How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger And More Spacious For Your Cat Or Kitten

Living in small house or apartment can be hard enough without having to worry about the lack of space when you have a domestic pet.

Some cat breeds are actually suitable for small apartments. But that doesn’t mean that they like narrow enclosures all the time. Felines kept strictly indoors are deprived of the joys of exploring the vast outdoor world. And that deprivation only becomes worse when your indoor kitty is residing in a small home.

It doesn’t really matter how many cat toys you buy or how much time you devote to playing and training sessions. The cat still needs some space.

Fortunately, there are some ways to cope with the confinements of a small house or apartment. You can make your home more spacious for your cat even on a tight budget. The three basic ways to do it are to invest in cat furniture or to take advantage of your home’s vertical or horizontal spaces. Of course, if you own a notoriously large furball like the Maine Coon, you might need to move some furniture around. But even these gigantic creatures don’t need an entire empty room just for themselves.

Here’s how to make your home more spacious for your cat.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger By Taking Advantage Of Vertical Space

Make Resting Places On Stands, Perches, And Bookshelves

Every cat will be more than happy if it gets new resting places for napping or for hiding.  Inborn feline curiosity and the need to explore will be satisfied if your pet discovers some new comfy spots in your small home.

An easy way to achieve this is to make some resting places on wall stands and bookshelves. Place a small pillow in between books or just clear out some parts of the shelves. There are breeds like the Siamese and the Oriental Shorthair that are active jumpers and adore resting on higher spots. They’ll immediately take a liking towards the new resting places.

Mount Extra Shelves

If you have enough room on your walls, you can mount some extra shelves. Opt for short ones or even get several tiny shelves and mount them in a zig-zag way. Your cat will have tons of fun jumping from one shelf to another.

A similar idea is to mount the shelves in a staircase shape. Those won’t be as fun for your kitty as the zig-zag shelves, but they will look artsy on your wall and could still serve as a centerpiece even if you haven’t stored anything on them.

Clean Up The Countertops And Dresser Tops

An easy way to take advantage of your small home’s vertical space without buying or mounting anything is to just clean up the tops of your dressers, cabinets, and countertops. This will effortlessly create new resting spots for your cat. Moreover, your home will be de-cluttered and will look cleaner and more spacious.

Taking Advantage Of Horizontal Space

Install Indoor Flap Doors

A great way to take advantage of the horizontal space in your home is to allow your pet free access to every room. You can easily make this happen by installing indoor flap doors for your kitty. Some doors come with a lock so if you need to keep the cat out of any room, you can just lock the flap door.

Yet another great feature of indoor flap doors is that your cat can have 24/7 access to the rooms where its feeding station and litter box are placed.

Move Some Furniture Around

If it’s possible, try moving some furniture around. If you’ve already used up the room’s space, just get creative with the cat’s furniture pieces. Moving around the litter box and feeding station, the scratching pads, and other similar items might create some extra space.

Investing In Cat Furniture

Window Perches

Getting window perches is a great way to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoor world. It’s also a nifty trick for providing more resting spots for your feline furball.

You can mount some window perches only on windowsills. Others come with silicon suction pumps and you can mount them directly onto the glass. The latter ones are useful for when you need to remove the perch and place it on another window. And lastly, there are also multi-level window perches that provide extra napping/ resting spots.

Cat Trees

Investing in a cat tree is just as efficient in making your home more spacious for your kitty as getting a window perch is. Some cat trees are small and compact. Others are quite tall and offer multiple activities with hammocks, hanging ball toys, and even special scratching pad surfaces.

Don’t worry if your house or apartment is too tiny. Cats are more intelligent than you might actually think. If you can’t figure out a way to provide more free space, chances are your feline pal will find something useful on its own to keep itself entertained.

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  • Updated June 13, 2018
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