The Best Large Cat Trees For Bigger Cats – With Reviews and Ratings

Let’s face it, not every cat tree or condo is designed with large cats in mind. Not only are the perches and hammocks too small to accommodate a bigger body, but they’re not structurally sound enough to stay upright, either.

The best cat trees for large cats provide not only a comfy place for your big kitty to rest after a hard day of playing but also durability and stability. You don’t want your cat to jump onto their new cat condo, only to have it tip over and scare them away from ever using it again.  

We researched over 100 models to find the sturdiest, most fun, and most cat-approved trees available on the market today for large cats. Here are our favorites.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Quick-Find: Best Large Cat Trees

Editor’s Choice

Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Frisco 72-in

  • Multi-featured design with high-quality construction
  • Toys feature safety release
  • Ten sisal rope scratching posts
  • Wall anchor kit included for extra stability

Most Aesthetic

Mau Lifestyle Cento 46-in

Mau Lifestyle Cento 46-in

  • Beautiful design
  • Solid wood construction
  • Cozy baskets
  • Hanging toys

Best High-End

The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in Faux-Fur Cat Tree & Condo

The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in

  • Steel construction
  • Five perches
  • Modern design
  • Stable


Armarkat 78-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Armarkat 78-in

  • High weight capacity
  • Perfect for cats who love climbing
  • 12 scratching posts
  • Extra-wide base for stability

Best Budget Option

Frisco 38-in Cat Tree with Condo Top Perch and Toy

Frisco 38-in

  • Hanging ball toy
  • Two color options
  • Removable perch cover can be machine washed
  • Cozy apartment for naps

Best For Aging Cats

Armarkat GleePet 57-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Armarkat GleePet 57-in

  • Ladder ramp for senior kitties
  • Luxury hammock for lounging and napping
  • Two perches
  • Six sisal rope poles

Most Simple Design

EliteField 38-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

EliteField 38-in

  • Mid-height for cats of all ages/abilities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide base for stability
  • Four sisal ropes for scratching

Best Space-Saving Design

K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin' Cat Condo

K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

  • Great for small spaces
  • Perfect for climbers
  • Easy to put together
  • Machine washable

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Before choosing the right cat condo for large cats, it’s essential to know what to look for. There are several key considerations to take into account before you start reading our reviews.


The cat condo your kitty might have lived on when they were a kitten may not be sturdy or safe for your adult-sized cat. This is especially true if your kitty is on the larger side. Be sure to review the weight capacity on all the trees to find one that best suits your pet. 

Remember, your cat will be jumping on and off of their tree, so stability is vital. Look for options with broad bases. You might also consider options that can be anchored to your wall to reduce wobble. This ensures the cat tree will stay upright no matter how aggressively your kitty jumps on and off of it.

The last thing you want is your pet’s favorite resting place to become something they’re terrified to use.  


Cats can be rough on things, especially when they’re playing on them constantly. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on a cat tree that your beloved pet will tear to shreds within days. 

Look for trees made with strong and quality materials. You may need to pay extra for these features, but it’ll be worth it for both you and your cat in the long run. 


Both the sturdiness and durability of the tree you purchase will determine its overall safety. You don’t want to buy a cat condo that can’t withstand the weight of your cat. 

Some trees have balls that hang off of strings for your kitty to play with. If the toys don’t have quick-release features, they shouldn’t be installed on your tree. If your cat were to get caught on the string or the ball, it could have devastating consequences. 

Multiple Cats

If you live in a multi-cat household, the tree you choose will need to be able to hold the weight of all your feline companions. The tree will likely wind up becoming a hot spot for playtime and sleeping, so it must have a big enough weight capacity to hold all of your cats safely. 

You should also search for options with multiple perches or condos so that each cat has an area of the tree to call their own. 


The best large cat trees are made of high-quality materials.

The best base for cat trees for large cats is a strong material like steel, engineered wood, and solid wood. These materials all ensure the cat tree is durable and sturdy. 

Avoid trees made with cardboard parts. Some cats may try to eat the cardboard, which can cause dangerous blockages and expensive emergency vet bills. 

Sisal rope is the best choice for large cat tree scratching posts, but some may have corrugated cardboard. This material is stronger than traditional cardboard and is generally considered to be a better choice. 

The sleeping and perching parts of cat towers should feature a soft and cozy material like carpet, faux fleece, or faux fur. This will encourage your kitty to snuggle up and rest. Some cats might also prefer scratching at these softer materials than sisal rope or cardboard. 


One key feature that every cat tree should have is scratchability. Cats need to scratch. It’s an instinct that’s prevalent in all felines, even big cats like tigers and lions. Scratching allows them to stretch out, mark their territory, and keep their claws sharp.

If you don’t provide a place for your cat to scratch, you might find that they set their sights on your furniture or even your walls.

Your cat tree should be carpeted or have sisal rope wrapped around it for scratching purposes. 

Benefits of Cat Trees

Every household with a cat should have a cat tree. Cat trees are essentially cat furniture that provide the enrichment your kitty needs to thrive and be happy. They’re especially worthwhile in homes where the cat doesn’t have access to outside to explore and exercise. Here are some more great reasons to invest in a cat tree. 

Cat Trees Are Great Exercise

Cat condos come in all shapes and sizes and with infinite play opportunities. Cats need exercise to stay healthy and prevent obesity, so trees with toys, ramps, and perches provide a way for them to get their exercise in for the day. 

Cat Trees Promote Feelings of Safety

Timid cats need a place in your home where they can hide and retreat to when they need to feel safe. They can choose to hide in the enclosed apartments on the tree or even perch themselves up high to survey their environment. 

Cat Trees Are Great for Multi-Pet Homes

Cats can get territorial when they live with other cats or animals. Too many pets in a home with a territorial cat can lead to tension, stress, and an unhappy cat. A tree will provide them a place to perch themselves to showcase their status in the home. Trees with perches on multiple levels can allow cats who might otherwise fight all day to be within reach of one another.

How We Chose Our List

The internet is great for many things, but it can lead to indecisiveness when shopping. With the entire world of cat trees at our fingertips, it can be challenging to determine which will be the best for our needs. 

To bring you the best cat trees for large cats, we had to do a lot of research on what cats love and what attracts cats to cat trees in the first place. 

We sifted through many different product review websites and pet supply stores to make a mega-list of the market’s best options. From there, we narrowed down the list by considering both the rating and number of customer reviews of each large cat tree. Reading others’ thoughts on the product helped us decide whether it was worthy of a spot on our list.

Next, we looked at the engineering of each of the trees. Were they stable enough to hold a large cat? How wide are the bases? What materials were used in construction? Do they come with anchor kits to attach the trees to the wall? 

Finally, we tried to determine which trees would be an attractive choice for cats. Did they have toys attached for entertainment? Were there cat condos for sleeping and relaxing? How high were the perches?

What we were left with was this list of the eight best cat trees for large cats. They pass our high standards, so we think even the most prim, proper, and fussy kitties will like them too. 

Reviews of the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats


Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions: 72 x 39 x 27 inches

Weight: 63.1 pounds

Material: Engineered Wood, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

The Frisco 72-inch tree is the ultimate hangout spot for your cat to use for all of their favorite hobbies. Whether they’re leaping onto or off of the tree, scratching it, honing their hunting skills, lounging, or napping, this tree provides everything they need.

The Positives of the Frisco 72-in

This cat condo is truly an all-in-one hangout for cats of any size. Not only will it become your kitty’s favorite sleeping spot with three different perches and two separate condos, but it’s sure to become their favorite place to play, too.

The top perch is 6 feet high, which is great if your cat needs to get closer to the ceiling to a get-away from small dogs or children.

This tree includes four different dangling toys for your cat to enjoy. Two of the toys are shaped like mice to allow your cat to appease their hunting instincts. It’s important to note that the toys will release if they come under excessive pressure. This is a safety feature of this tree to ensure your cat won’t get tangled up in their toys’ rope. 

The tree features a whopping ten scratching posts for your cat to enjoy. It also has two 17.5-inch scratch ramps they can use to stretch out their bodies to the fullest extent. This high number of scratching opportunities works well for multi-cat households as each kitty can have “their” own post to scratch.

There are two separate cozy condo apartments for your kitty to claim as their special sleeping spot. The apartments feature a soft and plush fabric construction to ensure they’re comfortable while they curl up for their catnap.

Though no weight limit is specified, Frisco manufactures all of their cat trees to suit cats of all sizes. Since this tree is so tall, it also comes with wall anchors for additional stability. We recommend installing the anchor as an extra safety measure to prevent wobble and provide peace of mind for parents of large and rambunctious kitties. 

This condo comes in six different color options, making it easy to find an option that works well with your home decor. Choose between brown, grey, cream, black, blue, or even cheetah print. 

The Negatives of the Frisco 72-in

While this tree has an overwhelming amount of positive features, some things aren’t so great about it. 

As you already know, it is very tall at 72-inches. This height means it’s not very sturdy if you choose not to use the wall anchors. We recommend installing the anchors both for your pet’s safety and to extend the tree’s lifespan. However, if you are a renter, you may not be able to make holes in the walls.

If you cannot use the anchor kit in your home, we recommend opting for a shorter option. 

The height of this tree also makes it not as accessible to senior cats. 

Our Verdict of the Frisco 72-in

Overall, we loved almost every single thing about this large cat tree. The price is right, considering the infinite play opportunities you’ll be gifting your cat.

Most Aesthetic Cat Tree

Mau Lifestyle Cento 46-in

Mau Lifestyle Cento 46-in

Dimensions: 46 x 24 x 18 inches

Weight: 37 pounds

Material: Solid Wood, Faux Fur

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

It’s no secret that domestic and wild cats like trees. They like scratching and climbing them. While most of the products in our guide are “cat trees,” none of them look anything like a real tree. The Mau Lifestyle Cento is the closest thing your indoor kitty will get to an actual tree, and they’re going to love it.

The Positives of the Mau Lifestyle Cento

One of our favorite things about this cat tree is how beautiful it is. We know that’s a little bit selfish, but look at this thing! It’s a stunning piece of furniture that you can display proudly in your home. Of course, we wouldn’t include it in our list of best cat trees for large cats if it wasn’t a kitty-approved product, too.

This tree is made of wood and wicker and will do wonders with the aesthetic of your home. You’ll find that your kitty will be attracted to it because it’s made from real tree branches. The manufacturer uses only sustainably sourced wood, so you don’t need to worry about the environment. They also treat the wood, so it’s safe for cats and built to last. 

Since it’s made with natural wood, it’s very stable. It can hold up to 30 pounds, making it an excellent pick for large cats or multi-cat households. 

There are two woven baskets for sleeping. The baskets’ shape provides a cozy and safe-feeling space that will remind your cats of their kittenhood when they snuggled in bundles with their mom and siblings. 

The tree features a variety of different textures that your cat will be sure to love. They’ll enjoy the fluffy fabrics in the baskets and condo for sleeping and relaxing and the woven rattan to pique their curiosity. The tree also has two scratching posts and hanging toys to keep them entertained.

The Negatives of the Mau Lifestyle Cento

The only drawback of this large cat tree is its price. At nearly $300, this condo may not be accessible for every household. 

Our Verdict of the Mau Lifestyle Cento

If your budget allows for it, splurge on this cat tree. Not only is it a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that doubles as a statement-making decorative accent in your home, but it’s also clearly made by people who know and understand what cats love.

Best High-End Cat Tree

The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in Faux-Fur Cat Tree & Condo

The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in Faux-Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions: 62 x 31 x 13 inches

Weight: 39 pounds

Material: Steel, Faux Fur

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

One look at this cat condo and you’ll see how different it is from all of the others on our list. This beautiful and modern cat metropolis is perfect for homes with chill cats who prefer sleeping over playing.

The Positives of The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in

One of the things we loved about this option is how high-end it looks. Not every cat owner wants their home to look like cats live there. This product looks more like a sophisticated and modern piece of decor than it does a large cat tree. 

Its tiered design allows cats of all sizes and ages to climb and explore. Each of the five tiers has a platform featuring a cozy and plush cushion that’s easy to remove and wash. Multiple levels make this cat tower an ideal pick for multi-cat households.

This is available in several different color and style options, so finding one that suits your home’s aesthetic is easy. Some style options even come with a sisal scratchpad.

The frame itself features a sturdy and powder-coated steel construction. This tree won’t be going anywhere, no matter how aggressively your cat plays on it. This steel construction makes it a perfect pick for homes with larger cats. It also comes with a wall anchor kit for additional security and peace of mind. 

The Negatives of The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in

At first glance, you already know that it’s going to come at a higher price. At $350, this tree won’t be accessible for everyone.

Another issue with this tree is that the steel is painted. Don’t get us wrong, the colors are beautiful and don’t look like they’re painted. The problem is that the painted materials can be challenging to install as it adds to the product’s dimensions. 

Another drawback is that not every style option comes with a scratchpad. This is fine if you have scratching posts in your home for cats to appease their need to scratch. This tree may not double as a scratching post if you choose a style without scratching pads. 

Our Verdict of the Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in

Overall, this cat condo is a beautiful piece of furniture that every modern cat lover would love to have in their home. Even senior kitties will be able to enjoy a perch or two. The high price tag could be detrimental to cat owners on a budget, though. 

Tallest Cat Tree

Armarkat 78-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Armarkat 78-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions: 78 x 42 x 26 inches

Weight: 66 pounds

Material: Engineered Wood, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

If you’re looking for the highest cat tree possible for your large pet, this is it. This option is less of a cat tree and more of a cat tower. This sky-high condo is 78-inches in height and provides plenty of space for your large-and-in-charge kitty to explore, play, snooze, and perch.

The Positives of the Armarkat 78-in

One of the biggest positives of this cat condo is that it’ll encourage your kitty to exercise. There are 12 scratching posts, two condos, a hammock, a perch, and multiple toys for playtime, so there’s plenty of things for your cat to do besides sleeping. 

It’s made from engineered wood, and every inch is covered in either faux fur or sisal rope. Engineered wood is strong and sturdy, providing even nervous kitties with the confidence they need to climb up high. 

The weight capacity of this tree is a whopping 60 pounds. This makes it great for kitties on the bigger side and households with multiple cats. The base is extra wide, providing further stability and support to withstand aggressive play and even the zoomiest of zoomies

Though this unit is 6.5-feet tall and consists of many components, it is easy to assemble. Everything you need to put this tree together is included in the box, and it shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. 

The Negatives of the Armarkat 78-in

The condos are relatively small. Lifelong cat owners know that they’re very sneaky and adept at squeezing themselves into small spaces, but large cats might even find it challenging to contort themselves to a size small enough to fit through the condo doorways. Once inside, however, the condos are 14x14x12, so there’s plenty of room for napping in there. 

The hammock may be too small for larger cats to enjoy to its fullest extent. That said, we all know how much cats love to curl up, so it may be just the right size for some cats.

Another downfall of this unit is that there is no wall anchor kit included. 78-inches is very high, so an anchoring kit would be nice for additional peace of mind and stability. 

Our Verdict of the Armarkat 78-in

Every cat owner knows that cats love to climb. There are many reasons for this, but if you want to provide your kitty with the ability to get as high as possible without climbing a tree, this large cat tree is just what you need. 

Best Budget Option

Frisco 38-in Cat Tree with Condo, Top Perch, and Toy

Frisco 38-in Cat Tree with Condo, Top Perch, and Toy

Dimensions: 38 x 23.5 x 14 inches

Weight: 22.8 pounds

Material: Engineered Wood, Faux Fleece, Sisal Rope

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Cat trees don’t need to cost a small fortune. This 38-incher from Frisco won our Best Budget option as it’s available at a very affordable price while still being sturdy enough for cats of all sizes to enjoy. 

The Positives of the Frisco 38-in 

Cat trees don’t need to reach the sky to be a fun play structure for your pets. This condo is the smallest in our guide, but 38-inches is still nothing to scoff at. In fact, its height is a bonus of this tree as it tends to be sturdier than some of the higher options out there. 

This tree features three tiers for endless feline fun. The top level is a luxurious perch with a cozy bolster upon which your kitty can lounge, nap, or spy on its siblings or toys. The middle tier is a faux fur-covered perch with a hanging ball toy to tempt their hunting instincts. The bottom level features a comfortable condo for sleeping purposes.

There are two separate sisal rope-covered poles for scratching.

The top perch has a removable cover so you can take it off to wash it if it gets soiled. 

Though there is no listed weight capacity for this unit, Frisco stands by the claim that all of their products are made for cats of all ages, sizes, and weights in mind. 

The tree is available in either charcoal or grey to fit into most home decors quite nicely.

The Negatives of the Frisco 38-in

The main downside of this cat condo is that the fabric is very thin. While the top perch is quite luxurious, the other areas leave much to be desired. If your kitty has exquisite tastes and prefers a soft and cozy sleeping area, you might want to consider one of the other trees on our list.

Since this tree is short, it doesn’t come with a wall anchoring kit. If your pet likes to launch themselves onto and off of their cat tree, this might not be the best pick. While its short stature makes it sturdier by nature than taller trees, it might not be stable enough to withstand aggressive jumping. 

Our Verdict of the Frisco 38-in 

Overall, this cat tree is an excellent pick for larger cats because of its shorter height. Its broad base makes it sturdy for gentle play, but your cat may not find it stable enough if they are known to play quite rough on their trees.

Best for Aging Cats

Armarkat GleePet 57-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Armarkat GleePet 57-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions: 57 x 33 x 30 inches

Weight: 34.3 pounds

Material: Engineered Wood

Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Just one look at this cat tree for large cats and you can see how much potential there is for fun. With several perches, a condo, and sisal rope for days, your kitty is going to have so much fun with this tree. 

The Positives of the Armarkat GleePet 57-in

Your cat will go nuts when they see the infinite play possibilities available with this large cat tree. 

There are two different perches they can sit or nap on. The perches feature a faux fur material for their comfort.

A luxurious hammock hangs above the tree’s lowest tier, providing a suspended resting place for cats who like to feel snug as a bug when they nap. Cats who prefer a quiet and secluded napping place will love the enclosed apartment.

The tree also features six sisal rope poles so they can scratch to their heart’s content. This makes it an excellent pick for multi-cat households as they can all claim their own pole. 

Senior cats, those with some extra weight, or those recovering from surgery will love the ladder ramp. It allows them to climb up to the second tier of the tree with ease. 

The Negatives of the Armarkat GleePet 57-in

This tree is a whopping 57-inches in height, but it does not come with a wall anchor kit. Aggressive play could lead to a tipped-over cat tree. If you know your pet is more on the chill side than they are rambunctious, you don’t need to fret as much over this being a freestanding cat condo. 

The platforms and hammock are on the smaller side. Cats that are large in size (and not just weight) may have a hard time fitting and maneuvering.

Our Verdict of the Armarkat GleePet 57-in

This tree is an excellent pick for cats who love to be up high. Since it can hold 40 pounds, it’s great for larger kitties and multi-cat households. The condo provides a lot of space for bigger cats, and its seemingly infinite number of sisal rope posts means you’ll be saving your furniture from a scratch-related demise. 

Most Simple Design

EliteField 38-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

EliteField 38-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 14 inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Material: Engineered Wood, Sisal Rope, Faux Fur

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

This mid-height cat tree is a perfect option to keep your kitty happy with multiple sisal rope scratching posts, a condo apartment, perches, and a hanging ball for playtime.

The Positives of the EliteField 38-in

Since it’s relatively short in height, you won’t need to worry about your larger cats knocking it over when they jump on or off it. Its broad base provides additional stability, so even aggressive jumpers won’t be able to knock it over. 

This tree is straightforward to put together and can be assembled in just a few minutes. It comes with all the tools you’ll need to put it together so your cat can start enjoying it right away.

Your cats will love playing and scratching on this tree. There are four different scratching posts made with natural sisal rope. Sisal will attract your cats to the tree and take their attention away from your drapery and furniture. The ball-on-a-rope attached to the top platform will drive them wild and appease their need for play

The condo and perches are covered in a soft faux fur material for extra coziness. 

EliteField claims that this tree is designed with cats up to 20 pounds in mind. The middle perch is the perfect, stable resting spot for your bigger pets. 

The Negatives of the EliteField 38-in

Though this tree can hold cats that weigh up to 20 pounds, we aren’t entirely sure if the top perch would be sturdy enough to hold cats on the larger size. This may be just fine for your feline family if your cats don’t like to sit up high, though.

The perch measures 14×14, so depending on how your cat carries its weight, it might work. 

The condo diameter measures 12×12. This may or may not be a good size for your large cat, depending on how they carry their weight. Some cats will squeeze themselves into tiny places no matter what size they are, though. 

Our Verdict of the EliteField 38-in

Overall, we loved most of what this cat tree has to offer. If you know their size doesn’t hold your kitty back and that they love to climb, you might want to measure them to see if they’ll fit comfortably in the condo or on the top perch. 

If you’re worried about your cat knocking over the tree, we don’t think that’ll be an issue with this product. Its broad base ensures additional stability that will keep this cat condo in one place.

Best Space-Saving Design

K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin' Cat Condo

Dimensions: 65 x 23 x 16 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

Material: Nylon

Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Though this cat condo doesn’t look like a traditional cat tree, we still had to include it in our list. Its high weight capacity makes it a perfect pick for nimble larger cats. If you don’t have a lot of floor space in your home, this hanging condo will be the clear winner for your needs.

The Positives of the K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

The innovative design of this cat condo is perfect for homes without a lot of floor space. If you want to give your cat the gift of exploring new heights but don’t want to use wall anchor kits recommended with higher cat trees, the hanging design of this cat tree will probably appeal to you. 

There are no tools necessary to put this together. You simply need to attach the door brackets and hang the kitty condo from them. Since it’s easy to put together, it’s also easy to remove for storage purposes too. In fact, it folds down to a small and compact size to make transporting it a breeze.

The condo is made from a 600 denier nylon material, making it simple to keep clean and machine washable. 

There are five separate condos for your pet to choose from. Each apartment connects to the one above it through interior holes. This provides a ton of space for cats to explore and climb. If you have a multi-cat household, they’ll love being able to chase one another up this tree. 

The Negatives of the K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

Chances are you’ll need to steam this condo before hanging. It can get wrinkled in the box, making it difficult to hang as it won’t lay right on your door. If you don’t have a steamer, you might need to get creative to remove the wrinkles.

The condo may not work for all sizes and styles of doors. You may not be able to close the door once the cat condo is installed. The interior of the door bracket has a depth of 1.75-inches. We recommend measuring your door to ensure it will work before purchasing.

Our Verdict of the K&H Pet Products Nylon Hangin’ Cat Condo

The Hangin’ Cat Condo is a great pick for households short on space. Cat trees can take up a lot of room, and if you’re already working with tight living quarters, you won’t want to sacrifice even more floor space. 

This tree is perfect for increasing the activity level of your cat(s). They will get a lot of exercise jumping from one condo to the next and maneuvering themselves inside each apartment as they do so. 

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