Canidae Cat Food Reviews | Rating Dry and Wet Options, Plus Recall Info

If you’re reading this, chances are you own a feline furball and it’s feeling particularly hungry for something fresh and tasty.

As we all know, cats thrive best on high-quality cat food. Today I want to talk about one particular manufacturer of premium quality cat food – Canidae, as well as the controversy that is surrounding this brand.

And since Catological is a place for cat owners and cat lovers, I won’t leave out the unpleasant details about Canidae’s case of infamous controversy. But first, let’s start with the things I like (and dislike) about this manufacturer.

The Best Of Canidae’s Wet And Dry Cat Food

Here are our top choices for Canidae cat foods – both dry and wet options.

Sea Formula With Salmon

canidae limited ingredient cat food

Unlike many other fish formulas, Canidae’s Sea series focuses solely on salmon instead of the typical salmon + tuna recipe. Thus, this formula does not pose any risks of mercury poisoning for your feline friend.

Another advantage of this dry cat food is that its ingredient list includes sweet potatoes. According to the ASPCA, sweet potatoes are not toxic for cats. However, what the ASPCA doesn’t say is that they’re beneficial to kitties – in moderate amounts, of course.

There are absolutely no grains like wheat, soy, or corn.

Another reason to introduce Canidae’s Sea formula to your pet is the flavor of real salmon. Finicky eaters will love it. On top of that, cats with food allergies towards poultry meat won’t be affected by the kibble. On the downside, the granules are just as chunky as the ones in the Hairball Control formula.

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Pure Elements Wet Formula

Canidae Pure Elements Cat Food

The best Canidae cat food from their wet canned series is the Pure Elements with turkey and rabbit.

Packed with essential proteins from varied meats, this recipe also offers various vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for any kitty out there.

Many pet parents will find this particular canned food a bit pricey, especially if they’re on a tight budget. And while it is worth it, I’d recommend Canidae’s more affordable options if the price tag is too high for you. Nevertheless, your kitty can’t thrive solely on dry kibble as cats don’t have a strong sense of dehydration.

Lack of enough moisture and liquids in your pet’s diet will eventually lead to serious health problems.

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Canidae Controversy

As mentioned above, Canidae’s foods have been the subject of some controversy among pet parents. Not so long ago the manufacturer had to undergo a recall. But before you start dreading the brand just because you’ve read the word “recall,” take the time to read the full story.

Canidae’s Recall – What Really Happened?

Back in May 2012, the FDA issued a report stating that some of Canidae’s dog food products had the potential for salmonella. Not only were the foods affected, but also some of the workers in the food factory. As a result, Canidae decided to voluntarily recall some of its products from the market to fix the issue.

The recall was only for their dry dog foods. It included the following formulas: All Life Stages, Chicken Meal & Rice, Lamb Meal & Rice, and Platinum.

The potential salmonella contamination, which resulted in the recall, came from the Diamond Pet Foods company. Canidae does not list anywhere on their website that they work directly with Diamond Pet Foods through outsourcing. Yet, they do.

Is Canidae Dangerous?

Even though Diamond Pet Foods have had numerous recalls, Canidae has had to withdraw their foods from the market only once – back in 2012. They had to recall only dog foods and they did it voluntarily. The salmonella contamination didn’t affect any of their cat foods and none of them have ever been recalled.

As you know, cats should not be fed with dog food at all. In other words, Canidae isn’t dangerous for your beloved furball, not only because the report didn’t affect cat foods, but also because you shouldn’t feed your cat with any manufacturer’s dog foods.

Should You Buy Canidae For Your Cat?

You’re probably wondering if you should get Canidae’s foods due to the recall.

The company has been manufacturing premium quality cat foods ever since the early 1990s. In other words, Canidae isn’t a novice when it comes to meeting feline dietary requirements. Here are the main pros of their foods:

  • Recipes with real meat, vitamins, and minerals
  • Appropriate for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • High-quality food packed with tons of protein and fiber
  • Appropriate for cats with some food allergies
  • Small list of ingredients for easier digestion

Some of Canidae’s foods might seem too pricey next to the kibble at your local pet store. However, they are healthier and more nutritious.

If you wish for your pet to lead a happy and thriving life, despite its digestive system disorders or food allergies, then Canidae’s products are something it will benefit from. The fact that they messed up with safety standards for dog foods back in 2012 shouldn’t scare you away.

After all, if you value your feline friend’s health and well-being, you will want to opt for premium cat food instead of cheap kibble.

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