How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

Let’s talk about cats and X-rays. What are they? Why do cats need them? How can X-ray check-ups help your feline furball when it comes to health-related complications?

What types of X-rays does your cat need? And most importantly – how much does a cat X-ray cost?

For starters, cat X-rays are just like your typical human X-rays, used to view bone fractures, dental work, etc.

When it comes to detecting a hairball, a swallowed toy, or another reason for excessive vomiting, X-rays can be equally invaluable. They can further be used to diagnose asthma, pneumonia, heart disease…and the list goes on and on.

How Much Does A Cat X-Ray Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one, single, ultimate answer.

Sometimes it will be budget-friendly, and sometimes it can break your wallet.

Sorry! But we’ll try to give you some rough outlines here.

The cost of an X-ray check-up depends on several main factors.

  • Location of the vet clinic
  • Type of X-ray
  • Need for sedation before the X-ray
  • Area of the cat’s body being X-rayed

If you live in a small town and go to a local vet, an X-ray probably won’t cost you as much as a vet in LA would charge, for instance. Furthermore, if your kitty only needs partial scanning, such as a dental X-ray, it will be less expensive than a more comprehensive scan.

Here are the most common average and very rough estimate costs for a feline X-ray:

  • Limbs: $70 to $150
  • Chest or abdomen: $100 to $250
  • Dental: up to $150

Partial X-ray scanning will focus on your cat’s liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, bones, heart, teeth, skull, spleen, lungs, limbs, and kidneys. You can also opt for a full-body X-ray scan, unless you own a notoriously large feline pet, like the Maine Coon.

But remember…the X-ray is not the only fee you’ll be paying!

Paying for the scanning alone might seem somewhat inexpensive, but it won’t cover all medical expenses. You may find yourself paying up to $500 for blood work, vet fees, prescribed medication, sedation before the X-ray, and further treatment of any discovered health problems.

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Why You Might Need To Consider Pet Insurance

Even if your cat never required an X-ray, owning a feline can be quite expensive on its thanks to regularly scheduled (and especially unexpected) vet bills.

Affection and devotion aren’t enough to keep a cat healthy and thriving. Felines require special high-quality food, cat furniture, grooming tools, cat litter, toys, and so on.

Getting pet insurance for your cat is one thing that, in the long-term, will  prevent you from spending a fortune on X-rays, blood work, annual check-ups, and/or life-saving treatments after an unfortunate accident.

Our favorite pet insurance provider for cats is PetsBest.

They provide annual and lifetime insurance plans that can be customized to fit your budget and your cat’s needs.

PetsBest routine care coverage plan, for example, can help you save more than $500 annually.

Getting pet insurance for your furball guarantees you comfort and financial freedom when it comes to accidents that require X-rays, annual vet costs, and medical treatments. Think of it as health or life insurance for your pet just like you can get for yourself and your family.

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How Can X-rays Help Your Cat?

If you happen to be the owner of a senior cat, you’ll need to frequently examine its bone structure to make sure that your elderly kitty is physically healthy.

In case of a probable pregnancy, the vet can use X-rays to help determine if your female feline is indeed pregnant, the stage of pregnancy, and the number of unborn kittens residing inside her womb.

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