Super Fun Things To Do With Your Cat: Our List Of 5 Pawsome Activities!

You’re bored. Your cat is bored. Everybody’s bored, and you just can’t think of any fun activities to engage in with your pet.

Fortunately for you and for your bored kitty, we’re here to save the day!

Cats need to explore their surroundings and be properly entertained at all times, otherwise you might find yourself a mess to clean up as your kitty manufactures its own entertainment. Furthermore, your kitty needs to be well exercised, especially if it’s an indoor cat, as it won’t get the chance to run freely outdoors.

So, what fun activities can you do with your cat?

1. Walk Your Kitty

You might or might not have heard of cats being walked on a leash.

Many people consider this type of activity dangerous or even stupid. In reality, if you’re keeping your feline pal indoors 24/7, taking him or her on walks every now and then should be on your to-do list.

Walks are a great way for your cat to safely explore the outdoors. There are various types of harnesses out there not only for small cats, but also for notoriously big breeds.

As long as you make sure the harness is fastened properly and your cat isn’t eating anything off the grass, your feline furball will enjoy every moment out in the open.

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2. Play With Lasers

Lasers are among the best interactive toys for cats.

They guarantee tons of fun both inside and outdoors. Your kitten will be thrilled to play around with the laser and you’ll also get a kick out of watching your cat twist and turn as it’s trying to catch the ‘prey.’

Here’s Our Choice For The Best Laser – YSAGi

Pyrus offers a great laser specially designed for pets.

Its sleek and fun design is not only adorable, but the toy’s compact size makes it absolutely portable so that you can easily store it.

The various buttons allow for a variety of options. The laser lights change from consistent to soft, and even to blinking.

The product comes in three different colors and works with two batteries. It’s absolutely affordable and is among the top pet laser products on the market nowadays.

It will keep your pet entertained and well-exercised at all times. If you’re looking for a laser toy for your feline furball, Pyrus’ product is definitely the thing you need!

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3. Play With Wands

Cat wands are probably the most popular toy items for felines. They are ideal not only for newborn and young kittens, but also for adult cats and seniors, which also need exercising and entertainment.

Our Top Wand Pick – Pet Fit For Life’s

Out of the countless wands on the market, retractable wands are definitely the best ones.

Pet Fit For Life offers the greatest retractable cat wand for interactions between your pet and the rest of your family. It’s particularly useful for those lazy afternoons when you want to play with your kitty, but you also want to relax on the couch without getting up.

The retractable wand can expand up to 33 inches, and its super soft and comfortable handle is specially designed to reduce any possible strain on your hands.

This toy comes with two types of detachable extensions – one extra fluffy neon green feather and a set of smaller, sleeker feathers with a tiny bell.

The cat wand is among the top coolest cat items on the market right now and if you still haven’t purchased a cat wand for your kitty, this one should definitely be on your must-have list.

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4. Teach Your Cat Some New Tricks

Cats are whimsical, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be taught how to sit, stand, jump through hoops, etc. The easiest trick you can teach your cat is to respond to its name.

Just remember that cat training should always involve verbal and physical praise, petting, stroking, treats, and other types of positive reinforcement, as felines won’t respond well to threats, scolding, or punishment.

5. Play With Catnip Bubbles

OMG can you believe you’ve never heard of these before???

I was so excited, and yes, they are awesome.

Cats are naturally attracted to catnip and most high quality cat toys on the market reek of it. If you’re really bored and looking for a fun activity for yourself and your kitty, blowing catnip bubbles is an awesome way to spend your afternoon.

Kookamunga’s catnip bubbles

Kookamunga’s catnip bubbles should definitely be your go-to bubbles.

They are super affordable and you’ll get a set of a total of four bottles, which are five ounces each, so that you can keep your kitty entertained throughout the entire afternoon.

The Kookamunga Krazee Kitty catnip bubbles have an all-natural formula, which is absolutely pet safe and includes pure catnip essence, which will make your feline furball jump, run, and dance around while trying to catch the bubbles.

The product is particularly suitable for kids, as the bubbles will allow them to interact with the kitty without squeezing, petting, and possibly irritating it.

Now, they’re not just straight up bubbles, as your cat probably wouldn’t like that. So they’re a bit hard to blow. And of course some cats don’t like them (cats come in many many many shapes and sizes, right?).

I think they’re worth a shot and I liked them just fine for a fun afternoon!

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Apart from playing with your kitty, grooming it, or teaching it new tricks, you can also opt for food hunts – hiding small portions of food all over your home either in food trays or in treat dispensers is a great way to make your cat exercise.

Emily Parker

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