Coolest New Products For Your Cat

So, you’re looking to spend some bucks on your precious feline furball and you’re wondering what the coolest new products for cats are?

Well, wonder no more!

We’re here to save the day! With tons of new cat items coming out on the market almost every single day, you stand a good chance of getting cheated by spending a fortune on a low-quality product for your furry pal. Catnip filled cat toys, clickers, magical litter boxes, cat condos, and other eye-catching products will definitely tempt you to spoil your kitty cat like never before.

Fortunately, if you’re up to blowing some cash on high quality cat food, which is not only super tasty, but also meets your cat’s special nutritional needs, we’ve got you covered.

But the truly great cat products are the ones that benefit YOU and your cat, not just the furry little creature. So, instead of spending a fortune on that overpraised and expensive new cat food you keep seeing on TV commercials, try to think outside the box.

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We’ve created a list of the coolest new products for cats these days. So, without any further ado, let’s check out what the market has to offer to you and to your little – or big – feline furball.

Petcube cat camera

Why do you need a cat camera?

The answer is simple – you can monitor your kitty while you’re at work, while you’re running some errands, or if you happen to need to leave your pet home alone for a day or two.

Cat cameras are awesome not only because you can keep an eye on your cat, but also because they allow you to record videos of your pet. And the truly great pet cameras offer various interactions between you and your kitty.

For example, Petcube’s Interactive Wi-Fi pet camera allows you to record and share snapshots and videos of your pet. It also has a built-in laser game, which will keep your feline entertained and exercised while you’re away – which also means less temptation to scratch your furniture.

On top of that, Petcube’s camera also has a two-way audio communication option so you can listen in on your pet and so that it can listen to your voice and feel less lonely while it’s home alone.

And here’s the best part – this product won’t break your wallet! Petcube’s sleek camera costs just under $150! That’s right! You can get this super useful item on a low budget and it will give you a peace of mind and lots of precious moments with your pet even while you’re away from him/ her!

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Feed And Go smart feeder

By default, cat feeders are absolutely amazing, especially the automatic ones when it comes to luxurious cat breeds or little kittens, which need to be fed more than once a day.

Feed and Go offers a smart cat feeder with a built-in webcam that you can use to monitor your furball 24/7. It works on any device with Android, iOS, or Windows – meaning that you can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This product has a total of six feeding compartments, each of which host around 8 oz. of food. You can store treats, medication, dry, or wet cat food in them – even the wet cat food will be in good condition for up to 24 hours. You can choose between automatic feeding times or manually set up the feeding schedules.

Not only that, but this super cool product also has a voice recorder so that you can record messages for your precious loved one and play them whenever you think it’s feeling lonely without you.

If you want to spend some extra cash on a high-tech, useful, and reliable product for your cat, Feed and Go’s smart feeder is definitely the product you need. It will set you back only $250, and every dime will be worth it!

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Bergan turbo scratcher

Cats are playful, capricious, and often extremely destructive. One of the must-have essentials for every cat owner out there is a scratching post. But even if you happen to stumble upon a truly great scratching post, your cat will still need lots of additional activities and entertainment.

Bergan’s scratcher toy combines a scratching post and an entertaining game for your kitty-cat.

This product costs only $11.99 and while you may think this price won’t guarantee you a high-quality product, the Turbo Scratcher is actually a must-have!

The scratcher is actually a huge scratchpad, which is placed in the center of a circular ball track. The ball will keep your feline furball entertained it won’t be able to get the ball out of the track and will spend happy hours nudging and pawing, trying to figure out the mystery.

The scratching post will prevent the kitty from bein tempted by your furniture. It’s durable and big enough for cats of all sizes, but most of all – it’s easily replaceable with a new one. This product comes in various colors and while it may seem a bit bulky, it can actually fit perfectly in any area of your home.

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Kitty City cat house

Kitty City’s Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture is among the coolest new cat condos out on the market.

It costs just under $40 and comes with lots of advantages that many overpriced cat houses out there won’t offer. For starters, it’s great for two or more cats living in the same household.

Another amazing advantage is the fact that it’s extremely easy to detach and set up, and its layout offers a large variety of levels, corner,s and surfaces for your kitty to sleep or play on, all of which are made out of soft fleece, comfy fabric layers, and even one sisal ramp.

Apart from the three levels, this cat house also offers two “condos” which are great for hiding, and several vertical scratching posts.

Lastly, there are several multi-colored ball toys hanging from each of the three levels so that your cat can be entertained and well-exercised at all times.

If you’re looking for an awesome, interactive, purposeful, and comfortable cat house for one or more cats living under the same roof and you can’t afford to spend a fortune on a castle for your felines, this is definitely the product you need to buy!

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5SPet wireless remote controlled mice

Cats and mice? Tell me something I don’t know.

Well, here’s something you might not know – your cat will love chasing 5SPet’s wireless remote controlled mice all over your house or apartment without getting bored!

This item is definitely among the coolest new cat products on the market these days and it’s perfect for households with kids. Why? Because it offers lots of interaction between your kids and your cat.

For less than $25 you’ll get three realistic-looking wireless mice and three remote controls for each one. The colorful mice will keep the children entertained and you can also use these toys to play a harmless, funny prank on an unsuspecting guest!

Jokes aside – this product is affordable, entertaining, and truly useful when it comes to keeping your cat exercised. The mice and the remote controllers have an approximate range of 15 meters. They are fast enough for your pet to chase and their size is perfect for cats of all breeds.

As long as you have spare batteries on hand for the remote controllers, this set of wireless mice will keep the kids and the pets happy, well-entertained, and exercised. The only disadvantages to this product are the noises it makes (these could get annoying to pet parents), and the mice’s tiny wheels aren’t a good fit for playing outdoors.

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From The Field’s catnip spray

Catnip sprays are a must-have item for any cat owner out there. In this day and age the market is stuffed with lots of various catnip sprays and essential oils. However, From The Field’s product is definitely the top choice.

The 1-ounce glass bottle will keep your cat’s needs satisfied for a long period of time and the price of this product is truly underrated compared to the amazing effects this spray has.

For starters, you can rejuvenate your feline furball’s old beloved toys, which may seem boring now but were once adored by your kitty. If they’re still in good shape you don’t need to replace them with dozens of new ones just because they don’t smell appealing to your cat anymore.

The best use of this catnip spray may be when you need to train your kitty with a new scratching post in order to prevent it from damaging your furniture. A few spritzes of this spray will make the scratching post irresistible!

The same goes for cat beds – just spray them and your cat will stop sleeping where it’s not supposed to.

The spray is perfectly safe for your pet as it is made out of catnip essential oil and mineral water. As long as you use it only indoors, you won’t attract tons of stray cats to your garden/ backyard.

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Dogtek cat collar camera

  Collar cameras can be just as useful as home-based pet cameras.

Dogtek’s Eyenimal cat collar camera is the perfect choice for a pet video camera when it comes to recording your kitty’s adventures – from the kitty’s point of view!

This super cool item can be easily compared to a GoPro-ish camera that is basically designed for your cat’s collar. It may seem pricey for such a tiny camera, but it’s definitely worth it because it offers various advantages over other similar cat products.

The camera supports both video and audio streams and it has a special built-in night vision function, which can easily cover a distance of up to seven feet. There are two recording modes and an option for motion detection so that you can activate the recording function whenever your cat wakes up and starts feeling adventurous.

The camera has 4GB of built-in memory and a recording time of up to 2.5 hours.

With this super cool new product you won’t have to wonder where your cat is disappearing each time it’s exploring your backyard or what types of mischief it has been up to for the past couple of hours.

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Pet Fit For Life cat wand

Okay, so cat wands aren’t exactly new to the market. However, this particular product is.

Pet Fit For Life’s retractable cat wand with two feathers is among the best cat wands out there. This super durable, safe, and interactive wand is an essential item for cats and kittens of all breeds and ages.

The retractable wand expands from 15 inches up to 40 inches in an instant and it’s made of trustworthy materials which guarantee entertainment for you, your kids, and your pets.

The two feathers vary in size, color, and shape and they will definitely make your kitty fall in love with this awesome toy. Due to its length, the wand is also perfect for those lazy afternoons when you want to play with your furball, but you’re just feeling too lazy to get off the couch.

Last, but not least, it also comes with a tiny, easily detachable bell, which will signal to your cat that playtime is about to start.

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Whichever of these products you decide to get for your feline pal, your cat (and the rest of the people residing in your household) will definitely love it!

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