9 Pet Companies Taking The Sharing Economy By Storm

We all know the big ones.




But did you know that there are a whole bunch of amazing pet care companies also taking over the sharing economy?

It’s now easier than ever to find an affordable sitter, so you don’t have to leave your dog or cat at a kennel while you’re away. Alternatively, you also won’t have to hope that the family member you asked for help actually comes to check on your animal when he’s supposed to.

From dog walking to pet sitting to social media platforms, there’s now an app or service for anyone who wants to make sure their furry friend is looked after and loved while they’re away.

Here are some of our favorites!


PetCloud serves most of Australia and makes it super simple to post a job, find a sitter, and get the details arranged.

We love that they provide a pet sitter course and insurance, to make sure people know what they’re doing and to cover both parties in case of accident.

Just post your job, hire someone who’s available when you need them,  and have a little meet and greet to ensure compatibility (super important! You wouldn’t want to leave your precious pet with someone they’re going to be miserable around). Then pack your pets’ bags, drop them off, and pick them up when you get home.

PetCloud keeps the payment in escrow, so you’re not actually paying until both parties are happy with how things went down.

Then you leave a review, and carry on!

Definitely one of the best options available in Australia today.



Mad Paws

A full-service company, Mad Paws offers everything from dog walking to at-home pet sitting, from cat sitting to guinea pig sitting!

Covering most of Australia, they’re another fantastic option, and actually have a partnership with Bondi Vet (not sure if you watch it, but I may or may not binge watch now and then).

They also offer free insurance, meet and greets with potential sitters, pics and updates while you’re away, and the ability to leave reviews for maximum transparency.

There are a lot of options around the main cities, and Mad Paws seems to attract very high quality sitters, as many of them have 4.5+ star reviews and multiple repeat guests.




Rover is like the Uber in this market … they’re probably the top pick for dog walking and sitting services. Unfortunately, they provide no cat sitting or anything outside of canine companionship, but have been growing quickly and buying up some of the smaller companies in this space.

They’re available in 10,000 cities across the US and coming into Canada, with 140,000 sitters.

They’re also very specific with who they will let sit for your dogs … they claim only 20 percent of applicants are approved, since they have to go through background checks and sitter education.

According to Crunchbase, Rover has raised over $150 million, which shows that many people are choosing to trust them with a lot of money – and a lot of pets – which should only lead to them continuing to grow and improve!



Dog Buddy

Dog Buddy provides boarding, daycare, and walking services throughout Europe. They serve the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Everything’s done online, so you simply fire up their site or app, find someone in your area who you’re comfortable with, and go on your merry way.

All bookings are insured and they include a 24/7 vet line, just in case.

Dog Buddy is the go-to option for much of Europe, and it’s easy to see why!



Happy Tail

Based in Sweden, this is an interesting option!

Sure, you can find dog sitters (or a dog to sit!), but it’s actually more of a social media platform for dog lovers.

You create a profile, post pics and stories about your dog, send messages to people nearby, and even set up playdates to make new friends for both you and your pooch.

There’s a map that shows nearby friends and also nearby dog-friendly places (restaurants, parks, etc.).



Fetch Pet Care

Aha! Finally, another cat-friendly service in the US!

These guys have actually been around for quite a while, with some of their sitters having been with them for 10+ years!

Fetch Pet Cares provides everything from mid-day potty breaks taken care of, to 30-minute exercise sessions, to full-on pet sitting.

They allow you to call or email them in order to work through what you’re looking for. They then do the hands-on work to find a match and provide you with the best option. You can also do this online, but it’s a nice touch for those who would rather have the service taken care of, or who aren’t comfortable doing it online.

fetch pet care



Another popular UK option, BorrowMyDoggy has 500,000+ members in the UK and Ireland.

There’s a verification process, insurance, and access to a vet phone line in case of emergency, so they have all the bases covered when it comes to safety and peace of mind. When you create a profile, you have the ability to chat with a prospective sitter, which should help you become more comfortable with the person.

Unusually, BorrowMyDoggy doesn’t have a pay-per-use system. Instead, it requires a yearly membership, and then “exchanging” of the pets is not done for money.

The sitters truly love the animals and want to spend time with them, whereas the people lending the animals either need them taken care of while away, or simply love to spread the joy their pet gives them.

The memberships are quite inexpensive for a year, and from then on it’s all about messaging and connecting with other animal lovers on the site!

borrow my doggy



Wag is really awesome because it’s a huge network of dog lovers across America, ready to be hired for walks or pet sitting, usually within 30 minutes.

We also love the app when your dog’s on a walk. You can find someone nearby on the map and then, thanks to GPS tracking, you can watch your dog’s progress. You get an “activity report,” showing how long they walked, and whether they did a poo or pee, and you can also get pictures to check up on your pup.

Sitters and walkers have to pass rigorous screening to be approved, and it also comes with insurance for your peace of mind.

Definitely one of the top picks for dog walking!



Sitting For A Cause

While not as flashy as some of the other options, we really love that Sitting For a Cause donates 50 percent of their commissions to animal- related causes.

Plus, they’ve got a really wide range of services, from standard dog walking and sitting to pet massage and pooper scooper services!

Simply sign up, look for the service you want, and you’re good to go!

If you need to leave your pet overnight, you can get pics and updates from your sitter (or have someone stay at your own home).

sitting for a cause


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