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The Ultimate List Of Cat Names (By Category)

Coming up with a suitable name for your feline pal isn’t as easy as it seems. If you really want to pick something original that suits your cat, there are a number of ways to do so.

Consider your cat's breed, personality, appearance, or something personal to you that you love.

We've made it easy by breaking down hundreds of the top names for cats based on the categories just mentioned. 

By Gender

It may be best to start at the most broad category and work your way down. That way you won't miss anything!

Feel free to put your own spin on things, but here are our top list of names for girl and boy cats.

By Color

Your cat's appearance is one of the best ways to pick a name for him or her.

They're also some of the cutest!

Pick a color below to get some ideas for your kitty.

Just for fun

Is your cat extra "special"?

You know what I mean.

Like, tries to sleep in your shoes, licks walls, trips over himself now and then?

Why not try one of the fun options below?

By Breed

Your cat is THE quintessential one of his breed.

He is THE siamese cat.

Then pick a name that reflects that!

Not Looking For A Name after all?

No problem. Lucky for you, we cover pretty much every single topic any cat parent could ever want to know.

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