I’m Not Sorry: Poems by Cats Book Launch!

I’m super excited to share with you today that our friend Rosa Silva of Cat Lady Confidential has just launched her newest book.

It’s called “I’m Not Sorry: Poems by Cats”, and it’s made up of 6 hilarious multi-page poems that show us what life is like through the (snarky) eyes of our cats.

She’s previously written “Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep”, and carries on the funny, all-too-real cat antics in this newest release.

My favorite is “Petey O’Malley: The Most Shameless Cat In The World”. Here are some excerpts:

If you need something to make you laugh, or you just can’t get enough of looking at life through the eyes of your naughty cat, you should absolutely pick up a copy of I’m Not Sorry: Poems by Cats. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle formats. Also makes an awesome gift for any other cat people in your life.

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