Wild Calling Cat Food Review

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a cat. And it needs to eat.

As carnivores, felines have special dietary requirements. They get their primary essentials from meat products. That’s why high quality cat food is rich in crucial amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, and real meat. Some pet parents even opt for raw diets. But regardless of the type of food you’re giving your fluffy pal, it should contain ingredients made from real meat.

Similar to human beings, cats can also benefit from vegetables. If you want to find out more about herbs, plants, and vegetables, which aren’t safe for felines, check out our article on the subject.

Most premium and high quality cat food manufacturers focus on the vegetable part of the feline diet. But today we’ll be reviewing the goods of one particular cat food manufacturer that focuses entirely on meat – Wild Calling.

What is Wild Calling?

Created with the idea of offering real meat instead of artificial by-products packed with emulsifiers and harmful fillers, Wild Calling is a Colorado-based manufacturer of food for cats and dogs. All of Wild Calling’s products are based on meat and instead of mixing up artificial flavors, the company actually uses the real flavors of the ingredients found in their food.

The manufacturer focuses on the proteins, vitamins, natural oils, and flavors from livestock, poultry, and fish. Moreover, Wild Calling’s cat food is grain free.

In other words, Wild Calling’s cat food meets  feline dietary requirements without adding any harmful emulsifiers, grains, plants, and preservatives. If you haven’t heard about the company before, it’s only because you won’t be able to find their products in your local pet store. One of the reasons for that is the hefty price tag of the kibbles and the wet canned food.

However, as all pet parents know, owning a cat can be quite expensive in terms of litter and food supplies. But that’s not a reason to compromise quality and to opt for the cheapest food, which can’t meet your beloved furball’s nutritional needs.

Wild Calling cat food review

Here are the best cat foods out of all of Wild Calling’s formulas – for dry kibble, as well as for wet canned cat food.

Cabin Fever

Just like humans enjoy a good chicken meal, so do cats. Wild Calling’s Cabin Fever formula focuses on chicken and chicken liver meat.

Potassium, taurine, thiamine, zinc, and copper are also among the numerous healthy ingredients in a can of Cabin Fever. What’s more, the guys over at Wild Calling have added riboflavin and vitamins A, B12 and D3 to the formula.

With the food’s excellent amount of moisture (78%) you won’t have to worry about your cat’s daily water intake and whether it will get dehydrated.

Free of any grains, gluten, or artificial colors and flavors, Cabin Fever is not only tasty but also healthy. It can serve as a rotational food for young felines, as well as for their senior counterparts.  It may seem pricy at first, but the package actually includes a total of 24 cans – 5.5 oz. each. In other words, a single can of Cabin Fever is actually extremely affordable even for pet parents on a tight budget.

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Trot-N Tommy

Who says turkey meals should be reserved for the seasonal holidays? You can treat your fluffy friend to a can of Trot ‘N Tommy any day of the year.

Featuring 96% real turkey meat, Wild Calling’s Trot ‘N Tummy cans also include turkey liver, thiamine, vitamin E, taurine, folic acid, and numerous other healthy ingredients.

High on proteins and natural flavors, the 5.5 oz. can has a total of 189 kcal. As such, it’s ideal for active medium-sized felines like the Oriental Shorthair. But compared to most of the manufacturer’s canned goods, it’s rather low on calories.

Just like the rest of Wild Calling’s cat foods, this formula lacks harmful grains, fillers, emulsifiers, and artificial flavors.

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Jumping Salmon

As you probably know, most cats adore salmon and tuna, unless they’re extremely finicky eaters.

Wild Calling’s Jumping Salmon recipe will make even picky felines fall in love with this food. It combines the flavors, textures, and healthy ingredients of salmon, sunflower oil, and chicken liver. On top of that, it’s also packed with several vitamin supplements – E, B12, A, D3.

High on moisture and protein, this food is suitable for felines of all breeds. And thanks to the paté texture, it won’t harm your pet’s baby or permanent teeth, regardless of the kitty’s age.

Compared to most canned cat foods out there, this one is quite caloric and extremely rich in natural proteins. However, in comparison to Wild Calling’s other canned goods, the Jumping Salmon recipe is still rather low on calories.

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Rabbit And Sweet Potato

Apart from producing wet canned cat food, Wild Calling also offers several dry food formulas for feline furballs. The Rabbit And Sweet Potato recipe is the most popular one.

It’s packed with tons of essential ingredients for your pet’s health and proper digestion. L-lysine, riboflavin, taurine, coconut oil, seaweed, turkey fat, rabbit meat, sweet potatoes, lentils, and dried peas are just some of them. It also has various vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Omega 6 fatty acids.

The Rabbit And Sweet Potato formula is suitable for cats with digestive problems and overall sensitive stomachs. Due to the plethora of varied ingredients it can benefit felines of all breeds and ages.

It comes in a 4.75 lb. package and can serve as an excellent rotational diet supplement. This high quality cat kibble is quite expensive. However, compared to most other dry cat foods, it offers tons of crucial nutrition and can spare you from frequent visits to the vet’s office for disorders caused by malnourishment.

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Should you buy Wild Calling’s cat food for your pet? If you want to treat it to something tasty, then you should. And you should definitely get it if you want your kitty to eat real meat.

However, if you have an overweight pet, Wild Calling isn’t the best option. You also shouldn’t feed Wild Calling’s cat food to furballs with an overall problematic health condition or which have no desire to be active. These formulas are rich in meat proteins, natural flavors, and essential vitamins, but they are still highly caloric.

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  • Updated December 4, 2017
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