How To Reduce A Cat’s Anxiety When Moving

reduce cats anxiety moving

Cats are territorial creatures, so relocating a cat to a new environment is likely to result in anxiety and stress-based behavior. It will take a bit of foresight on your part, but when moving with cats, planning the moving process for them is very worth it. This way you can make the transition as easy … Read more

Car And Motion Sickness In Cats: How To Prevent And Treat It

Motion sickness, or car sickness, is common for cats of all breeds and ages. Car sickness in cats is a problem which pet parents from all over the world face. Similar to the motion sickness human beings sometimes get, cats can also suffer from it, especially if they aren’t used to car rides. Felines usually … Read more

How To Tell If Your Cat Is a Travel Cat In 3 Easy Steps

how to tell travel cat

Are you dreaming of traveling with your cat? Do you crave taking your cat on short hikes and walks with you? If so, you’ll want to make sure your cat is first a “travel cat.” How do you tell if your cat is a travel cat, you ask? Here’s how! First, Your Cat’s Purrsonality The … Read more