[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

This is a guest post and infographic by Jane Miller of Sweetie Kitty!

When you hold your kitten or look at your adult cat for the first time, remember that this docile-looking furball is still half wild and has the soul and primitive hunting instincts of a tiger, lion, or leopard. (Sometimes I catch my cat looking at me as if he wonders what I taste like!). Having said that, he has a big heart and is capable of an enormous amount of affection. If you feel you can give him the amount of love he needs, please go ahead and adopt a cat.

10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

Spay Or Neuter

If you’re not going to breed your kitty, please do him a favor and sterilize him. This will save you the hassle of searching for your tomcat all over the neighborhood, since he, like all male creatures, is hardwired to be constantly on the lookout for a mate. Likewise, your queen will be spared the misery of giving birth to endless litters of kittens.

Get A Good Vet

He or she should be on your wavelength in matters like the treatment of illnesses and when it’s time (if ever) to mercifully end your cat’s life. This isn’t a pleasant subject to talk or even think about, but it has to be done, unfortunately. Make sure you can inspect their premises too!

Cat-Proof Your House

If you’re bringing a feline into your house you need to remember that he’s not a dog, and he can achieve feats of agility your pooch can only dream of. A cat can jump seven times his own height! To this end, your house must be made safe for him, you, and all the things you hold dear. Think of your cats as little children and fit childproof locks. Cats are extremely territorial and for this reason, they need to be constantly on the alert for trespassers, which makes them very inquisitive, since they have to constantly inspect their surroundings. This could mean the accidental destruction of things like delicate and breakable ornaments, so take precautions.

They have a habit of doing strange things like drinking from the toilet bowl and occasionally falling in, and for kittens, this can have tragic consequences, so keep your toilet lids closed. Ditto for cupboards, especially those with toxic cleaning materials in them. Some nimble and clever cat breeds like Bengals can even hook doors open with their paws, so think of them as little children and fit childproof locks.

Remember to pick up small things like marbles, elastic bands, bottle tops, hair grips, and the like from the floor. Cats love playing with this sort of thing but they are choking hazards! Contrary to popular belief, string balls are dangerous to cats. Due to the backward-pointing barbs on its tongue, a cat can swallow the string and be unable to spit it out again. Don’t try to pull it out yourself, since this can be dangerous. Let the vet do it.

Cats’ killing instincts are all triggered by sudden movements, which is why they like things like laser pointers. They also love dangling electrical cords, which remind them of snakes and the tails of mice, so keep your cords tucked up or stuck down, please!

Vaccinate And Get Regular Check Ups

Have your furball vaccinated and checked up once a year unless you see anything amiss. If yours is an outdoor/indoor cat like mine, make sure you use worm and flea prevention – an infestation of fleas is nothing to sneeze at! If he’s an indoor cat he may suffer from a lack of exercise, so get him a few cat toys and have a strenuous 15-30 minutes’ play session every day unless you’d really like to have a little lard bucket! You will both enjoy it, and it’s a great opportunity for some charming selfies.

Remember that there are lots of lovely cats in shelters looking for homes where they will find care, food, and most of all – love!

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