The 5 Best Calm, Relaxed, Laid Back, Low-Energy Cat Breeds For Lazy People

Cats are awesome! And you wouldn’t be here reading this unless you thought so too.

Unfortunately, nearly 3.4 million felines end up in shelters each year, mostly due to the fact that their owners develop cat allergies or can’t keep up with their kitties’ needs.

Each cat out there deserves love and affection, so this is a terrible statistic!

Healthcare, proper grooming, and entertainment are all of intrinsic importance for your furball. However, not all of us can devote our time 24/7 to our beloved felines, even if we want to.

If you’re one of those cat lovers who don’t have enough free time but wish to get a cat, don’t worry! There are various feline breeds suited for various living conditions. For example, apartment living isn’t a problem even for big cats such as the Maine Coon. Moreover, many felines can also reside with dogs. They’re versatile!

But what if you’re simply too occupied to cater to your cat’s every whim? And what if you can’t devote your spare time to your kitty? What if you’re just too lazy to handle a hyperactive cat like the notorious Oriental Shorthair?

Should you shy away from getting a feline pet? Maybe not!

Think it through VERY carefully, so that you don’t end up abandoning your kitty, but if you are absolutely sure you can do it, there are several cat breeds which are quite suitable for lazy owners!

The Best Tools For Lazy Cat Owners

Luckily, not only are there some wonderful kitty breeds who don’t crave too much attention, but there are some amazing tools out there that are meant for easing the burden on cat parents.

In order to give your cat the best life she can have, without needing to spend hours on it every day, there are a couple of tools you should consider getting.

Automatic Cat Feeder

This is awesome if you’re going away for the weekend and want to make sure your cat is being fed properly, but it’s also great if you only want to fill up the feeder once per week and have it feed your cat perfectly every day.

You simply set the times for daily meals, and the meal size, and you’re good to go as long as there’s food in there!

Unfortunately most of them only work with dry food, but for many people that’s quite alright.

We recommend the PetSafe option on our automatic feeder reviews page here.

Automatic Cat Fountain

Many cats will not drink enough water, especially if it’s out of a bowl where the water can go stale and get crumbs and hairs in it. And since cats don’t have a strong natural sense of thirst, that means many cats become dehydrated unless you provide clean water every single day.

Luckily, automatic fountains, or waterers, mimic a tap or a stream bubbling by, which cats LOVE to drink from.

They’re a great way to provide fresh, filtered water, and to make sure kitty actually drinks, without needing to fill up a new water bowl daily.

Our top picks are the ceramic ones on our automatic fountain reviews page here.

Automatic Cat Litter Box

Perhaps the worst job that comes with cat ownership is the cleaning of the litter box.

I mean, who wants to deal with another creatures poop and pee?

Let’s give a little thanks to the inventor of automatic litter boxes, then!

The basic idea is that they have a method for scooping out or cleaning the litter box automatically, and then storing it in a garbage bag or waste container until you empty it later. So you can go days without actually cleaning the litter box, because the robot does it for you.

Highly recommended if you dread the idea of regular litter cleanings.

There are a lot of styles to choose from on our automatic litter box reviews page here.

Interactive Cat Toys

If you think you may not be able to devote the time and energy needed to play with your cat for even 30 minutes per day, then you should definitely stock up on fun, interactive games for kitty.

They’re usually pretty budget-friendly, and there’s a lot of different styles to keep your pet busy for hours, even when you’re not directly involved.

Check out our favorite ones on our best toys for bored cats review page here.

The Best Cat Breeds For Lazy People

Before we go into further detail regarding each breed, we should get something straight. If you do wish to get a kitty, you shouldn’t neglect its health, dietary needs, or social needs. Make EXTRA sure you want one!


The Ragdoll cat’s name is derived from the fact that its hind legs go limp when you’re picking it up. These furballs are not only laid-back and extremely tolerant of children, dogs, and other pets, but they are also noteworthy loyal.

Ragdolls are best known for their relaxed temperament and their wish to be their owners’ lap-cats. These are definitely not needy cats, but they will try to snuggle with you each time you’re watching TV or reading a book. Of course, they require deshedding on a weekly basis. Fortunately, their fur doesn’t shed and mat as easily as other long-haired cat breeds’ does.


One of the most gorgeous cat breeds out there, the Birman, will win you over with its piercing blue eyes. Birmans are not only amiable and laid-back, but they also don’t require a lot of grooming.

Moreover, these pals are considered an overall healthy breed. They don’t do well with solitude, but are notoriously relaxed and low-maintenance. Not only that, but they are also quite intelligent and good at learning tricks. If your job allows you to spend more time at home and you’re looking for a lazy breed, the Birman is a good option.

American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are well-known for being gentle, laid-back, and suitable for families with children. They aren’t a demanding breed, and they come in a variety of colors in terms of fur and eye color.

Unfortunately, American Shorthairs have a tendency towards becoming obese. They aren’t exactly lazy, but their genes make them more prone to obesity than other breeds. If you purchase a cat tree and lots of cat toys to keep them exercised, you won’t have a problem with this calm and friendly cat.


Many people fear the Persian for its grooming requirements. Mind you, you will need cat brushes for each feline breed. And the Persian kitty’s temperament most certainly overpowers the downside of the grooming requirements!

This is probably one of the laziest cat breeds out there! It will spend its day and night chilling out or sleeping. The Persian kitty won’t ever feel the need to let out the excess energy by scratching the furniture or ruining your drapes. It won’t explore any forbidden corners, won’t jump on the countertops, and won’t try to become the center of attention.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is often perceived as a designer cat breed. If you don’t know this, even Taylor Swift has two of these cute furballs!

This is an intelligent, friendly, and loyal breed. It loves human interaction and will enjoy each minute it spends with you, whether it’s during playtime or in front of the TV. Scottish Folds make great lap-cats as they get easily attached to their owner and are only moderately active.

Whichever feline breed you decide to opt for, you should never transform your laziness into negligence. Always keep the litter box clean, maintain your kitty’s fur, bathe it when needed, and monitor its health closely.

As long as you’re showing your pet that you care, it will cherish you for the rest of its lifetime. Cats have a unique way of showing just how much they appreciate their pet parents. If you think now is not the best time to get a kitty, opt for some other time in the future when you’re certain you can take up the responsibilities of owning a feline furball.

Emily Parker

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