운이)
  • Dong Ee (동이) – Sun Rise
  • Dong Yul (동율) – Spirited
  • Eu Ddeum Ee (으뜸이) – Best, Outstanding
  • Eun Chong Ee (은총이) – God’s Blessing
  • Ga On Ee (가온이) – Centre of the world
  • Ga Ram Ee (가람이) – River, Eternal Flow
  • Geu Roo (그루) – Tree Stump
  • Ggot Dol Ee (꽃돌이) – Male Flower
  • Go Mi Nam (고미남) – Handsome Cat
  • Hui (휘) – Wind
  • Hui Mang Ee (희망이) – Hope
  • Jae Hee (재희) – Shining
  • Jung Nam Ee (정남이) – Overflowing Friendliness and Affection
  • Ma Eum Ee (마음이) – Heart
  • Ma Roo (마루) – Sky/Top of the Mountain
  • Ma Roo Han (마루한) – Leader
  • Min Ho (민호) – Brave and Heroic
  • Nam Sik Ee (남식이) – Male Child
  • Nam Soon Ee (남순이) – Pure, Honest
  • Noh Eul Ee (노을이) – Sunset
  • Poo Reum Ee (푸름이) – Bright, Blue Light
  • Ro Wah (로와) – Wise
  • Roo Da (루다) – To Achieve Something
  • Seok Yang Ee (석양이) – Sunset
  • Suk Ee (숙이) – Strong as Stone
  • Woo Ri (우리) – Together

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Korean Female Cat Names

You may have noticed that most Korean cat names end with an ‘Ee’. The ‘Ee’ doesn’t have a meaning, but is included by Koreans to make the name sound cuter!

Here is a great list of Korean female cat names for your beautiful feline:

  • Aeng Du (앵두) – Cherry
  • Ah Reum Ee (아름이) – Beautiful
  • Ah Rong Byul (아롱별) – Beautiful Shining Star
  • Ba Da (바다) – Ocean
  • Bo Mi (보미) – Spring Born
  • Bo Rah (보라) – Purple
  • Bo Reum Dal (보름달) – Full Moon
  • Bo Reum Ee (보름이) – Born in Full Moon
  • Bo Ri (보리) – Barley
  • Bo Seul Ee (보슬이) – Drizzle
  • Bom Ee (봄이) – Spring
  • Da Jung Ee (다정이) – Friendly, Bubbly
  • Da On Ee (다온이) – All good things coming together
  • Ee Bbeun Ee (이쁜이) – Pretty One
  • Ee Seul Ee (이슬이) – Dew Drop
  • Eom Ji (엄지) – Thumb
  • Eun Ee (은이) – Silver One
  • Ggot Byul Ee (꽃별이) – Flower and Star
  • Ggot Nim Ee (꽃님이) – Flower
  • Ggot Song Ee (꽃송이) – Flower blossom
  • Ggot Soon Ee (꽃순이) – Female Flower
  • Go Mi Nyua (고미냐) – Beautiful Cat
  • Ha Neul Ee (하늘이) – Sky
  • Ha Ni (하니) – Sky, Wind
  • Ha Rang Ee (하랑이) – High Sky
  • Hae (해) – Ocean
  • Ha Roo (하루) – One Day
  • Hyang Gi (향기) – Pleasant Scent
  • Jan Di (잔디) – Grass
  • Jang Mi (장미) – Rose
  • Jin Dal Lae (진달래) – Korean Rosebay Flower
  • Jin Sol Ee (진솔이) – Truthful, Honest
  • Mi Nah Rae (미나래) – Trustworthy
  • Mid Eum (믿음) – Faith, Trust
  • Mo Du (모두) – Everyone
  • Na Bi (나비) – Butterfly
  • Na Moo (나무) – Tree
  • Na Ra (나라) – Country, World
  • Na Rae (나래) – Wings, Free and Creative
  • Noo Ri (누리) – World

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Cute Korean Cat Names

Is your cat a real cutie pie? This list of cute Korean cat names should give you some ideas! Our favourite is ‘Sa Rang Ee’.

  • Bbo Bbo (뽀뽀) – Kiss Kiss
  • Byul Ee (별이) – Star
  • Byul Jji (별찌) – Star Meteor
  • Byul Nim (별님) – Dear Star
  • Dal Nim Ee (달님이) – Dear Moon
  • Dam Bi (담비) – Sweet Rain
  • Ggo Ggo Ma (꼬꼬마) – Small tiny Child
  • Ggo Maeng Ee (꼬맹이) – Small Child
  • Gi Bbeum Ee (기쁨이) – Joy, Happiness
  • Haeng Bok Ee (행복이) – Happiness
  • Haeng Woon Ee (행운이) – Lucky one
  • Haet Nim Ee (해트님) – Sun
  • Han Bit Ee (한빛이) – Big light of the world
  • Han Byul Ee (한별이) – Big star
  • Han Gyeol Ee (한결이) – Unchanging, in a Good Way
  • Han Saem Ee (한샘이) – Big River
  • Nabi (나비) – Butterfly
  • Nyah Ong Ee (냐옹이) – Kitty
  • Nyang Ee (냥이) – Kitten
  • Nyang Nyang Ee (냥냥이) – Cute way of saying ‘Kitty’
  • Ra On (라온) – Joyful
  • Sa Rang Ee (사랑이) – Love
  • Saet Byul Ee (샛별이) – Bright Star in the Morning Sky
  • Sal Gu (살구) – Apricot
  • Si Nae (시내) – River
  • So Ah (소아) – Small and Beautiful
  • So Hui (소희) – Glorious
  • Soh Ri (소리) – Sound
  • Sol Ee (솔이) – Tree
  • Som Ee (솜이) – Cotton Ball

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Funny Korean Cat Names

Korean pop culture is known for its kooky sense of humor. Here is our roundup of famous Korean cat names for chubby and amusing cats:

  • Ba Bo (바보) – Stupid (But in a friendly, non–offensive language)
  • Chi Ta (치타) – Cheetah
  • Ddung Daeng Ee (뚱땡이) – Fatty (In cute, non–offensive language)
  • Dong Geul Ee (동글이) – Roundy
  • Gang Nam Ee (강남이) – Gangnam, after ‘gangnam style’
  • Ggam Jjik Ee (깜짝이) – Adorable cutiepie
  • Gom Dol Ee (곰돌이) – Teddy Bear
  • Gong Joo Nim (공주님) – Princess
  • Gui Yo Mi (귀요미) – Cutiepie
  • Ho Rang Ee (호랑이) – Tiger
  • Jjang (짱) – Best One
  • Kim Bab (김밥) – Rolled Sushi
  • Maek Ju (맥주) – Korean Beer
  • Mong Chong Ee (몽총이) – Idiot
  • Mong Greul Ee (몽글이) – Round, Flutty Kitty
  • Mong Sil Ee (몽실이) – Fluffy Kitty
  • Mut Jaeng Ee (뭇쟁이) – Cool Guy
  • Noo Roong Ji (누룽지) – Hard Rice
  • Oh Gyub Sal (오겹살) – Pork Belly
  • On Soon E (온순이) – Calm, Obedient Pet
  • Po Dong Ee (포동이) – Chubby One
  • Ra Myun (라면) – Spicy Noodle
  • Sam Gyub Sal (삼겹살) – Pork Belly
  • Soju (소주) – Korean vodka
  • Taeng Geul Ee (탱글이) – Voluminous
  • Teun Teun E (튼튼이) – Strong Baby
  • Wang Ja Nim (왕자님) – Prince

Korean Cartoon Cat Names

Here are some famous cartoon cat names.

  • Chi (치) – From “Chi’s Sweet Home,” a cute and curious kitten
  • Ddo Chi (또치) – From “Dooly the Little Dinosaur,” Ddochi is a smart and inventive cat
  • Mong Shil (몽실) – From “Hello Jadoo,” a fluffy and adorable cat
  • Bbo Ya (뽀야) – From “Bboya’s Family,” a playful and mischievous cat
  • Cho Rong (초롱) – From “Chorongi,” a bright and cheerful cat
  • Mi mi (미미) – From “Pororo the Little Penguin,” Mi Mi is a kind and caring cat
  • Ppo Ppo (뽀뽀) – From “Ppoppo’s Family,” a sweet and affectionate cat

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Korean Black Cat Names

Do you have a striking black cat in need of the perfect name to match his mysterious personality? Take a look at our list of some of the best black cat names in Korean below!

  • Ak Mon (악몽) – Nightmare
  • Choco (초코) – Chocolate
  • Eun Ha Soo (은하수) – Galaxy
  • Gam-Cho (감초) – Licorice
  • Geu Rim Ja (그림자) – Shadow
  • Gum Jung Ee (검정이) – Black Cat
  • Gun Po Doh (건포도) – Raisin
  • Hoo-Choo (후추) – Pepper
  • Hwan Sang (환상) – Phantom
  • Il Sik (일식) – Eclipse
  • Ja Jung (자정) – Midnight
  • Kong-Ee (콩이) – Bean
  • Ma Bub Sa (마법사) – Wizard
  • Ma Bub (마법) – Magic
  • Pyo Bum (표범) – Panther
  • Shin Bi (신비) – Mystery
  • So Yong Dol Ee (소용돌이) – Vortex
  • Sung Woon (성운) – Nebula
  • Uh Dum (어둠) – Darkness
  • Yoo Ryung (유령) – Ghost

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Korean White Cat Names

White cats are perfectly suited to wintery names reminiscent of snow-covered Korean mountains. This list of Korean white cat names should help you find the right match for your snowball!

  • Baek-Hab (백합) – Lily Flower
  • Book Geuk (북극) – Arctic
  • Eul Eum (을음) – Icy
  • Gam Gi (감기) – Cold
  • Ggae Ggeut Ee (깨끗이) – Clean
  • Goo Reum Ee (구름이) – Cloud
  • Gyeo Wool (겨울) – Winter
  • Ha Yan Ee (하얀이) – White
  • Heen Doong Ee (흰둥이) – White
  • Noon Bo Rah (눈보라) – Blizzard
  • Noon Dung Ee (눈덩이) – Snowball
  • Noon Ggot Ee (눈꽃이) – Snow Flower
  • Noon Sa Ram (눈사람) – Snowman
  • Noon Song Ee (눈송이) – Snowflakes
  • Noon (눈) – Snow
  • Soon Ding Ee (순딩이) – Pure, Innocent
  • Soon Ee (순이) – Kind, Calm
  • Soon Shim Ee (순심이) – Kind Mind, Warm Heart

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Korean Orange Cat Names

Fall is the most beautiful season in Korea, which sees tourists flocking from all over the world to admire the burning orange hues which blanket the natural landscape.

We think ‘Ga Eul’ and ‘Geum Ee’ make great fall-inspired Korean names for your orange furbaby. But if you’d like something different, take a look at our other options below:

  • Bang Hwa (방화) – Arson
  • Bok Soong Ah (복숭아) – Peach
  • Bul Ggot (불꽃) – Blaze
  • Bul Ta Neun (불타는) – Burning
  • Bul (불) – Fire
  • Ga Eul (가을) – Fall (season)
  • Geum Ee (금이) – Goldie
  • Goo Ri (구리) – Copper
  • Gyul (귤) – Orange Fruit
  • Haet Bit Ee (햇빛이) – Sunshine
  • Ho Bak Saek (호박색) – Amber
  • Ho Bak (호박) – Pumpkin
  • Hodori (호돌이) – Tiger Mascot of 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul
  • In-Do (인도) – India
  • Kah-Rae (카레) – Curry
  • Marigold Ggot (매리골드 꽃) – Marigold flower
  • Moh Rae (모래) – Sand
  • No Rang Ee (노랑이) – Yellow Cat
  • Nok (녹) – Rust
  • Sah Peu Ran (사프란) – Saffron
  • San Ho (산호) – Coral
  • Sung Nyang Gae Bi (성냥개비) – Matchstick
  • Yeo Reum (여름) – Summer
  • Yeo Woo (여우) – Fox
  • Yul (열) – Heat

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We hope our exhaustive list of Korean cat names helped you find the perfect name for your kitty. (Don’t forget, we have a huge list of Japanese cat names, too, if you want to explore more Asian-inspired options!)

If you picked one, let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

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