Important Cat Holiday Dates And Information

Just because cats can’t officially celebrate with their owners doesn’t mean they should be left out of the many reasons for year-round holiday cheer!

It might be surprising, but there are plenty of cat-themed holidays that pet parents and cat lovers from all over the globe celebrate on an annual basis. In fact, even some of the biggest cat-related organizations (such as the ASPCA) celebrate such holidays. They host various events and campaigns in order to raise awareness for medical issues or just to spread some cheer among current and soon-to-be kitty owners.

Most of the cat-themed holidays you’ll find information on are “non-official”.

Thanks to the fact that kitties of all breeds and ages are among the most popular choice of pets, nowadays there’s an unofficial cat-related holiday almost every week! So, instead of filling your heads with a long list of celebrated dates, we’ll just give you the basics on the most fundamental ones.

Important Cat Holidays: Dates And Info

National Pet Travel Safety Day – January 2

January 2 marks National Pet Travel Safety Day. Whether you own a dog, a cat, or both, this is an important date. Traveling with your beloved furball can be a tricky and risky business. Spreading the word about this holiday is an excellent way to help pet parents become more aware and responsible about their pets’ needs.

National Cat Health Month – February

Yes, cats actually have their very own National Cat Health Month – February. That’s just how special feline creatures are! It’s also acknowledged as National Spay / Neuter Month, as well as Pet Dental Health Month.

World Spay Day – February 27

Even though the entire month of February is dedicated to pet health, The Humane Society hosts an annual spaying-awareness campaign on Feb. 27.

Poison Prevention Month – March

March is Poison Prevention Month. The week of March 18 – 24 is National Poison Prevention Week, but poison prevention campaigns run throughout the entire month. What’s more, the patron saint of cats also has a special holiday on March 17.

Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Month – April

The ASPCA fights for animal rights all year round. Nevertheless, the organization also has a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month – and that’s the month of April. You can participate in their campaigns by donating, spreading the word, adopting, engaging in social media, and so forth. If you want to learn more, head over to the ASPCA’s website and find out how to get involved.

National Siamese Cat Day – April 6

Another important cat holiday in April is National Siamese Cat Day. If you own a Siamese kitty, celebrate with it on April 6.

National Hug Your Cat Day – May 3 or May 30

You don’t really need a reason to hug your beloved feline friend. However, you can still celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day. The holiday’s exact date varies – some claim it’s May 3, others May 30, and some say it’s May. If you ask us, every single day should be a National Hug Your Cat Day!

Adopt a Shelter-Cat Month – June

The ASPCA and the American Humane Association have proudly proclaimed June as the official Adopt a Shelter-Cat Month. Check out our list of the best cat shelters in the US when it comes to adopting feline furballs.

Independence Day – July 4

The 4th of July isn’t a cat-themed holiday. However, it’s of intrinsic importance to look after your feline pal with extreme care during Independence Day celebrations. Cats can easily go crazy from all of those noisy festivities, and stress isn’t good for their mental and physical health.

National Cat Day – August 8

National Cat Day or World Cat Day falls on August 8. It dates back to 2002 when it began as a way to raise more awareness about homeless cats. Some European countries celebrate this holiday on Feb. 17. And some people also celebrate it on October 29.

Take Your Cat to The Vet Day – August 22

Responsible pet parents don’t need a special holiday in order to take their cats to the vet’s office. Nevertheless, many people do celebrate National Take Your Cat to The Vet Day on August 22.

Happy Cat Month – September

The month of September is the official Happy Cat Month. There are several cat-themed holidays in September, the most notable of which are National Pet Memorial Day (September 13) and World Rabies Day (September 28).

National Black Cat Day – August 17 Or October 27

Black cats are adored, feared, praised, despised, and even worshipped, depending on an individual’s beliefs and superstitions. National Black Cat Day is an awesome cat holiday, which aims at raising awareness to the fact that black cats matter just as much as cats of any other fur color.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month – November

It’s understandable that only a handful of people would want to adopt a senior next to a younger feline. The ASPCA has proclaimed November as its official Adopt a Senior Pet Month in order to help elderly animals residing in shelters or on the streets find a new owner.

Your Cat’s Birthday!

Last, but definitely not least, is your own cat’s birthdate. You shouldn’t need a special occasion just to celebrate your kitty. However, you can still acknowledge its birthday on annual basis with some tasty treats and bonding time. If you don’t know your pet’s exact age, you can just label the day you welcomed it into your home as its sort-of-birthday.

Do you celebrate any of the important cat holidays listed above? Or do you have a very special cat-related holiday of your own? Why don’t you tell us about it?

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