Top 5 Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats Who Are Home Alone To Keep Them Busy

Let’s be real here – cats get bored just like humans do.

You can’t really die out of sheer boredom, but unfortunately for you and her, your kitty can suffer from being bored in a number of unhealthy ways. Boredom can harm your home and furniture, your cat’s physical health, and its overall behavior.

If your feline pal gets bored with its designated cat scratchers, it will eventually attack the sofa. And let’s face it – nobody wants their upholstery ruined by claw marks.

Boredom also leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Do you want your kitty to just spend its days lying lethargically sprawled on a random surface? Of course not!

Being bored doesn’t only affect the cat’s behavior; it can also affect its health. A sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Obese cats develop a variety of health-related issues, such as diabetes, arthritis, liver diseases, and so forth.

And if you happen to be feeding your kitty with improper food for humans or low quality cat food, then malnutrition, obesity, and boredom will definitely worsen your feline pal’s health.

So, in other words, boredom can be a nasty thing. Keeping your furry pet well exercised and entertained at all times is an absolute must. If you’re not among those cat owners who take their furballs out for a walk on a leash, then you need to exercise your pet with toys.

The best toys against boredom and laziness at home are interactive, skillset-building toys. These types of toys are not only appealing, but also provide physical exercise and stimulation for your cat’s senses. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 choices for the best toys for bored cats to keep them busy at home.

#1. Bergan Turbo Scratcher

bergan turbo scratcher

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher may look plain and boring, but cats actually love it!

It offers an interactive ball chasing game and a big scratching surface to keep those claws away from your sofa. The 16-inch scratch pad is not only durable, but also easily replaceable.

The ball channel is designed to keep your kitty on its toes by constantly chasing. Your pet won’t get enough of nudging, shoving, pawing, and scratching at this fun toy! It’s one of the coolest new items for cats on the market and it lives up to all the hype!

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher comes in two colors – blue and purple – and it’s absolutely affordable, regardless of your budget. Furthermore, it’s specially designed to fit any area due to its moderate size, and it’s a must-have product for your bored cat’s need for an active lifestyle.

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#2. Babble Ball


Babble ball

Bored cats need something to grab their attention. And there’s nothing more eye-catching than the Babble Ball!

This particular toy is designed to keep your kitty-cat occupied even when it’s home alone.

When touched, the Babble Ball is activated by built-in motion sensors. It makes more than 20 different sounds, including meowing, peeping, squeaking, and chirping. It’s infused with catnip, which makes it extra appealing to any feline.

Furthermore, it has an automatic shut-off function and its construction is super durable. The sounds of this rolling ball will make your cat want to chase it down all over the place. The ball will exercise your furball and will entertain it even when you’re not around to play with him/her.

Lastly, it’s super cheap and small enough to be suitable for any breed or size.

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Kitty Mansions Amazon cat tree

This is the ultimate solution to the bored-to-death problem!

Kitty Mansions offer a vast selection of super cool cat trees in various shapes, colors, sizes, and entertainment options. And their Amazon jungle-themed cat tree is one of the best ones on the market!

This item features two cat condos, two hammocks and one ladder fitted onto nine levels. That’s right – a total of nine awesome levels for your kitty to enjoy! Adorned with decorative leaves, soft fabrics, scratching surfaces, and a hanging toy, this stunning 78-inch high cat tree is one of a kind!

Truth be told, it’s definitely a pricey item, but it fits multiple cats of all breeds and sizes, and it offers tons of options for climbing, resting, scratching, and playing.

If you’re looking for an interactive cat tree which is not only functional and made of high-quality materials, but also looks good – then Kitty Mansions’ Amazon cat tree is definitely the thing you need!

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Catit Senses Circuit

catit senses circuit

With countless new cat toys coming on the market each day, Catit’s items still manage to stay on top.

One of their best-selling products is the Senses Circuit, which is basically a ball track. The transparent colors allow the kitty to see the ball while it’s chasing it inside the track, and the swirly construction is specially designed to keep your furball’s interest.

It can serve as a base for additional tracks if you want to build a bigger track. Not only that, but it’s absolutely affordable for any cat owner out there. Furthermore, it exercises the kitty’s sight, hearing, and sense of touch.

All of Catit Senses toys target the feline senses, and this particular product is your best option against boredom.

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Yeowww Catnip Banana


yeowww catnip banana

The guys over at Yeowww specialize in the production of catnip-filled soft cat toys. Their most sought-after product is the hilarious catnip banana, and for good reason.

The inexpensive, amusing toy imitates an actual banana. This alone guarantees you a great amount of laughter each time you see your cat playing with it.

Its soft yet durable fabric is designed to withstand your furball’s teeth and claws. It’s filled with 100% organically grown catnip. On top of that, the banana’s curves and 7-inch length are ideal for kicking, nudging, and nuzzling.

Lastly, it’s dyed with all-natural soy and veggie-based dyes, making it perfectly pet-safe for your fluffy pal.

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When purchasing toys, make sure that they offer tons of interaction and appeal, otherwise you’ll just get ripped off. Cats are naturally drawn to catnip, but that doesn’t mean that catnip is the only thing that helps them exercise. Schedule playing sessions with your kitty each day so that it won’t get bored and lazy. Try teaching it tricks and various commands.

Proper diet and exercise are of essential importance for felines, especially if your kitty is getting older. The health risks alone are a great reason for you to keep your pet entertained and occupied at all times.

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