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Why Do Cats Lick And Groom Each Other?

If you’re residing in a multi-cat household like I am you’ve probably seen some pretty puzzling things. Things that that a one cat owner probably won’t see unless he/ she welcomes another furball into their home. One such thing is cats licking and grooming each other. That’s called allogrooming. Even pets that don’t get along […]

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Cat Fur, Coat, and Skin Care: How To Help Your Cat Have A Shiny, Clean, and Itch-Free Coat

A kitty’s skin and fur coat are not only signs of vitality and good health, but they also serve as protective agents. A healthy fur coat acts as a natural protection against various environmental factors such as scorching sun, dry air, wind, and other temperature-based assaults. Furthermore, it also helps the feline manufacture essentials like Vitamin […]

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