Things Every Cat Owner Needs To Throw Out And Replace To Keep Kitty Safe

We all have a bad habit of piling up various items which are worn out, broken, or simply out of fashion. They can’t serve their purpose anymore, but we still hold on to them whether out of sentiment or simply because they still look pretty.

When it comes to cat-related items, however, that’s a rather harmful habit. Things like torn cat furniture pieces are not only unsightly and useless, but they can actually pose a danger to your precious feline pal.

Even if you’re a relatively new cat owner there are still some things which you need to throw out and replace, especially when it comes to low quality cat food and some other everyday objects. These things can be found in numerous aspects of cat supplies, such as:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Dietary supplements and treats
  • Pills, ointments, and other medication
  • Litter and grooming supplies
  • Leashes, collars, ID tags, carriers, and cages
  • Furniture pieces like beds, cat trees, and scratching posts
  • First aid kit items

Regardless of your furball’s breed or its age, there are probably expired, worn out, or damaged items from all of the above-mentioned categories which you should throw out and replace with newer versions. Here’s what you should really focus on:

Things Every Cat Owner Needs To Throw Out And Replace

Old Food And Water Bowls

Plastic or broken feeding or watering bowls should go straight into the trash. Some pet manufacturers produce BPA-free plastic bowls. Either way, getting ceramic or metal bowls for your pet is your safest option.

Some cats can develop allergies from plastic bowls. Others can even get chin acne from them. Throw out the plastic bowls and keep the new ones clean for every upcoming meal.

Expired Or Low Quality Food, Treats, And Supplements

Low quality food can easily lead to malnourishment, indigestion, and other types of health problems. Switch to kibble and cans of higher quality food if you want your pet to lead a happy and thriving life.

The same goes for supplements and cat treats. If you have expired or low quality supplements and treats, you should throw them away immediately. Apart from the expiration date factor, low quality items can harm your pet with ingredients like fillers, grains, and emulsifiers.

Expired Medication

If your cat no longer needs the medications you used to give it during kittenhood, it’s time to throw them away. Storing medication just in case something happens often results in expired drugs and ointments.

If the cat has a recurring health problem, there’s a chance it might need something milder or stronger the next time its condition reoccurs. Your pet might also have gotten better since last time. So, storing old medication just in case the condition reoccurs is absolutely useless without taking the cat to the vet for a new check-up.

Needless to say, if the medication’s expiration date is closing in, you shouldn’t wait until the exact date written on the label before throwing it away.

Old Litter Supplies

A scratched, worn-out litter box is something every cat owner needs to replace. Bacterial infestation and odor build-up are unpleasant and potentially harmful.

Replace the litter box at least once a year. Don’t look for the cheapest ones in your local pet store. They are made out of the lowest quality plastic, which can easily get scratched and even trigger an allergic reaction in your fluffy pal. The same goes for the plastic shovels and other items you’re using when cleaning up the litter box.

We have reviewed the best litter boxes you can get right here.

If you’ve switched from one type of litter to another and you’re satisfied with the new one, throw the old litter away. It will just take up unnecessary storage space in your home.

Grooming Supplies

Unless you own a hairless breed like the Sphynxde-shedding tools are a necessity for you. Most cat brushes, combs, clippers, trimmers, and other similar grooming equipment need to be changed every now and then.

If they are broken, worn out, rusty, or somehow damaged, you should throw them away immediately. The same goes for old grooming supplies which you once used when your pet was younger. As cats get older, their skin and coat changes. As such, they’ll need new grooming tools which are more suitable for their skin and fur coat condition than the old ones.

Worn Out Leashes, ID Tags, And Carriers

There are all kinds of commercially available leashes and harnesses for big and small cats on the market. But even if they’re of the finest quality, they still get worn out over time. Relying on an old leash, harness, collar and ID tags increases your chances of losing your pet.

The same rule applies to cages and carriers. If you want your pet to be 100% safe, replace the old carriers, leashes, and collars with new ones.

Damaged Furniture

One of the most essential aspects of cat furniture is the scratching post. Damaged scratchers are unsightly to you, your guests, and your cat. They will push your kitty into seeking something else to scratch, such as the sofa. On top of that, a damaged scratcher can potentially injure your pet’s claws and paws.

Similar to scratchers, worn out toys and beds need to be replaced immediately. Cats have a mind of their own and if they don’t like their furniture, they might ruin your own furniture pieces.

First Aid Kit

Owning a first aid kit for your feline furball is just as crucial as owning a first aid kit for the people residing in your household. Unfortunately, the items you store in the kit can easily expire if you’re not checking up on them regularly.

Using old items from the feline first aid kit holds a potential threat to your pet’s life. Unless you’re absolutely positive everything’s perfectly in order in the kit, you should take a good look at it and replace some things with new ones – old medication, rusty clippers, and so forth.

Taking care of your pet’s physical health should come as a priority. By throwing out some old items and replacing them with new ones you’ll end up with more efficient and less germ-ridden items for your feline furball. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with everything that needs to be replaced or repaired. However, having useful, clean, high quality and up-to-date food, grooming supplies, medication, and furniture items will increase the chances of your cat leading a happy, safe, and healthy life.

Emily Parker

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