Purr-fect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cat Lovers

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and you can’t seem to find a suitable gift for your significant other, who just happens to be a huge cat lover.  You may be so desperate that you’re wondering if you should get a set of heart-shaped food bowls for your partner’s pet!

Truth be told, Valentine’s Day presents are tricky. After all, you can’t simply buy a bouquet of roses or some cat toy from your local pet store.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a creative list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, and all of them are simply purr-fect. And instead of purchasing a can of fancy cat food, you’ll be able to surprise your significant other with a truly unique cat-related gift this year.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of purr-fect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Cat necklace

S Leaf’s classy, stylish, and playful cat necklace will most definitely make your girlfriend fall in love with you even more!

This jewelry piece is made out of sterling silver, it’s nickel free, and it won’t break your wallet. It comes with an elegant package box and the pendant is adorned with its own silver chain, which can expand up to 45 cm.

The pendant itself is only 2 cm long, which makes it not only playful, but also sweet and stylish.

Jewelry sets aren’t groundbreaking when it comes to gifts, but this one will surely surprise your cat-loving girlfriend.

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Plush cat

All right. So V-Day teddy bears are cliché, but we can’t say the same about plush cats!

If you’re shopping for a V-Day’s present for a cat-lover and said cat lover happens to be female, then she’ll prefer this stuffed toy next to a gigantic teddy bear.

Aurora World is a leading manufacturer of plush toys and their 12-inch long Flopsie Oreo Cat is currently one of their top products. It comes in neutral black and white colors and its cuteness factor is simply unmeasurable.

This bean-filled toy is made out of fine plush fabric, and its tail and legs are movable.

While it’s not big enough to cuddle, it still makes a super adorable V-Day present for a cat lover.

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Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Since you’re looking for a gift suitable for a cat-person, chances are your subject already owns a cat. And one of the best ways to surprise them for this year’s Valentine’s Day is to actually give them something useful.

Cats are in constant need of scratching surfaces as they need to maintain their nails and exercise. Out of the countless scratching posts on the market, Bergan’s turbo scratcher is not only functional, but also entertaining.

It comes in two colors – blue and purple, so it’s suitable for both genres.

The product features a 16-inch scratching pad, along with a round channel for a small ball, which the cat can chase around all day long. The scratching pad is made out of durable materials that can be easily replaced once your cat has worn it out.

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Cat car sticker

Here’s one purr-fect gift idea for gentlemen.

If your boyfriend/husband/male friend is a cat lover, then he’ll enjoy this playful feline-themed 5.5’’ by 2.2’’ car sticker.

The “Real Men Love Cats” sticker is made out of high quality vinyl, and the solid white color will make it stand out on your boyfriend’s rear windshield or any other part of his vehicle where it’s applied.

The sticker won’t cost you much if you’re on a tight budget, and it will most definitely put a smile on your cat-loving partner’s face.

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Got Me Tipsy mug

What’s the number one cat-themed mug out there? It’s Got Me Tipsy’s coffee mug, of course!

This company is a leading glassware manufacturer, and its cups and mugs are of equally high quality.

This unique cat-themed mug is completely microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes with its own gift box and is safe for hot and cold beverages.

Furthermore, the hilarious feline-themed design is durable and placed on both sides of the mug so that your sweetheart can enjoy the cartoon doodle and text at all times.

Lastly, the company also has a special 15% discount for Valentine’s Day!

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Purina dental treats

Here’s another purr-fect Valentine’s Day gift for cat lovers and their feline furballs.

Many pet parents don’t brush their cat’s teeth, even though keeping up with your feline’s dental hygiene is extremely important. Fortunately, Purina’s DentaLife dental treats are specifically manufactured to deal with this problem.

The treats reduce tartar build-up, clean food leftovers stuck to the kitty’s teeth, and help prevent future dental issues.

They come in chicken and salmon flavor, with extra calcium and taurine, which are also essential for any cat. On top of that, they’re also extremely affordable.

Purina’s dental treats are a great way to give something useful to your significant other to show them that you care deeply for both them and their pet.

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I Love My Cat mug

So, the above mentioned Got Me Tipsy mug can come off as scandalous or vulgar to some people.

However, this particular coffee mug, sold by Midwest Mugs, is definitely the cutest, most feminine alternative around.

The lovely pink shade contrasts with the ever-classy black color and will make an adorable V-Day present for your cat-loving girlfriend, who just happens to own a domesticated feline.

The catchy text clearly shows that no matter how many people impress or disappoint your significant other, she will always love her cat more than anything else in the world.

Last but not least, this budget-friendly, eye-catching item is made out of durable materials that won’t chip easily. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, for years of enjoyment!

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Pet Insurance

What exactly is pet insurance?

It’s the ultimate gift you can give your girlfriend or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year.

Pet insurance covers the owner’s expenses when it comes to accidents, medical fees, emergency vet care, annual check-ups, treatments, and so forth.

Pets Best offer the best pet insurance plans for cats.

It acts like any human insurance plan and can save your significant other more than $500 annually from all sorts of medical costs related to their furry pal.

Most importantly, your significant other will cherish you for the rest of your life if you get them a pet insurance plan for their precious feline furball, as it will provide them with essential comfort, reassurance, and financial freedom when it comes to health-care costs.

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