Oriental Shorthair Cat Facts: Origins, Colors, Price, Health Issues, Nutrition

Famous for its elongated head, tall ears, and slender legs, the Oriental Shorthair cat’s signature looks may seem extreme compared to other feline breeds. The Oriental kitty’s features might not be to everybody’s liking, but its temperament makes up for its queer body proportions.

These cats adore all the attention they can get and are notably intelligent and susceptible to training. Moreover, they are suitable for big families and require minimal grooming.

Oriental Shorthair kittens of all ages require special nutrition in order to grow happy, healthy, and thriving. They are considered an overall healthy breed.

These curious kitties are often blue or green eyed and they come in a rich variety of colors and patterns. Orientals are friendly, aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and are quite affectionate towards their pet parents. They won’t shy away from showing their owners just how much they’re enjoying their presence with constant purring and soft meowing.

Oriental Shorthairs are a sociable breed. They might get jealous if you’re not spending enough time around them, and they’ll show the same level of affection towards all members of your family.

If you happen to own an Oriental Shorthair kitty, then you can definitely pride yourself on having a unique pet!

Fun And Interesting Oriental Shorthair Cat And Kitten Facts And Information

Check out the following Oriental Shorthair facts and you’ll start wishing you had one of these lovely kitties as a pet.

The Most Colorful Cat

Oriental Shorthair cats are colorful, to say the least. Their patterns and hues are richer and more diverse than American Shorthair cats, which come in nearly 80 variations. How can this be possible? Easy! You might be shocked, but Oriental kitties come in more than 300 patterns and color combinations!

They have more colors than any other cat on the planet. The most popular Orientals are tabby, bicolored, silver, white, cream, and chocolate. Ebony black, red, lilac, brown, blue, apricot, fawn, cinnamon, solid patterns, smoke patterns, chinchilla patterns, tortoise shell patterns, and so forth are also common for these creatures.

Furthermore, their signature almond shaped eyes also come in multiple variations with green and blue hues being prevalent.

They’re Intelligent

Felines aren’t as easy to train as dogs, but Oriental Shorthairs are an extremely intelligent breed and can easily learn commands.

You can teach your Oriental kitty a number of tricks, including how to respond to its name, sit down, jump through hoops, and even give high fives. Due to the fact that these cats enjoy all the attention they can get, they can become outstanding trick performers.

As long as you’re patient and devoted and you’re applying the positive reinforcement technique, you’ll be able to teach your Oriental kitty a vast variety of impressive tricks.

They’re (Almost) Hypoallergenic

A common reason for not getting a cat as a pet is cat allergies,which are triggered by the Fel-d1 allergen agent.

Oriental Shorthairs are as close as a cat can get to being actually hypoallergenic because they produce lower levels of the Fel-d1 allergen than most breeds. While not 100% hypoallergenic, they’re the next best thing.

They also shed less than most cats due to their shorter, sleeker fur coats.

They Want To Be The Center Of Attention

Oriental kitties are closely related to Siamese cats, but they aren’t as independent. Orientals want to be the center of attention at all times. They don’t need some alone me-time on a daily basis and they’re at their happiest in the presence of their pet parents.

These cats don’t care if you have work to do, are watching TV, or reading a book. They’ll jump on your lap and will demand to get your attention. They are unfamiliar with the meaning of the word shy.

When your Oriental isn’t distracting you from your chores and activities, it will act as a lap cat and will just purr while taking delight in your presence.

oriental shorthair cat

Playful And Athletic

The long legs and slender bodies of the Oriental cats might look elegant and athletic and that’s exactly what these cats are. They are enviable athletes and enjoy climbing, jumping, and playing all day long.

Purchasing interactive cat toys and a cool cat scratch post will make your Oriental Shorthair the happiest kitten on the planet. Their notorious playfulness doesn’t go away as they mature and they won’t get tired of playing with you.

Quiet and strict home environments aren’t suitable for these cats. They need regular play sessions and lots of social interaction.

They’re Rather Vocal

These cats are particularly vocal. Whether contented purring, hissing, or meowing, their voices will be heard all the time.

If you’re ignoring your Oriental kitty for too long, it might drive you crazy with its loud pleading for attention. You’ll never be bored around this breed and its mouthy temperament!

Low Maintenance And Easy To Groom

Oriental furballs are extremely easy to groom. Their short and sleek fur doesn’t require brushing on a daily basis. It doesn’t mat and shed as often, and it’s easy to maintain.

The Oriental’s thin fur doesn’t attract that much dirt and debris, so there’s no need to bathe it often, otherwise you’ll damage it by removing the essential natural oils on its skin.

Their thin fur coats and short hair make them the perfect pets for cat owners who don’t wish to deal with excessive cat hair falling all over the place. Soft or silicone cat brushes are ideal for this breed. Brushing them softly once every few weeks is more than enough.

Suitable For Kids

Not all cats out there are suitable for big families and especially for young children. However, that’s not the case with the Oriental Shorthair kitties.

Their playfulness, intelligence and willingness to do anything for attention make them ideal companions for big households.

One downside to owning an Oriental Shorthair is that it will get jealous for your attention if you bring another pet home. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the Oriental kitty will befriend the new pet, but its constant need to be the center of attention might make things difficult.

Average Life Span

You shouldn’t expect your Oriental Shorthair to live well into it’s 20s. In fact, the average age is anywhere from just 10 to 15 years.

It is a fairly average life span for a cat, though it does fall on the lower side of average.

How much do Oriental Shorthair cats and kittens cost? Price analysis and buying guide.

These vocal kitties were in the top 15 most popular cat breeds in the world back in 2014. They are also among the most colorful breeds out there, as well as the most vocal ones. Playful, intelligent, amicable and impressively athletic, they are suitable for big families with children. When you add their gorgeous signature looks to the mix, Orientals are definitely a winning choice for pet cats.

Moreover, they aren’t as expensive as other domestic breeds. Check out the following guides for a quick price analysis of the breed:

  • Oriental Shorthair kittens cost around $700-$800, but prices vary depending on pedigree, colors and gene purity.
  • Show-quality Oriental Shorthair cats and kittens have a starting price of $1k.
  • They can live up to 15 years, so the price difference between kittens and adults aged 1-2 isn’t that big.
  • Oriental Shorthairs are slightly cheaper in the UK compared to the US.
    The cost of buying and caring for this breed is less expensive than other breeds in general.

Orientals are low-maintenance in terms of grooming and healthcare. As such, investing in one will be cheaper than investing in another domestic breed. Nevertheless, they are notably needy in terms of social interaction and are quite vocal, so do keep these things in mind when shopping for an Oriental Shorthair.

Health Problems And Nutrition

Even though Orientals are an overall healthy breed, they do have a tendency to develop several health-related issues.

Progressive retinal atrophy and lymphoma are common for this feline breed. Other common health issues include amyloidis, and congenital heart problems like megaesophagus or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  Brushing the Oriental’s hair too hard with an improper cat brush will cause “brush burn” and may also lead to skin irritation and inflammation.

Oriental kitties have special dietary requirements. They need high quality cat food consisting of vitamins, taurine, and nutritious ingredients found in meat-based products. Feeding your Oriental furball with well-balanced meals ensures it will grow healthy and thriving.

Monitor your kitty’s needs and make sure it has all the necessary essentials for a healthy and happy life.

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