How To Pick A Name For Your Cat: Use Your Brain Before A Name Generator!

So, you’ve finally given into the kids’ constant pleas or you’ve just decided to adopt a cute little kitty on your own. Problem is, you have no idea how to pick a name for your kitty cat.

How do you do that?

For starters, there are a few things you should consider before going straight to brainstorming for cat names. Cats have a problem remembering their names if said names are too long. In other words, you might think that Sir Fluffy Paws III is a brilliant name and suits your furball purr-fectly, but your pet will have trouble remembering and responding to it.

If you really think Chairman Paws The Great fits your kitty, you can still keep it, but you should stick to a shorter nickname, like Pawsie, as cats find it difficult to remember longer words.

How To Pick The Right Name For Your Cat

Coming up with a suitable name for your feline pal isn’t as easy as it seems. If you really want to pick something original that suits your cat, there are a number of ways to do so.

We’ve got fun lists of the top 200+ names for boy cats and girls cats. Check them out first!

Consider the following factors before opting for a cat name generator.


You can easily draw some inspiration from your feline furball’s breed.

Are you going to look after a notoriously big breed, such as the Maine Coon or the Persian cat? How about a noble Persian name like Hadis (meaning Prophetic Tradition) or Kasra (meaning King)? There are tons of legends out there regarding the origins of these grand breeds, which can serve you well for inspiration.

Of course, you can always choose something simpler, like Goddess, for your cat’s majestic breed.


Getting to know your pet’s personality is essential for you and your cat’s well-being and co-existence. And it can also play a key role in picking out your cat’s name.

Is your pet vocal and active? Is it lazy and laidback? Is it extremely playful and destructive?

Keep in mind that most cats need some time to adjust to a new surrounding and they won’t show their true colors from the very beginning, so getting to know them might be harder.


Of course, appearances can be deceitful. And of course, they aren’t all there is to your cat. Your kitty’s scruffy cuteness or its exquisite features are just some of the reasons it brings a smile to your face.

You can easily come up with a cat name by observing your pet’s appearance. Does it have some special features like streaks, spots or “mittens”? Is it completely monochromatic? Does it have notoriously long fur? Fluffy, Ginger, Raven, Tiger, and Scar are just some of the most common cat names based on appearances.

Opt for something personal

Think of something that has a significant, sentimental meaning for you and your family or the people residing in your household. You can name your pet after a favorite book character, favorite destination spot, your favorite relative’s name, or a name which you’ve always admired, but never had the chance to use.

Search your memories for something which you hold dear, and draw inspiration from it.

Make a list with all of your ideas based on the above mentioned factors and try to brainstorm as many names as you can. Remember that you’ll be using your cat’s name on a daily basis, so pick a name which you won’t start resenting after a couple of weeks.

Scratch out the undesired names and consult with your pet. Your cat might start purring or showing other signs that he/ she likes the sound of a particular name.

After you’ve picked the ideal name for your precious little one, it’s time to teach your kitty how to respond to it. Make sure you’re always associating the cat’s name with positive experiences such as giving treats, feeding, petting and praising, or playtime.

Never use the kitty’s name when you’re scolding it or shouting at it, otherwise your pet will start associating its name with a negative experience and it will refuse to respond to it.

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