Showcasing The Coolest Cat Products in March 2018

Sometimes we scour the web for the coolest products we can find, because buying stuff for our kitties may or may not be a guilty pleasure for cat parents.

I mean … it’s normal, right? Because I do it all the time. Oops.

If you’re like me, you can’t resist the urge to treat your little friends to something now and then, and I love it when I find amazing, unique products that showcase both of our personalities.

For March 2018, here are our favorite finds!

The Best Bling For Your Cat – Fine Leather Collars For Your Kitty

If a cheap, plain collar just doesn’t work for you and your super cool kitty, Angel Pet Supplies has you covered.

Designed for cats with lots of personality, these fine leather collars are absolutely gorgeous and amazingly well made. They come in three beautiful styles, all of which will have your fluffy feline strutting around like she’s walking the red carpet.

Each of the three styles comes in seven different colors, with two size options to fit kittens and fully-grown cats.

For an understated but sophisticated look, choose the Alpine Cat Collar. Its leather construction is simple but elegant.

leather cat collar

For rockstar kitties, you’ll want the Studded Cat Collar, fitted with metal studs all the way around. The studs are pointed, but not sharp, to make sure kitty looks badass while remaining safe.

studded cat collar

Finally, for the princesses we all know and love, the Athens Cat Collar is your go-to. Tastefully adorned with gorgeous rhinestones, she’ll be sparkling outwardly as much as she does inwardly.

rhinestone cat collar

The collars are just as functional as they are beautiful, containing a safety elastic breakaway point and a warning bell.

With a size, style, and color for everyone, there’s no reason to keep your cats collar looking boring and uninspired!

Comfort Your Anxious Pet – Snuggle Kitty To Restore Calm

One of the more innovative and surprising products we came across is the Snuggle Kitty by Smart Pet Love.

We’ve talked before about natural ways to calm your cat, but have never seen it done without some form of medication (even a natural one!)

This product relies on a kitten’s instinctive need to be close to its mother or others in the litter/pack. Snuggling with other family members is one way that pack animals, like your kitty, stay calm and peaceful.

This plushy that looks like a sleeping cat is not only comfortable by itself, but comes with two extra-soothing options.

  1. A heart that you can put in the cat that simulates the feel of a real heartbeat
  2. A heat pack that simulates the body heat a real cat would give off.

It’s a truly unique way for your beloved furball to find calm when there’s a storm, fireworks, a stressful move, or anything else that interrupts the daily flow of feline life.

Save The Local Wildlife – Stop Your Cat From Killing Birds With The Cat Bib

Another incredibly innovative product was designed by “a bird-feeding, cat-loving gardener” who started Cat Goods, Inc. to sell the product.

It’s basically a big neoprene and nylon bib that interrupts your cat’s stealthy approach just as it tries to catch a bird, allowing the bird to escape, unharmed.

In this day and age, your kitty should be eating a well-balanced meal at home, and many technology like an automatic feeder makes it easy! So there’s no reason your kitty should be hunting live prey.

In a university study, the Cat Bib stopped 81 percent of cats from catching and killing birds … pretty effective!

If you love wildlife and the beautiful sound of birds in your garden, but also want to give your kitty the freedom to explore the great outdoors, this is a must-have.

Importantly, it doesn’t interfere with any other activities, including eating and grooming.

Keep Your Kitty Close To Your Heart With An Incredibly Unique Piece Made Of … Cat Hair

Nine Lives Twine puts out some really amazing pieces, from handspun yarn to scarves, from blankets to “Meowmorials.” They’re all very well done and would be amazing, regardless of whether you’re a cat lover or not.

However, Theresa takes it one step further and actually makes all of these things out of your cat’s own hair!

As long as you brush regularly and keep the hair that comes out in a cardboard box or paper bag, you can send it to her to be made into one of her many amazing creations!

Whether you want handspun yarn, or something crocheted to bring even more of your kitty’s love into your home, or you’re grieving over a recently passed kitty and want to have Nine Lives Twine create a needle-felted sculpted cat (with the option to encase your beloved feline’s ashes), this is an absolutely amazing opportunity to allow your kitty to live on in your home, even after she’s gone.

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