The Most Meaningful Ways To Say Goodbye To Your Beloved Pet

Saying goodbye to your cat or dog is never easy.

I know first hand what it does to me, but I got a sense of just how much a pet can mean when my grandfather, who always simply seemed to tolerate my grandmother’s cat, broke down and cried after putting their kitty to sleep.

Grief is a powerful thing, and the passing of a pet certainly brings to light just what he or she meant to your life.

I believe that it’s only right to send them off with a proper goodbye, and that’s why I’m so happy to learn about three wonderful companies who are doing their part to make this transition easier and more meaningful.

We cover one very much in depth so I will direct you here if you’d like to explore getting a custom painted portrait of your pet for a VERY affordable price (with unlimited revisions!): The Best Pet Portraits To Remember Your Cat.

For something quite different, though, I’d like to introduce you to Rooted and Paw Pods.


Recomposition helps turn your pet into life-giving compost

Rooted is very interesting. Not simply a way for you to bury your pet, it gives you the chance to literally return him or her to nature in a beautiful way.

Through their patent-pending “recomposition” process, Rooted turns your pet’s remains into life-giving compost, in a responsible and eco-friendly way.

There are many options, and the service you choose simply depends on your personal preferences.

You can choose to donate the compost to local urban forestry projects and tree-planting causes. Or, you can choose to receive the compost and use it yourself.

Now, they do put multiple animals in at one time, so your compost may only be partially made up of your own pet. If this is a concern to you, they offer a premium service (which is much more expensive), that allows them to perform recomposition on your pet ONLY and send you back the compost without worrying that it’s not your loving pet.

You can also elect to have a tree planted in your pet’s honor, for free! This is a wonderful touch, and they send you a certificate once the tree is planted.

While certainly not mainstream, this is an absolutely unique and touching way to return your pet to the earth, to ensure that he or she helps sustain and grow the next wave of life-giving plants and trees.

Paw Pods

Sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable burial caskets (pet pods) safely return your pet to the earth

Burying your dog, cat, fish, or hamster in the backyard is not always a good idea. You might not bury it deep enough. It might get dug up by local wildlife. It might spread disease. Or, you might bury it in something that will never break down, harming the earth in the process.

For a safe and dignified burial at home, trust Paw Pods.

The company was started after the founder received his beloved pet’s body back from the vet in a plastic bag that was awfully close to being a garbage bag.

After such a meaningful, loving life, it was just a shock, and felt disrespectful for him to bury his pet that way.

So, he came up with a green, sustainable, biodegradable, and yet sturdy, way of burying your pet at home.

With options for both ashes and non-cremated pets, you can be sure this is an eco-friendly and safe option.

Paw Pods has sizes to fit most pets, including small pods for fish and little pets like hamsters.

A wonderful touch is included in the form of the seeds of a perennial plant, which you can plant directly on top of the Paw Pod, creating an everlasting memory of your pet that you can visit time after time.

Plus,  the caskets can actually be drawn on with markers or painted on. This can help a child get through the difficult time by creating a meaningful memory.

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