How To Give Your Cat A Haircut – Do They Need Them?

how to give cat haircut

Do cats need haircuts? Why would they need them? Can you give your own cat a haircut at home without visiting a fancy pet salon? Alright hold your horses. For starters, yes, some cats do indeed need occasional haircuts. Cutting off excess hair is an essential part of grooming and you need the proper tools … Read more

Best Deshedding Brushes and Tools For Cat Hair Reviewed & Rated

best deshedding tools for cats

Cats shed. That’s not a newsflash for anyone, right? Unless you’re the proud pet parent of a (mostly) hairless breed like the Sphynx cat, then your kitty will shed lots of hair. What can you do about it? Well, for starters, you can establish a habit of grooming your precious furball daily. Cat fur collects lots … Read more

Why Do Cats Lick And Groom Each Other?

If you’re residing in a multi-cat household like I am you’ve probably seen some pretty puzzling things. Things that a one cat owner probably won’t see unless he/ she welcomes another furball into their home. One such thing is cats licking and grooming each other. That’s called allogrooming. Even pets that don’t get along might … Read more