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Best Cat Nail Caps Reviewed | Rating Soft Paws Claw Covers for Kitties

Most cat owners have to deal at least occasionally with their cat’s obsessive scratching tendencies. Unfortunately, though cats can be trained, fully eradicating their scratching habits isn’t a possibility. Scratching comes naturally to all feline furballs. Why are they doing it? It’s how they exercise their muscles, stretch their bodies, groom their claws, and scent-mark […]

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How To Give Your Cat A Haircut – Do They Need Them?

Do cats need haircuts? Why would they need them? Can you give your own cat a haircut at home without visiting a fancy pet salon? Alright hold your horses. For starters, yes, some cats do indeed need occasional haircuts. Cutting off excess hair is an essential part of grooming and you need the proper tools […]

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