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Why Do Cats Lick And Groom Each Other?

If you’re residing in a multi-cat household like I am you’ve probably seen some pretty puzzling things. Things that that a one cat owner probably won’t see unless he/ she welcomes another furball into their home. One such thing is cats licking and grooming each other. That’s called allogrooming. Even pets that don’t get along […]

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Best Cat Nail Caps Reviewed | Rating Soft Paws Claw Covers for Kitties

Most cat owners have to deal at least occasionally with their cat’s obsessive scratching tendencies. Unfortunately, though cats can be trained, fully eradicating their scratching habits isn’t a possibility. Scratching comes naturally to all feline furballs. Why are they doing it? It’s how they exercise their muscles, stretch their bodies, groom their claws, and scent-mark […]

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The Best Cat Grooming Wet Wipes For Allergies, Dander, Baths, And Cleaning Reviewed & Rated

Cats of all breeds and ages can be just as fragile as human babies. As such, keeping up with your feline furball’s hygiene is of fundamental importance. There are various ways to maintain your pet’s hygiene. Part of these essential activities include brushing your fluffy pal’s fur in order to untangle it and remove fallen […]

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