Our Luuup Cat Litter Box Review

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes discussing the rather repulsive subject of feline litter boxes. Not to mention that cleaning up and refilling the kitty’s litter is the last thing you want to do after coming home from a long day at the office.

But dealing with litter is inevitable. When your fluffy pal needs to go, he needs to go. And it’s your job to find the best suitable litter and litter box for you, your furball, and your lifestyle.

Some cat owners prefer to rely on automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Others opt for flushable litter, gel litter, litter pellets, or standard scoop-able granules. Regardless of whatever variation works best for you, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that the actual litter box also plays a key role in your cat’s toilet habits.

The ideal litter box should minimize odors, catch any potential spills, look good, and be inviting for the cat. It should also be easy to use by your kitty and easy to clean up afterward.

Today we’ll focus on one of the newest litter boxes on the market – the Luuup litter box (yes, it has 3 letter U’s in it). We’ll review it in further detail – both on its own and compared to the other litter boxes out there.


Before you spend your time reading on, we want to give it to you straight.

We do not recommend this litter box. Please feel free to find out why below, but if you want to speed up the litter box finding process, you should check out our guide to find the best one.

We honestly recommend a self-cleaning litter box if you want an easier way of cleaning the litter box. Check out our top recommendations here.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

What Is The Luuup Litter Box?

Luuup is a 3-part litter box, which works on a lift-and-sift base. Instead of scooping clumps and chunks from the regular box daily, this product allows you to lift the upper tray and sift the clumps from the unused litter.

The clean, unused litter sifts through the openings on the bottom of the tray and goes into the lower tray. After the litter has been sifted, you can trash the clumps and re-stack the empty tray on the bottom of the box.

With a height of 5.2’’, width of 15.4’’, and length of 20.2’’ Luuup is suitable for small to medium-large feline breeds. It has an additional spill-proof guard, which you can place over the top tray. The spill guard adds another 2.3’’ to the box’s total height.

The creators of Luuup praise their invention for the following main characteristics:

  • Saves money from wasting clean litter
  • Catches spilled particles
  • The non-stick surface decreases the unpleasant odors
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Comes with a sleek, modern design

BUT…these are just what the creators say. We’re trying to give you the whole story, so just before you go and buy one, read on.

Luuup works best with crystals and high-quality hard clumping litter. By default, not all types of litter are suitable for the lift-and-sift-based litter boxes, including this one.

As of right now, Luuup doesn’t offer any hoods or enclosures for its litter box, which means that it has a fully open design (not a great setup). The manufacturer, however, does offer a 30-day return policy in case you’re not happy with the product.

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The Luuup litter box has a lightweight construction, which, however, becomes heavier and skid-proof because Luuup works with much more litter than a standard litter box. The construction has the following features:

  • 3 identical trays with sifting holes on the bottom
  • 15.4’’ width, 20.2’’ length, 5.2’’ height with all trays combined
  • 1 spill-proof guard (doesn’t contain much spill, though)
  • Additional 2.5’’ in height with the spill guard

Luuup doesn’t come with a litter mat or any type of padding for the bottom tray. The manufacturer currently doesn’t offer any hoods or enclosures, mats, or special litter with which you can fill the box. In other words, you’ll need to look for other sellers for such additional features.


As it is with everything else in life, the Luuup litter box has its downsides. For starters, it’s advertised as being anti-microbial, decreasing unpleasant odors, and being non-stick.

However, its surfaces aren’t 100% non-stick and anti-microbial. You still need to clean the trays. And cleaning the trays is miserable.

Furthermore, the surface of the trays and the spill guard isn’t designed to catch any spills because it’s not sticky enough. If something sticks to your fluffy pal’s paws, it will end up on your flooring.

Here are the rest of the product’s main disadvantages:

  • Requires the cleaning of 4 parts instead of the typical 1-part container
  • It’s pricier than other similar products
  • It comes in only one color scheme
  • Can have accidental leaks from the bottom, i.e., even with all that litter you’ve got to use, pee can still sink to the bottom and leak out
  • The sifting holes can get clogged

You can experience accidental leaks through the bottom tray if you’re using low-quality litter, and the urine puddles can’t form into hard clumps fast enough. What’s more, if there isn’t enough litter in the box, the clumps can reach the sifting holes before they harden. As such, the holes can get clogged.

On top of that, regardless of its sleek design, the Luuup litter box comes in only one basic color scheme. And that might make it trickier when it comes to matching the product to your home’s current décor.

Lastly, the lack of enclosures doesn’t provide privacy. If you own a timid kitty that needs to do its business in private, Luuup can be a problem. It can lead to the cat peeing outside the box, for example, or holding it for too long – and the latter can actually result in a number of health-based problems.

Plus, the guard that’s supposed to help keep litter in doesn’t really do much since you have to use so much litter anyway.

Quick Comparison

The Luuup litter box isn’t a best-seller among feline pet parents, and probably for good reason. But what makes something as ordinary as a litter box best-selling? The key to this answer is in its design, pricing, and efficiency. Here’s our honest, quick comparison between Luuup and other similar items.


In terms of design, Luuup definitely fits the modern, smart, contemporary home style criteria. With its sleek and minimalistic color, the construction is rather tasteful compared to the typical square litter boxes. However, if the color scheme doesn’t match your preferences, you’ll have a problem. Unlike other similar litter boxes, Luuup doesn’t offer any other choices. It comes in only one color scheme.

Furthermore, Luuup comes in only one “universal” size, which isn’t exactly universal. While it will fit most felines, it’s unsuitable for Maine Coons and other large cat breeds. It’s also not intended to fit the needs of a multi-cat household.

Plus, does design really matter if there’s cat pee everywhere?


Compared to any standard litter tray, Luuup is quite expensive. Moreover, it’s still a bit pricy compared to similar lift-and-sift-based products.

It does save a lot of money from not throwing away unused litter, though. Once you sift the waste from the clean litter, you won’t have to throw away any good granules or crystals, thus saving some cash. And all cat owners know that owning a kitty costs a lot, mainly because of the prices of high-quality cat food and litter refills.

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When it comes to overall efficiency, Luuup is a bit controversial. It doesn’t have any filters compared to other litter boxes, so it doesn’t really decrease the nasty odors. On top of that, it’s not 100% non-stick, and the trays need to be at least wiped after each sifting.

Cleaning will be easy, but only if you’re using sufficient amounts of clumping litter or granules. Otherwise, the poop and urine won’t be able to harden safely away from the sifting holes without clogging them.

Luuup is indeed quite economical because it does save money on non-wasted litter.

Unfortunately, it’s not efficient when it comes to its spill-proof guard. The surface isn’t high enough, and it’s also not designed to make spills stick to it. So, you will need a litter mat with a sticky surface if you want to really catch the spilled particles.

Lastly, Luuup is time-efficient only if the waste doesn’t clog the sifting holes and only if it’s hard enough to not stick to the trays’ surface. Otherwise, you basically have a total of 4 parts instead of 1 tray, which will need cleaning.

What’s Our Verdict On The Luuup Kitty Litter Box?

While it’s definitely innovative, this product isn’t exactly ground-breaking. There are several similar litter boxes on the market already, which operate on the same lift-and-sift base. Luuup is just among the most popular ones right now.

But should you buy it?

Nah. Sorry.

If you want to know the best litter boxes you can buy that eliminate the need to scoop, check out our guide here.

Truth be told, it’s not as great as its advertisement promises. It needs a suitable litter mat because the spill guard isn’t sufficient enough. While it is indeed made out of durable, 100% pet-safe materials, it’s not exactly anti-microbial.

You can’t clean it up shortly after it’s been used, and you need to use a lot of litter if you don’t want to deal with leaks and possible clogs of the sifting holes. The biggest advantage of Luuup is that it saves you money from not throwing away clean, unused litter. And it’s also a nice-looking addition to your home if it matches your décor.

Nevertheless, it’s not suitable for cat owners with big kitties or more than one pet. And it also doesn’t come with a hood or enclosure, so it’s not designed for shy furballs that need some privacy while doing their business.

If you want to know the best litter boxes you can buy, check out our guide here.

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  1. I recently purchased 3 of LUUUP litter boxes and your review is spot on. I wish I knew before wasting over $100 for these litter boxes. Total waste of money.

  2. We love our Luuup litter boxes. We have never had the issues you have described. We have 2 of these boxes for our 2 cats.

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