The Best Big Cat Litter Boxes for Large Cats – Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to litter boxes, they really are not all created equal. Some have shorter sides that work well for kittens. Others have high sides that are better suited for large cats. Some have hoods. Some can use only certain types of litter. And others are automatic self-cleaning models.

But one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed in litter boxes is not the style, but the size.

Style is highly subjective for kitties. Some cats like hoods while others hate them. Some like gel crystals, while others prefer pellets.

But the size affects so much more than just making kitty happy. Size affects where the poo goes. Literally.

That’s why we took the time to review and rate the best large litter boxes for big cats right here.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Quick-Find Best Large Litter Box Table

Editor’s Choice

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

  • Large enough for nearly every large cat breed
  • Carbon filters to reduce odors and dust
  • Large entryway for shy kitties

Best Self-Cleaning

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic

  • Super low-maintenance
  • Operates quietly
  • Uses silica gel crystals instead of clay litter

Longest Box

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

  • Extra Large Litter Box – Perfect for Maine Coons, Savannah Cats, etc.
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Anti-microbial materials for keeping mildew and mold away

Why Big Cats Really Need Extra Large Litter Boxes

It’s one of those things we don’t think about a whole lot. You grab any old litter box around, bring it home, fill it up with your researched litter choice, and expect Kitty Couric to use it without issue.

In most cases, this probably will work. But if Kitty’s a Maine Coon or Ragdoll, you might be in trouble. Big Kitty needs a litter box for big cats that allows her to use the – ahem – facilities more comfortably, without poo landing outside the box.

How to Choose the Right Large Litter Box

When most of us look up “the best litter box for big cats” we find that they kind of look the same within their various categories. There are hooded boxes, open-air boxes, tall side boxes, and self-cleaning boxes. And… That’s about all we know.

So, I’ve come up with some criteria to consider as you look for the best litter box for large cats.

The Dimensions – How Big is Big Enough?

Generally speaking, most cats need a litter box that’s large enough for them to climb into and turn around in. This means for large cats, you need huge cat litter boxes.

Just make sure that the box isn’t so large that you can’t comfortably lift, empty, and carry it as needed.

Admittedly, finding a Maine Coon litter box among standard litter pans will be a challenge, since these cats grow up to, and sometimes exceed the length, of most cat litter pans on the market. Make sure you only go for the longest pans available for these guys.

cute grey cat digging in litter tray

The Hooded Options – Good or Bad Choice?

Hooded litter boxes have upsides and downsides to them, which you’ll have to weigh and balance for yourself on the priorities.


  • Hooded litter boxes can usually help control odors better than open-air litter boxes.
  • They can help reduce dust clouds in the home.
  • Enclosed boxes can help reduce litter tracking.


  • Hooded litter boxes rarely have the ventilation or filtration necessary for protecting kitty against harmful lung conditions brought on by the inhalation of spores from feces/urine and litter dust.
  • Some cats will refuse to use a hooded litter box for any number of reasons – After all, they’re cats.

The Sides – How Tall Should You Go?

The main things to consider on the height of the edges of the litter box is the age and size of the cat.

If you have a kitten, a high-sided litter box is a problem. He won’t be able to get in without difficulty, which may easily detract from him using the litter box faithfully.

If you have an older cat, you also need lower sides to accommodate the slowing down and potential joint issues of kitty.

For young, fully grown to middle-aged cats, you may wish for the higher sides if kitty tends to be messy in the litter box. Otherwise, the height may not necessarily matter.

How I Chose My Recommendations

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of litter pans on the market. I couldn’t possibly review them all, so I tapped into existing resources: other reviews sites and reviews on retailer sites.

From those lists, I dug through all the options that had measurements of 22-inches or longer and eliminated anything that was smaller than that, and therefore unsuitable for large cats.

Next, I knocked out any of the options for extra-large litter boxes for big cats that didn’t receive high ratings from non-paid reviews and real-life pet people.

This gave me a list of about fifteen solid options to look through.

Which I then culled down to my list below, based on my own experience and knowledge, the cats I know personally and their preferences, and elements such as affordability, versatility, and overall benefits.

A Note on My Choices

There are some other great giant litter box options, but I chose to only review those that worked for cats as big as they come. You’ll find some honorable mentions below that weren’t included because of size limitations or other restrictions for the biggest of the big domesticated cats.

Reviews of the 3 Best Large Litter Boxes for Bigger Cats

All right. Let’s take a look at the best litter boxes for large cats that I could find.


Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

  • Dimensions: 22.4L x 17W x 18.3H inches
  • Enclosed: Yes
  • Entry-Type: Front
  • Aesthetics: Moderately attractive
  • Odor Control: Carbon filter
  • Cleaning Type: Standard

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

While I’m not particularly a fan of hooded cat boxes – mainly because of the ventilation problem that usually accompanies them – I have found that the Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan is one of the best litter boxes for large cats.

The Positives of the Catit Jumbo

There’s enough room for most large cats to crawl in, turn around a couple of times, and do their business in comfort.

And the size of the entry on the litter box is pretty big, which is important to a lot of cats as well. Plus, it’s large enough for you can reach in to scoop without having to remove the top.

Another important thing I’ve found with this litter box is that it’s durable and strong enough to handle the brute force of a larger cat who gets a little aggressive in the box.

And finally, this cat litter box is easy to clean. Just remove the lid and clean.

The Negatives of the Catit Jumbo

One of the negatives for the Catit Jumbo Litter Pan is that it requires loads of litter. Of course, large cats naturally require more anyway, so in my opinion, this isn’t that big of a deal. However, for some folks, lifting a box as heavy as this with the proper amount of litter in it will be difficult, so keep that in mind.

And, of course, this box takes up a pretty hefty chunk of the living space. It’s not only long, but it’s wide and tall with the hood attached, so it’s bulky and unseemly in some living situations.

Finally, some folks have noted that the carbon filter can be damaged by cats. Some kitties just like to scratch everything – like one gray fluffball I know – so it may not be a great option for them.

Our Verdict

If you want a hooded litter box for large cats, this is your best bet. It’s affordable, which means you can get a couple of them so that kitty has enough.

They’re easy to access, easy to clean, have carbon filtration, and are comfortable for most large cat breeds to use and feel safe in. Those are most of my main things with any litter pan, so the Catit Jumbo is a winner.

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PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

  • Dimensions: 27.4L x 19W x 7H inches
  • Enclosed: Either/or
  • Entry-Type: Front or any
  • Aesthetics: Moderately attractive
  • Odor Control: Silica gel crystals
  • Cleaning Type: Automatic self-cleaning

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

So, this is the litter box for those of us who are always on the move. The system cleans up the poo of kitty just 20 minutes after the business transaction has been completed between cat and litter box, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Positives of the Scoopfree

The Scoopfree system uses a rake to clean up after kitty, which means you don’t have to. This is particularly handy for anyone with long work hours, folks with mobility issues, and those who travel a lot.

For a lot of folks, silica gel crystals are a big plus because they are totally dust-free.

For someone like my Mom who has major dust allergies, that’s a huge deal. Plus, the crystals absorb urine and odors like you wouldn’t believe, making the whole business of your cat’s business much more bearable.

The system is quiet, which is helpful to cats who have phobias of electronic noises – I’m looking at you, Stardust – and that means your cat is more likely to use the litter box without reservation.

And, a bonus feature for many, is that the Scoopfree comes with a hood that you can attach or leave off as desired.

The Negatives for the Scoopfree

The first thing I caution with on the Scoopfree is that the price tag is a little hefty for a litter box, though it’s way less pricey than other options.

But it also has the added cost of the liner cartridges running pretty high. You can use litter tray replacements instead, which I highly recommend for cutting costs.

Also, some cats hate the silica gel, which means you may still have issues with getting kitty to use the litter box. Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior for the first couple of weeks after bringing it home, just to make sure she’s handling the silica gel crystals okay.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, if you want a no-scoop, no-hassle option and have a cat that weighs over fifteen pounds, you really ought to consider the Scoopfree litter box from Petsafe.

This thing is pretty darn amazing and will make your life easier and more hygienic when you’re not around to constantly scoop poop.

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Petmate Giant Litter Pan with Microban

  • Dimensions: 34.8L x 19.5W x 9.8H inches
  • Entry-Type: Any
  • Enclosed: No
  • Aesthetics: Basic
  • Odor Control: Yes – Microban
  • Cleaning Type: Standard

Overall Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

In all my research, the Petmate Giant Litter Pan with Microban is the largest cat litter box available. So, this is the one I recommend as the best Maine Coon litter box. It’s got at least four or five inches on the next largest one I could find, which is a pretty significant size difference.

The Positives

Since this is designed specifically for large cats, the Petmate Giant Litter pan is made of sturdy plastic materials. That means Garfield can take it out on this pan, and it will make survive.

Secondly, I love it when a litter tray is made with Microban. The anti-microbial material helps keep mold, mildew, and other yuck away, meaning kitty – and the rest of the household – is cleaner and healthier.

Thirdly, the litter tray has nice high walls that can help keep that ever-kicking kitty’s mess contained better than the average pan would do.

The pan is also super easy to clean and even has handy little storage compartments on the side for keeping the scoop, baking soda, or any other litter tray accessories handy and organized.

The Negatives

Of course, even the best things have some downsides, and the Petsafe Giant Litter Pan is no exception.

While I do like the storage bins on the end, it does make this thing a monster. It weighs five pounds by itself, plus the cat litter. But when you add in the full length of this sucker, you’re in sore shape if you have a smaller home.

And I honestly just don’t like the appearance of the pan. It makes me think of a dish-drainer, which doesn’t really appeal to me that much. But aesthetics really aren’t that important in my opinion, so I can let this go in place of making potty breaks easier for kitty and cleaner for everybody.

Our Verdict

The Giant Litter Pan from Petsafe isn’t perfect, but it is pretty darn large, making it the best oversized cat litter box. If you’ve got a large kitty, you probably want this one more than any of the other options. Plus, since it’s made with Microban, it has a built-in odor, mildew, and mold resistance.

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Honorable Mentions for Litter Boxes for Large Cats

If one of the above isn’t quite the right fit because of size issues, I also recommend the corner model from Nature’s Miracle.

Or if you have a larger cat that doesn’t cross the 15-pound mark, and you want to go all out with your self-cleaning litter box choice, check out the very effective, Litter-Robot III.

Finally, the New Age EcoFLEX Litter Loo and End Table is a pretty good option. It’s also large – one of the biggest litter boxes for cats – and it’s more attractive than most.

The Right Sized Litter Box Can Make All the Difference

When you have a big cat like a Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon, you need extra-large cat litter boxes with high sides.

I’ve provided you with the choices I have found most reasonably sized for these big boys and girls, and expect that one of them will suit your needs.

cat smiling looking up best large litter boxes


How many litter boxes do I need for a large cat?

Just like any other cat, every large cat should have two litter boxes. If you have two cats, add a third litter box. Have a third cat? Add a fourth litter box.

The easy formula is 1 base litter box, plus 1 additional litter box per cat in each household.

The exception to this is if you have a very large home. You’ll want to have multiple cat litter pans throughout the house if the areas accessible to kitty are far spread.

My cat refuses to use the litter box. Does this mean it’s too small?

A cat litter box that’s too small for your cat may result in Kitty taking his business elsewhere. Signs that the box you’re using is too small include:

  • Wall scratching when in the litter box
  • Refusal to use the litter box at all
  • Feces landing outside the litter pan, despite kitty’s best efforts

If your cat is having difficulty using his litter box, be sure that there’s enough litter in the pan. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll want to consider the likelihood that your cat needs a larger box, may not like the litter material – cats can be very picky about this – or that he’s having some issues with the height of the sides of the litter box.

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