PrettyLitter Review: Health Monitoring, Color Changing Cat Litter

If you’ve experienced it yourself, or have ever known someone to experience it, you know just how devastating it can be.

And how helpless you feel.

I’m talking about when your cat gets sick and there’s nothing you can do.

Because it’s too late by the time you see the warning signs.

See, cats are experts at hiding illness (source).

In the wild, illness is a sign of weakness, and predators pick up on that.

Unfortunately the trait carried over to house cats, and they’ll do their best to act perfectly healthy…until it’s too late.

Other than expensive, time-consuming, and often pointless monthly trips to the vet, how do you stay on top of your kitty’s health before it’s too late?

You start by adding the right tools to your toolbox.

And one of the best tools is PrettyLitter.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

How Cat Litter Can Help You Monitor Your Cat’s Health

You know what to look for in the litter box, right?

Poop the right consistency and shape.

A certain number of urinations each day.

But even if something is “off”, that doesn’t tell you much.

You’re just left with more questions. And worry.

But PrettyLitter has something that other litters don’t.

It changes color when your cat urinates.

When healthy, you’ll see a color somewhere between yellow and olive green.

But if something’s wrong, you’ll see something else:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Bright Green

(We’ll go into what each of those means below)

That means just from your cat’s urine (combined with PrettyLitter), you get an insight into exactly what’s wrong with your cat – FAR before she would have otherwise let you see the signs.

But How Does The Litter Perform As Litter?

Fancy color-changing litter is cool and potentially life saving for your cat.

But what about the other 99% of the time when nothing is wrong?

While life saving litter might be good enough for some people as an insurance policy, I wasn’t sure it was enough to use as a daily litter.

Do you have to give up functional litter JUST IN CASE your cat gets sick?

Thankfully, no. And this was a big one for us (and for readers like you).

First of all, it’s NOT a clumping litter.

It’s made of highly absorbent crystals that actually suck up the pee and hold it in.

What does that mean for you, every day?

No Chunks Or Dust (And Associated Risks)

No scooping out hard chunks.

No risk of getting those hard chunks on your cat’s feet, causing you to gingerly remove it from her paw without infuriating her.

You scoop out the poop like you normally would, but for urine, you simply mix the litter around a bit, and you’re done.

Not being clay, it also means that if your cat cleans herself and gets some in her mouth, it’s not going to be a potential danger like bentonite clay might be.

Bentonite can expand in your cat’s digestive tract. No bueno.

And the dust levels compared to a clumping clay litter? Almost imperceptible.

If you (or your cat) are asthmatic, or you just hate dusty litter being tracked all over the house, PrettyLitter gets top marks here.

No More Pee Smell

Alright, a lot of litter’s promise this, but not many deliver.

And while PrettyLitter won’t make your house smell like it was recently cleaned by a high-end cleaning service, it’s VERY low odor.

First of all, the litter itself doesn’t have any perfuming or added scents.

The worst is trying to cover up a bad smell with a fake smell, right?

It’s an odorless crystal, because when the urine is soaked up by those crystals, it not only keeps the moisture locked up, it keeps the scent of the moisture locked up, too.

This all adds up to a VERY limited smell that should be safe for even the most sensitive of noses.

One Bag Lasts A LONG Time

For some litters, you need to be hauling a 20-40 pound bag of litter up…just for the month.

That’s annoying, potentially dangerous if you’re not used to carrying that much weight, and honestly who wants to try and hide a massive bag of litter somewhere out of sight?

PrettyLitter comes in a 4 pound bag. For the entire month. (For one cat)


I know, seems bizarre.

But the secret is in the ultra absorbent crystals and the fact that it’s not clumping and you’re therefore not throwing a ton of it in the garbage every time you scoop.

Of course this is assuming you use a fairly small litter box, since it requires 2 inches of depth to work properly for the whole month.

If you use a larger box, you’ll probably need 2 bags per month per cat.

Still not a lot, but of course then it’s double the price.

You can actually get in touch with them to ask how much your litter box is likely to need, so that you can make an informed choice, but just be warned that the tiny 4 pound size is for a pretty tiny litter box size.

Just remember to stir the litter around thoroughly to keep things fresh throughout the month.

Easy To Use, Convenient To Get

PrettyLitter is one of these amazing new companies that’s doing direct-to-consumer sales.

That means you don’t have to go through Amazon or a pet store or anything.

In the same vein as the usefulness and convenience of an Uber or Airbnb, they can set up auto-ship for you such that you order once on the website, and then every month a new bag of litter shows up on your doorstep.

When it comes to something that’s such a big part of your cat’s daily life (and your daily life), convenience is a huge factor, right?

Oh yeah and that lightweight bag and no urine scooping means it’s way easier to deal with.

It Can Be Cheaper (Sometimes)

This is a pretty fancy litter, especially because of the color changing health monitor part of it.

So you’d think it would be pretty expensive.

However, on a monthly basis, it ends up being about the same or even a little bit less than a “normal” litter.

Remember, they don’t have the overhead of shipping to third party retailers. They don’t have a big storefront.

They can afford to keep the price reasonable because they ship it straight to you.

Now, if you do have a slightly larger litter box, then getting 2 bags suddenly puts it into the higher end of cat litter prices.

It’s still reasonable for all the benefits, but just remember to check your box size before making the assumption that it’ll be way cheaper.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Peace Of Mind

Oh yeah and once again, the color changing is pretty cool.

Stay WAY ahead of the game by checking on the color everyday.

(Didn’t you always imagine your life would consist of checking the color of cat pee everyday?? The things we do for our cats!)

Not only are you more likely to spend less on vet bills by catching something early and finding an easy cure for it, but the likelihood of recovery is way higher when you catch something early.

A Couple Of Quick Housekeeping Points For PrettyLitter

  • PrettyLitter is made up of loose white silica gel crystals – it looks like white sugar or salt.
  • When you first fill the litter box up to 2 inches of litter, it will not look like there is enough litter in the box. BUT…it is extremely absorbent and lasts a long time.
  • Scoop poop daily, stir urine daily, and check the color daily
  • It SHOULD work in most automatic litter boxes

Health Monitoring Color Meanings

The thing that really sets PrettyLitter apart is, of course, the fact that your cat’s pee is “analyzed” by the color changing crystals every time she uses the litter box.

Here’s a run down of the colors you might see, and what each one means.

Yellow to Olive Green

Normal elimination.

Nothing to worry about here in terms of what PrettyLitter covers.

Obviously still pay close attention to your cat, because there are many illnesses that can’t be detected by urine.

But, of those that can be, you can be pretty sure everything is A-OK on the health front.

Blue/Dark Green

You should call the vet, as something might be wrong.

The actual issues indicated by the presence of blue or dark green litter is high alkalinity, which can lead to various problems:

  1. Struvite Crystals (painful urinary tract stones),
  2. FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), and
  3. Kidney problems

All of these conditions need to be evaluated by your veterinarian.

The blue here is true and bright, you won’t mistake it for the normal yellow or olive shade.


Call your vet (especially if your cat is male), because red means blood.

This could indicate your male pet has a UTI or injury and should be seen by a vet.

Female cats that are not spayed may be in heat, which may lead you to see red. Usually, this doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

However, if your female is spayed and you see red, a call to the vet is in order.


A call to the vet is needed to determine what to do next.

Orange means abnormal acidity, which might be a sign of:

  • Metabolic acidosis (painful, potentially causing neurological or cardiac problems)
  • Kidney tubular acidosis

Calcium oxalate crystals have a higher chance of forming in acidic urine, as well.

This doesn’t NECESSARILY mean something is wrong, but it’s certainly a breeding ground for issues.

Pretty much any color but yellow or olive means you should monitor your pet closely and call a veterinarian if the color changes continue.

The company does say that new diets or stresses can cause a color change, even if no other problem is present. You might want to take precautions and see a vet anyway, but keep this in mind before you panic if you see color changes.

So, Who Is PrettyLitter For?

Cat parents who want the peace of mind of having an “early warning detection system” but don’t want to sacrifice the convenience of a high quality litter.

If any of these sound good, PrettyLitter is probably right for you:

  • Less likely to lose your cat to a health problem (early detection)
  • Lower vet bills if you catch a health problem on time (early detection)
  • Almost no odor, almost no dust, non-clumping, long-lasting litter (convenience and quality)
  • Delivered to your door every month, on schedule, so no more shopping trips lugging giant bags of litter around (convenience)
  • A bit cheaper than typical litter per month per cat if you only use one bag (affordability

Why PrettyLitter Might Not Be Right For You

You can probably tell that we’re fans of PrettyLitter.

We honestly think it is the best choice for a lot of cat parents.

First of all, it’s a quality litter that actually works.

The bonus is that you get the early warning signs of a potential illness. That’s amazing.

However, no product will ever get 100% of the market, because you have preferences! So, here’s who this might not work for:

  • You like having lots of litter on hand “just in case” and don’t want to wait for the monthly delivery
  • You use a massive litter box and have to use more than 2 bags per cat per month (the box would have to be huge, but I know it’s an issue)
  • Your cat HATES change and will start peeing on your stuff if you mess up her litter routine (we found that after a few days even the fussiest of cats was OK with it)

The Final Verdict After Our PrettyLitter Review

We’re big fans.

Honestly, it’s hard to find fault here.

My biggest concern was whether it would actually function as an every day litter, because you’ll often find that “fancy” products with extra features are more concerned with the fancy features than the actual basic product.

I see this all the time with fancy automatic cat feeders or litter boxes that have all these buttons and features but don’t actually do what they’re supposed to do.

Thankfully, my fears were unfounded, and not only is this a good overall litter, but with the health monitoring aspect of it, it has to be one of the best litters we’ve looked at.

We highly recommend PrettyLitter as one of our top-rated litters, and suggest you switch to PrettyLitter today to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Imagine if your cat had a serious urinary tract issue that you didn’t catch until it was too late…

It’s just not worth it when you can start using PrettyLitter.

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