Reviewing Halo Cat and Kitten Food: Best Wet, Canned, And Dry Options

All felines are carnivorous creatures. This means they get their primary nutrition from real meat products. The vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and healthy fats found in meat are of fundamental importance for any cat.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to get only high quality cat food for your feline. Cats aren’t meant to live on human food or dog food…or crappy cat food, for that matter. They have strict dietary requirements, which must be met only through specialized cat food.

Halo is one of the most reputable cat food brands, which is not only affordable, but also healthy for your cat. They offer an extensive selection of choices in terms of flavor and nourishment. Moreover, they also have various food items specialized for cats in different growth stages. After all, you can’t feed your middle-aged kitty with food manufactured for newborn kittens.

Today we’ll give you some insight on the best options Halo has to offer. Get ready for some high quality dry AND wet canned food, as well as for items manufactured for cats with specific dietary needs.

The Best Halo Cat And Kitten Food Options

#1. Seafood Medley For Finicky Cats – Dry

halo seafood medley dry cat food

Felines can be quite capricious and so catering to their every whim is basically impossible. Halo’s seafood medley, however, does a pretty good job.

Cats adore salmon and tuna and most types of seafood. Sadly, giving your cat raw fish is not only dangerous, but also pricey. On top of that, the fish alone can’t meet all your cat’s dietary requirements.

This seafood medley consists of healthy ingredients such as whole freshwater and seawater fish, flaxseed, carrots, cranberries, green peas, eggs, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

This super tasty dry cat food is currently a best-seller among Halo’s products. It’s affordable and is suitable for the pickiest of feline pets .

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#2. Holistic Salmon Formula For Adult Cats – Dry

halo holistic wild salmon dry cat food

This cheaper version of the previous Halo dry cat food package doesn’t offer a plethora of seafood flavors and ingredients. However, it does include real salmon meat, salmon oil, pea protein, eggs, and vegetable broth.

Halo’s succulent salmon formula is suited to meet the indoor cat’s special dietary requirements, which are far different from the ones of the outdoor kitty.

With a natural formula that lacks any harmful preservatives and artificial flavors, this product is well-suited for adult cats, specifically. There are however kitten and senior cat versions. You can give the kitten version to your young kitten as it’s growing into adulthood, then transition right into the adult one with very minimal fuss, which is a nice touch. It’s really such an easily digestible, well-balanced meal.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, it’s a great product and won’t break your budget. Most importantly, the delicious flavors will make even capricious furballs fall in love with these granules.

It’s a great value and this product is definitely a winner!

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#3. Grain-Free Adult Canned Formula – Canned, Wet

halo salmon adult canned cat food

Unless you’re the proud owner of the famous Sphynx cat, you probably shouldn’t feed your feline pet only dry food. And one of Halo’s best food products is their wet canned cat food with salmon.

While Halo offers a variety of canned food, including turkey, chicken, beef, and lamb, their salmon recipe is a winner among cats of all breeds and ages.

Your kitty will immediately adore it. Whole salmon, carrots, peas, salmon oil, green beans, celery, and various amino acids are the main ingredients.

It’s not only tasty, but also healthy for your fluffy pal. High in moisture, grain-free, and easily digestible, this cat food is also packed with plenty of minerals and vitamins.

Halo’s canned food is suitable for all life stages. It’s manufactured to meet your cat’s dietary needs and offers a well-balanced meal made with real meat.

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#4. Chicken And Chicken Liver Recipe For Senior Cats – Dry

halo chicken and liver senior dry cat food

As much as we wish otherwise, kittens don’t remain small furballs forever. And when kittens become adult cats, they develop new dietary requirements.

All senior cats need special care in terms of exercise, grooming, nutrition, and overall healthcare. Thus, it’s of major importance to feed your elder cat with the correct type of cat food.

Halo offers an amazing grain-free formula for senior cats aged seven years or older. Their special chicken and chicken liver recipe is packed with vitamins, vegetables, and real meat.

An easily digestible formula which lacks grains, artificial flavors and fake meat – what more can you wish for? This particular food item may seem a bit pricier compared to the rest of the dry cat foods on the market, but it’s worth every dime!

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