How To Save Money On A Trip To The Vet For Your Cat

Being a pet parent sometimes seems like mission impossible. You just never know what to expect.

Cats of all breeds and ages can suffer from a variety of health issues. Regardless of how loving and careful you are with your fluffy pal, you can’t protect it from everything. The time for an emergency vet visit will come sooner or later. And those visits don’t come cheap.

Owning a cat costs quite a lot on an annual basis, whether or not major medical treatments are involved. And if there is that unfortunate need, feline healthcare isn’t cheap.

So what can you do if you’re a cat owner on a really tight budget or just want to make sure you won’t be breaking your wallet each time you go to the vet clinic? Fortunately, there are ways to cut the expenses related to your veterinarian’s services.

How To Save Money On Vet Bills By Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Keep in mind that neither of the following tips and tricks will cut your fees to zero. However, they can significantly reduce the amount of money you’ll otherwise be paying for each new trip to the vet’s office.

Use High Quality Cat Food

Sure, sure, you’ve heard this one before. But using high quality cat food can indeed make a huge difference in your pet’s life!

Felines are carnivores. If you’re feeding your furball with table scraps, cheap cat food, or something that’s not even labeled as cat food, it will eventually start suffering from malnourishment. Malnourishment leads to digestive disorders, urinary tract issues, kidney failure, and tons of other severe problems. These problems are not only life-threatening, but also expensive when it comes to treatment plans.

High quality cat food can help spare you some costly emergency vet visits and can also prolong your pet’s lifespan.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Helping your cat maintain a healthy lifestyle doesn’t end with a well-balanced diet. Stress, harsh weather conditions, obesity, and other factors pose a danger to your pet’s health. As such, they can also result in frequent vet trips.

Try to provide entertainment, comfort, and safety for your pet on a daily basis. Don’t overfeed it with treats. Don’t force it into spending its time in overcrowded and noisy spaces. Sometimes something as simple as stress, depression, or a lack of rest can have nasty consequences for your feline friend’s overall health.

Don’t Rule Out Supplements

Some pet parents think that dietary supplements should be given only in extreme cases. That’s not true. Even if you’re feeding your cat exclusively with high quality cat food, it can still benefit from vitamins and supplements.

Young kittens and their senior counterparts actually need nutritional boosts on regular occasions, regardless of the type of food they’re eating. Just keep in mind that the supplements should never be used as a substitute to the kitty’s regular diet.

Don’t Skip Scheduled Check-Ups And The Annual Exams

If you’re trying to save money from vet trips by actually not taking the trips at all, you’re just doubling your expenses. By skipping any scheduled appointments or the indispensable annual check-up, you’re increasing the chances of not catching a possible undiagnosed disease on time. And that will only cost you more money later.

Don’t Self-Diagnose

Another thing many pet parents do is self-diagnosing their cats through the Internet. This is a bad idea of epic proportions for two basic reasons.

The first reason is that unless you’re a veterinarian, you can’t really pinpoint the actual problem. If you can’t diagnose the cat accurately, chances are your pet will only get worse. As time goes by and its condition worsens, the vet care fees will become higher. Plus, the treatment plan will become longer and tougher, meaning more suffering for kitty (and you!)

The second reason is that you may wrongfully diagnose your cat with something that it’s not really suffering from. When you begin a mistaken treatment, you may for any home remedies, and they may very well be in vain. What’s more, some of those medications might actually lead to secondary health issues which you may then need to go to the vet for, so your whole plan to avoid those bills may have just cost you twice the money. Worse yet, your kitty may get very sick.

Opt For Pet Insurance

Some people insure their cars, others insure their homes, and then there’s also that type of person who insures their cats and dogs.

If you haven’t heard about it before, there is indeed such a thing as pet insurance. It’s a great way to save money from vet trips. Moreover, it’s also a great way to make sure your pet will be safe in case of any emergencies.

Pet insurance is a great safeguard against financial disaster. There are different types of pet insurance and regardless of the one you choose, it will offer you some peace of mind that when kitty needs medical care, you’ll be able to provide without going bankrupt in the process.

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